Thursday, October 23, 2014

a billion

congratulations! you now have $1 billion. it's all stacked in your basement in $50 bills. there is a job you must do in connection with having this $1 billion. your task is to burn it exactly as follows:

burn one $50 bill every 30 seconds,
8 hours per day,
5 days per week,
50 weeks per year (you get a 2 week vacation)...

your schedule means you will burn through:

$100 per minute
$6,000 per hour
$48,000 per day
$240,000 per week
$12,000,000 per year,

which means it will take you

83.3 years to burn through $1 billion.

now, how long to burn $1 billion in one year?

$4,166.67 every 30 seconds
$500,000 every hour
$4,000,000 per day
$20,000,000 per week

so, the next time you hear about how many billions are burned on this or that, imagine the inferno ...