Sunday, November 13, 2016

conscious direction : a story

it does seem as though ...

i think this is a story together with a lifetime of 'never-ever give up'

it is known as law that as a person thinks, so is s/he...

law is immutable(!?)

the only constant of change is itself.

in conscious direction ... course set, navigator trained, dream created; acquired...

... led by desire - burning -

in its heart - 
as it beats - 
as it does its sacred work - 
so i do mine.

no less than joy of life is purpose - direction.

when, in the living, it may resemble barren land; scant resources; broken reality; home/hope magic is needed!

'home/hope,' it turns out, is itself direction. ... needful of itself, wanting home/life - searching/finding within my-self to create - it -

so, today have i asked for a new dream to begin - have seen/created/begun living the quest, as it were ! Onward!

you should know, i was found pure of heart :  the apologies are real:and i made them with a clear/clean conscience. i really, really didn't intend any harm - to anyone. i was/am on quest : a traveler . in search of shelter .  if i  have harmed, i apologize. i only send my best for you. i appreciate your participation (you may know who you are...) i have done my best to learn the lesson of us. whatever it was, fantastic or not - my life is richer for having known you : and having been in your path, as you were in mine.  i do not regret knowing/loving you, and hope you do not regret knowing me.

namaste traveler.
om namah shivaya
so mote it be
all the best

until we (may) meet again ... 
or if not, it was great to have known/loved you, as you. 

thank you for who you are (to me) in this realm.

having been in the midst of the journey, i can honestly say : : this is my new direction - apart from (after) the living of -it- i am grateful.

namaste, friend. 

also, until we (do) meet again...

namaste, voyager.