Sunday, January 29, 2017

a house divided

 "A house divided against itself cannot stand." 
~abraham lincoln

"Lincoln as a statesman, and political philosopher, announced an eternal truth -- not only as broad as America, but covers the world." 
~william h. herndon

united we stand, divided we fall 

Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand" 
~ jesus, matthew 12:25, luke 11:17, mark 3:25

division is the way of darkness in the world. darkness may not divide itself, as the invitation is for only more darkness. the only division darkness may hope for is the division of light : seeking to consume and suffocate. 

one spark may ignite an inferno.  

light is in us, indelibly. the very fact of our breath is resultant. the moment our lungs taste the freedom of life, our eyes see the light of divinity, and our oxygenated blood courses through our veins, is the moment each of us is imbued with care and responsibility : of and for ourselves, and of and for all others. 

should we allow it, division itself may consume us. we choose the time to unite, we choose the course of unity, and we choose the sharing of light among us. we may (also) choose division.

we all (may) share in the light of love with the divine : let us now share our light with all other beings : let us share love among us. the universe, which is source of divinity within us, is also the author of the laws which create the basis for balance in living life. there is no predilection for "good" or for "bad" here : that part is completely up to each one of us, individually and collectively. 

'fairness' is a human contrivance, and thus is created or destroyed by us. blessings are recognized or not (by us), but either way, we choose our ourcomes based on our own vision, and our own acceptance of them. we choose to be happy or to be miserable : 
it is no other being's job to make us happy - this is, strictly speaking, the provenance of our own thoughts. should we find ourselves 'happy,' it is because we choose to. should we find ourselves 'miserable,' it is because we choose to ... and the very good news is that if we have the courage to get beyond victimhood or luck, we (all) have the ability (given as a divine gift upon our birth) to change the course we (ourselves) have set ourselves upon. 

learning the lessons we are born to learn; and doing the work we (divinely) came here to do imbues us with this power. believe it or not, it is as 'simple' as choosing to change our perceptions.

"By the Law of Attraction, a good-feeling thought will bring more good-feeling thoughts and, in turn, things to feel good about. You will build momentum and train your subconscious mind to look for the thoughts that make you feel good." ~dr. wayne dyer.

what we bless, expands. ours alone is to choose to be a spark.

change only happens as it is chosen : choose.

we are all one.

peace to you, traveler ... namaste

Saturday, January 28, 2017

stay strong!

stay strong.

stand tall - face forward. keep moving toward the light inside you. no matter what. darkness can not drive out darkness; only light can do that. (MLKJ)

violence is only violence, and may only conjure its synonyms: assault, attack, bloodshed, brutality, clash, confusion, cruelty, disorder, disturbance, fighting, rampage, struggle, terrorism, etc. 

is violence (or its entourage) who we are? 

i say it is not.

we are all one. 

no one can divide us unless we ourselves allow it. 
out of many, one people : e pluribus unum
art by barrington watson, 1962

every person has the right to freedom, liberty and justice; the forces of dark in this world know that if we allow our fear to divide our light, darkness (pestilence) may seep in and overpower our light. only in our persistence and determined march forward, toward peace in ourselves and in our way with each other, may we continue to bring our light, which shines brighter and brighter when we all join in.

whatever the opposite of violence is to you, be that. inciting or taking part in violence (in any form) in ourselves begets violent interaction...

within the autocracy of absolute power : when the demagogue in the room is politics or a single party ... freedom is its first kill, followed closely by its second : hope. the demagogue's victory is fear, persecution, slavery to the ideas of the machine created by the autocracy of demagoguery through the promulgation of (man-made) laws which make autocracy its right.

it seems as though there are many foes : there is really only one : our fear.

we are better than this ... fear may only be vanquished inside ourselves, and solidarity among us may only be grown in the heart of love . 

we may if we will, be the crack that lets light in ...

in this time we are (all) under attack. authoritarian autocratic politically tyrannical influences among us excepted, assault upon humanity of every gender, color, creed and age is happening. hard-won rights (freedoms) are being systematically and deliberately trampled by these same influences (in the name of 'economy' and 'safety'), and the impending certain rape and slaughter upon our mother planet seems inevitable; due to the influences' ability to manipulate the laws (of man) created by their hand, at their behest, in their own best interests, and certainly not in ours (or our home planet).  

we, in our diversity, in our love, in our consolidation, may rise up. we may, if we will, stay the course of justice. rising up means we alone are responsible for our actions. to have peaceful means we must be peaceful, and we must do peaceful. we will be challenged; we will be told to keep our mouths shut, we are led to believe that somehow freedom's price is conformance to a set of rules that work best for influence's greed. this set of laws is dynamic, and may be changed again and again. the only constant is universal law; the laws of love. it has become convenient to influence to step over these laws.

influence, indelibly has its own fear : 
the fear of the will of the people. 

we should become clear
 about our own power.

we may only find consolation in lifting each other up. as we stand together and see each other through the eyes of love may we join our power, for we are powerful. if we will believe ... 

we're all entitled to a joyful life ~

i see your true colors shining through... 

don't be afraid 
to let them show... 
(you) are beautiful
like a rainbow.
~cyndi lauper~

Saturday, January 21, 2017

a vision of justice

"Through decent, honorable civic discourse, we can make progress together.” 
~U. S. Supreme Court Justice 
Anthony Kennedy

the story:
there is rioting and unrest in the streets; a cry for justice that must be met. the justice sought is for all peoples who are being (or are now) pushed off the playing field of ability to create for themselves, their communities and their families, 'a good life.'

the people involved are good people : we have believed that it is our right to have rights. we have believed in freedom! and we seek justice. 

there is more in this story, but this is the opening : i am about creating light in this world, and i believe the story of freedom must be written in a way that includes liberty and justice for all. 

in this vision of justice, there are those who are the attention getters. they are the ones who rally and incite protest. theirs is to create in us an inward look. we may find there is in us the ability for greed and misuse (abuse) of great power; there is also in us the ability for conciliation; and it is to this person to rise up from the protest. within the ability we are granted upon first breath there lives a way in us for peace. we must (all) turn inward and find our forgiveness, our love and our justice.

for there to be peace, there must be a just way among us : a way that we may all look inside ourselves and know ourselves grateful for our own vessel within the telling the story of the world. we are given the gift of life itself, but actually the benefits of life itself. we are here to create! it is who we are, and our sacred mission within ourselves. the goal of living life is more than pestilence; but for now, pestilence appears as a way for the cry of justice and freedom to be heard. all peoples are crying for justice : all peoples are born with a knowing of an inalienable right to freedom and justice.

there is also within us the ability for love. should we look out from our eyes that live in our hearts we may see. what we see is entirely up to us.

the way forward: 

the entire world around us may be in a state of unrest, but inside ourselves we may seek and find solace within our own place of peace. we may begin to imagine a world (the race of humanity) where all people are cared for. know, the universe moves in her own way : and this gathering of momentum may take some time. there may be tests of and for it, but those are just to prove to ourselves that our desire for peace overcomes our desire for fear. 

what greater thing is there to do than to change (create) our vision?

there is no doubt that we must teach ourselves to be guided by a larger idea than money : to understand that money is just one expression of abundance. another expression is contribution : it is here that we may discover our own worth, and find our greatest voice. let us now know our own way within contribution.

divine compensation is the law of universal intelligence that says we reap what we sow. let us sow the golden seeds of love. let us care for and water and coax and love ourselves into planting them, and to their care. as each grows may we look after the seedling and see it to its full expression : a return to love. may we know, and themselves also know, the seeds fruitful, and multiply. may we all find sustenance there. may we all find peace there. may we all see ourselves cared for there. may we create ourselves our own best vision and our own best version of our own best selves, living our own best lives.

first, we must return to love. it is to each of us to be our part (contribute) within a world we all want to live in. this is justice. 

this world we now imagine includes a reset of the way we have created among ourselves of our very goalposts. the energy of money has been created (by us) the ruling yardstick in our idea of manifestation, of power. may the seeds of love sprout in us a knowing also of abundance, in all its forms. as we are abundant may we each find our own gratitude. may we look into each others eyes and see love there. may our guide be our own beacon of justice for all; meaningful individual contribution, and may peace prevail.

indelible gifts : given in service to our divine purpose upon earth. 

justice is defined as just behavior or treatment. how is justice served when there is such derision among us? we act out in derision : we react, and thus the energy of justice is born.

justice as we know (created) it requires courtrooms. i believe there is a higher origin of justice : a divine order to align energies : this is the seed of justice. as we begin to believe in justice for ourselves and our lives, so may we begin to see the light of the beacon leading us there. the light itself shines only inside us, and only we (each) may see it. we may find in the light what we will. should we look within and see darkness (in all its forms), it is up to (each of) us to find and stoke our own spark; which may never die, for the spark itself is the energy of divinity, and lives within us for all of life, soever. 

it is the same spark that we use throughout our lives to inform our own state of knowledge, and kinship. it is a truth that whatever we search for, we will find; thus becomes a question : what is it that we are looking for? truth? justice? kindness? grace? peace? love? expansion? blessings? gratitude?; or their polar opposites? this is a law of something, maybe physics. maybe it is a sub-law : truth. 

what i know for sure is there is light inside us : that we live in fear by own own choice, and that aligning energies to achieve is our mission here. no matter our birth, no matter our status in the world. no matter our illness or our privilege, the universe has given us the laws that will ultimately govern; we must now find inside ourselves our divine gifts, which are many, which are abundant, which are everlasting, which are limitless. we may, if we choose, live in peace among each other. conflict is always a cry for justice; and peace is its only answer.

"when a man is willing and eager, the gods join in"

Thursday, January 19, 2017

let freedom ring!

make no mistake, the goal of all of life is freedom. all beings, from first breath of life, search over the span of their entire existence, for their inalienable right to live freely.

i have chosen, and i choose freedom, liberty, equality and justice. within justice lives harmony : and peace. within equality lives harmony : and peace. within liberty lives harmony : and peace. within freedom lives harmony : and peace.

as humanity learns to love (see the good-ness in) justice and to preserve a just way among us, we may become more peaceful among us. peace, love and justice constitute a roadmap : the destination is the result of the journey, as we are (constantly) finding out. who we say we are is who we may be : and none other. 

within the physical universe as we now know it, we are the cheese. it is ours to create it (all) as we would have it (all) be. we are the mind of creation : let us create! somewhere along the way we said we were smart, and thus created ourselves vastly intelligent. somewhere along the way we said we would create monuments and machines, and so we have! somewhere in time we endeavored to consider ourselves fruitful, and so we multiplied! what happens now if we vow ourselves rich? might we become abundant? i think so... also, if we vow ourselves peaceful? might we become just? equal? free?

i believe words, which were in the beginning, may be the key ...

...and so i write.

somewhere along the way we invented meaning for the ancient languages, based on what we believed they were saying. we informed our way among us based on the way humanity believes itself to be : without meaning, without significance. in the question, why are we here? is the answer, because we are! ...and all things live and breathe purpose : the part we are to play will be played, after all, it is our part! the tree sprouts from the acorn for the purpose of experiencing itself in the full spectrum of its contribution. within the seed lies promise; and the promise within the tree is __________!

name any being, and it shares the same sense of purpose : to be born, to live its natural life, and to pass (in carnal form) from this realm! ~ some are more long-lived than others, which also falls into purpose. 

war is an unnatural inclination, albeit a fascinating one. 

we have waged war upon ourselves since cane and abel. hmmm, i wonder why we continue? it seems we would have learned this particular lesson by now ... and may be in the next iteration of us, we will ... i think progress involves moving forward. momentum, ability, creativity, peace and finally, liberty.

freedom has been the heralded cry of all denizens of humanity since the beginning of time : and its sweet reward still rings of truth today. what if there were no pestilence among us; what if there were a spirit of uplifting each other, and in return ourselves being uplifted? ...and knowing of this as so...

what if the part we are all to play is really around creating goodwill and abundance and gratitude for ourselves and each and all others all the time?

what if we could actually find a way to create harmony as the way among us, beyond our individual cells, and into the whole body of (each of) us? i believe we may if we will : the question becomes will we?

if you ask me what such a world looks like, i begin to imagine, as is my birthright (and yours too!); and i think about the trees doing their (sacred) work, the mountains, the oceans, the desert and the stars, all doing the work they are be come to do. i think about the freedom of being in life within the sanctity of gifting my contribution (whatever it may be) to the universal divine intelligence. i think about the freedom of the knowledge that my gifts are enough, and that in a world where all may contribute and all may live and give and share in each other's contributions, we may have our world peaceful. to know our own place, our own needs met and our sons and daughters loving and peaceful beings with all others. 

if you ask me what such a world looks like, i begin to imagine, as is my birthright (and yours), what if the part each of us is to play is given to us before we get here, and it involves creating a way among ourselves that enlightens ourselves, and creates all worthy, and all lives matter. our mother earth matters, and all beings she supports matter. also to know that now, while there are so many of us, let us begin the work of cleaning up. let us figure a way among us to feed, clothe and shelter ourselves and each and all others outside of the influence of our manmade version of the energy of divine compensation : money, in all its forms. let us now know (imagine) ourselves (all of us) the perpetrators of abundance, and know in our lives the feeling of abundance : to (divinely) compensate each for his/her contribution. 

let only ourselves say our own worth, and allow us all to enjoy our lives based upon what we give, rather than what we receive. let us know that we receive in direct relation to what we give, according to our own measure, and that we may not want too much. let us know that we don't have to give up on the idea of abundance, and that abundance lives in our dna. we are created in order to create, and creation itself is a (right) result of abundance.

it is up to each of us to create our contribution worthy of our inclusion. it's only too much to ask if we say it's too much to ask. the universal abundance says we can not want (or ask) too much ... pressed down, shaken together, running over . is the depths from which abundance springs, according to our own measure. so, what is the abundance we are speaking of? only the essence of life itself : air, water, earth, fire, east, west, north, south, up, down, left, right, inside, outside, upside, down, backward, forward, straight, crooked, narrow, wide, long, closed, open, cloistered, limitless, benevolent, divine. we are all of it, in the image and likeness of the thoughts we imagine ourselves to be ... the cheese.

if we aspire to freedom (peace), we may have it.

if we aspire to war (pestilence), we may have it.

we were (also) granted free will... 

Monday, January 16, 2017

and still i rise

title is lovingly attributed to the fabulous, beautiful and always eloquent maya angelou. 

today is a day to celebrate the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr., a man among men who stood up and asked questions and dared to dream. he asked us to be better, and asked all of us to care about each other.

he dreamed that his children may grow up in a world where they are judged by the content of their character than the color of their skin.

he asked us to put down our weapons of fear and allow all people the dignity of justice, freedom. he believed (and i believe) in the goodness that is possible in love, light, and in peace.

thank you, dr. king, for who you are in the world : thank you for daring to speak, and for leaving your indelible message of justice, love and peace in our hearts, and courage and strength in our minds.

thank you for asking (daring) us to dream, and for sharing your dream. let us on this day of remembrance vow to raise our aspirations, create our own abundance, know ourselves included and important, and strive with all of our hearts and minds to be our own best. may we all hold faith, hope and good in the light of love.

may we always seek to find quality of character in ourselves; and teach our children the miracle (courage) of living in love, light and peace. we may, if we will.

may the creator bless us all with all we are born to be : this day and all days - keep moving forward.

power to all people.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

i am ready

“Out of all the things we do for our kids, the most important thing is to teach them to give of themselves. I went to elementary schools and told them ‘You don’t know me and I don’t know you, but I know that you are capable and you have everything within you to make someone’s life better, to be a blessing to someone else ... You don’t have to be an adult. You don’t have to be rich. You don’t have to be famous or a super star or a sports star, to have an impact on someone today. 
~Gaby Ghorbani - Pledge to Humanity :

you know we've got to find a way
to bring some love in here today
                             ~marvin gaye


don't you give up ! 
don't you give up ! 
don't you give up !
when you've done all you can, just stand.
                                         ~donnie mcclurkin


i am an example of what is possible ...
always stay true to yourself ...
i know who i am.
                               ~michelle obama


  1. the condition or fact of being possible
  2. one's utmost power, capacity, or ability
  3. something that is possible potential or prospective value


  1. the quality or state of being strong, in particular.
  2. a good or beneficial quality or attribute of a person or thing.


  1. the will to do or be noble
  2. strength in the face of fear, pain or grief

it is important to remember 
where we are from
it is important to remember 
where we are
it is important to remember 
where we are going
all the time.

thanks for the lessons
thanks for the progression
thanks for the dream
all the time.

in service to healing,
in service to justice,
in service to love,
all the time.

a way of life may only be lived.
if it is to be it is up to me.
i am who i say i am
all the time.

artist : holly rhodes

art = life.
earth = life.
heart = life.


i am ready.
i (also) know who i am.

so be it
so it is.

Friday, January 13, 2017

pressed down, shaken together, running over

nothing real can be threatened. 
nothing unreal exists. 
herein lies the peace of god.
                  ~a course in miracles

one day i decided to start picking up the cigarette butts that people had thrown down on the ground in a place near a tidal waterway that i walked every day. i am a firm believer in the philosophy one less butt in the water : one less piece of plastic in the ocean. it took a bit of time, and it felt pretty good to watch the walkway become cleaner and cleaner, but soon i grew bored with counting all those butts. at a hundred or two, i decided that this process, and indeed the butts themselves, was worth something. i admired first the clean walkway. i talked with some of the people i met who also walked there - and asked them to please keep their butts off of the walkway, which would keep them out of the water. i especially loved talking with parents walking with children, some of whom were curious about what i was doing. i found myself grateful for the opportunity to do something i could do in service to a cleaner ocean. then i began noticing there were fewer on a daily basis.

as i kept up the process, i thought picking up these discarded bits of water choking plastic may be worth even more than my good intention ... maybe $1 - each. i reasoned that each one was, after all, one less butt in the water ... a valuable service indeed! slowly, over a bit of time, they became worth 100 each, then 1000. i loved the freedom of being able to name my own quotient! i realized at some point that i wasn't necessarily thinking in terms of that many dollars each, but they were certainly worth 100,000, and then a million - each. and then i went on to pick up 400 or 500 or 600 or more.

the thought occurred to me that the amount that had accrued is a number that i have (already) deposited into my account. what i knew was that in the view of the law of mankind's money, my contribution was not worth too much. i also knew that the units i had been counting actually had nothing to do with money. the astronomical amount was, in fact, abundance. the amounts i deposited over time into my account were in the form of universal abundance, and most certainly i was rewarded according to the divine law of compensation.

i delight in this reward, as there are at least that many less butts in the water. a less polluted ocean is one idea of abundance in the world.
...and i get the delicious experience of myself actually being the energy of abundance ... prosperity is being created, and i myself am creating it ... wow! 

the larger message, of course, is that abundance is whatever we make it : and we may assign our own value to it. should we all begin to see good in the world, we may create our own scale of measure : this is how everything has the power to be full to overflowing - the way the holy bible of christianity puts it :

pressed down, shaken together, and running over. for by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.

the understanding of the law ... never, ever fails. it can't.

abundance is law : we are all welcome : according only to our thoughts.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

love - just love

a couple of days ago, i discovered myself actually in service to my own purpose : i found myself, one part of the great whole, doing the work i was born to do!

it is an expected occurrence, and i am grateful that i am aware that it is up to me to discern divine light, and that my own truth is only brought by my own choice : 

by my own desire for peace.

when we see that who we are is the light of the world, we must actively strive to be bringers of light into the world : whenever, however opportunity presents . a close, aware look inward reveals our part within our sacred work (purpose), and is the only place in the entirety of life where this truth lives.

it is ours in this realm, upon this earth, to create (choose) our own thoughts : choose thoughts that serve love, that serve peace, that serve kindness.

to look inside ourselves and find service to our divine mission (which is uplifting ourselves and each other) is the absolute reason for our very being, is why we are here, is to bring the light of love into this world (for ourselves, our creator, for each other and for our home), and is our only real job here. let us (each) now return to love, be our own best contribution to peace among ourselves : because we can, if we will.

i believe we are at the cusp of a new version of ourselves. it is ours now to decide what we will be. it seems we have forgotten our commitment to assist, offer help and preserve our dignity. we seem to be moving away from civility. we seem to choose revenge and hatred, the result of our own fears - of each other, of our own ability to thrive. our brothers and sisters; and therefore our selves, suffer.

the ancient holies are very clear about our place within the whole. there is only 1, and it is all of us.

i think a healthy dose of kindness toward ourselves and everyone we meet may be added into all curricula from the beginning of education . if we would have the courage to talk with our children about reinventing angst (their own and our own) into love, to encourage them (and ourselves) to find their own gratitude, their own awareness, i believe we may teach ourselves to be a kinder, more tolerant and benevolent species. should we take the trouble and time to introduce ourselves to universal acceptance and care, the children who must bear the suffering of parents too worn down by the world to see their children's ability to shine may learn to engage their parents in the same conversations - to ask for a better, more just and joyous (enlightened) way among themselves, and ultimately among ourselves.

it seems that some of us have the idea that bringing harm to others and/or the planet is somehow part of the work they came to do. one thing i know for sure : this is a benevolent universe, created for (and by) all beings, by all knowing presence; love itself - creator (whatever name you personally call it), and therefore, limitless. doing harm to any other being (including ourselves, each other, our mother planet or the universe we inhabit), is an absolute, abject absence of love. the reason harm isn't working in the world is that harm is a version of fear, which is the opposite of love, which is actually who we are. being love and bringing love (and its entourage) into the world is the joy of living life. actions of fear (which (also) includes hate) separate us from the inherent love we are come here to be; and from each other.

actions which are based in fear are the opposite of love, and may in no way belong (or be included) within the creed of a creator of light, life, love : the two ideas may not exist in the same realm ... the question becomes, to whom do we make our promises? to whom do we keep them? it is interesting that our creator gave us the will to freely choose our way. it is also interesting the path we chose.

we are (all) one : when we see any one of us struggle, it is our part to do to bring hope (in the doing of all we can), to be all we can be in service to light : for all beings. in this realm, and on this planet, we alone were bequeathed the opportunity by our creator to know and understand that, and how our own actions change all things for worse or better.

what if we all understood that we all have divine right to live in freedom, and in peace? we all have the ability in us to create our own best selves living our own best lives according to our own best version of our own best vision : and should we teach ourselves to find gratitude for the opportunity to do so, from the place we now stand; and then offer and receive forgiveness for/to ourselves and for/to those we have harmed or who have harmed us? 

what if we were to choose peace? what may we then create? 

should we choose to, we may release our fear and return to love. there are beings of light who are ready to show ourselves the way forward into light, into love, into living our own best life within divine purpose. they only await our own request ... it is in our own light that we learn how to love.

we must but surrender ... we must but know ... 
we must but be aware ... we must but ask.

we must but choose.

we must teach ourselves again to be loving : to be kind : and to be patient. we have allowed ourselves to be soothed by that which may never soothe. fear, to the point that we may find that we conduct most aspects of living our lives as a consequence (in reply and because) of our fear. consider that. the tranquilities are seemingly quaint ways of other, older civilizations, now out of fashion. we experience each other angrily, with great disappointment and frustration. we choose to celebrate harm, to find glee in punishing mistakes; and to find it 'fun' to hurt (conquer) each other. we are also ostracized or hated ourselves, thus justifying our own hatred.

our reward? we are able to congratulate ourselves for being right... and maybe there will be some sort of settlement; at the expense of another. we each have staked our beliefs right (and they are, for each of us, because we say so), and closed our hearts to ability to find good in each other, unless we happen to agree with what the other thinks. even when we agree, we seemingly have to make others wrong. we no longer allow ourselves to disagree (or to welcome other ideas about issues), but have it like we alone are right; and moreover, that we actually enjoy making others wrong. each of us looks at others of us as though right and wrong are clearly delineated, and we are right and 'they' are wrong, and therefore, 'they' do not matter in the scope of our opinion, and therefore are not worthy of our version of the creator, and we must therefore inflict harm.

when we had rather
persecute than forgive,
complain than resolve,
be ill than be healed,
take rather than give,
spread gossip than goodwill,
downpress than uplift,
we reap the seeds we sow.

when we had rather
be healed,
spread goodwill,
uplift each other,
we reap the seeds we sow.

the doing of finding good is (actually) a lot easier than you might think : 
pay attention. 

when you find yourself about to criticize or shout or be a victim or victimize or accuse someone else, stop yourself. take a deep breath and actually look for your own empathy - find good in your message, and send love into the world. it may take some practice, but in the end, finding joy, being peaceful, makes for a better and more loving existence.

is a great way to begin.

take a look : find the good in you, and in all others. catch yourself and others doing right, find in yourself and in others forgiveness and caring. share your light : the world really needs it!

to look upon each other with love : through the (self developed) lens of joy, peace, grace, tolerance and forgiveness, is to be united : and to give and to receive love.

actively look for opportunities throughout your day to advance the cause of peace. to shine the light of love ... to bring kindness and sharing into your own dialogue. it's worth it, and it has the power to change the world.

to help : to love : to forgive : to uplift : to be the change.