Thursday, January 19, 2017

let freedom ring!

make no mistake, the goal of all of life is freedom. all beings, from first breath of life, search over the span of their entire existence, for their inalienable right to live freely.

i have chosen, and i choose freedom, liberty, equality and justice. within justice lives harmony : and peace. within equality lives harmony : and peace. within liberty lives harmony : and peace. within freedom lives harmony : and peace.

as humanity learns to love (see the good-ness in) justice and to preserve a just way among us, we may become more peaceful among us. peace, love and justice constitute a roadmap : the destination is the result of the journey, as we are (constantly) finding out. who we say we are is who we may be : and none other. 

within the physical universe as we now know it, we are the cheese. it is ours to create it (all) as we would have it (all) be. we are the mind of creation : let us create! somewhere along the way we said we were smart, and thus created ourselves vastly intelligent. somewhere along the way we said we would create monuments and machines, and so we have! somewhere in time we endeavored to consider ourselves fruitful, and so we multiplied! what happens now if we vow ourselves rich? might we become abundant? i think so... also, if we vow ourselves peaceful? might we become just? equal? free?

i believe words, which were in the beginning, may be the key ...

...and so i write.

somewhere along the way we invented meaning for the ancient languages, based on what we believed they were saying. we informed our way among us based on the way humanity believes itself to be : without meaning, without significance. in the question, why are we here? is the answer, because we are! ...and all things live and breathe purpose : the part we are to play will be played, after all, it is our part! the tree sprouts from the acorn for the purpose of experiencing itself in the full spectrum of its contribution. within the seed lies promise; and the promise within the tree is __________!

name any being, and it shares the same sense of purpose : to be born, to live its natural life, and to pass (in carnal form) from this realm! ~ some are more long-lived than others, which also falls into purpose. 

war is an unnatural inclination, albeit a fascinating one. 

we have waged war upon ourselves since cane and abel. hmmm, i wonder why we continue? it seems we would have learned this particular lesson by now ... and may be in the next iteration of us, we will ... i think progress involves moving forward. momentum, ability, creativity, peace and finally, liberty.

freedom has been the heralded cry of all denizens of humanity since the beginning of time : and its sweet reward still rings of truth today. what if there were no pestilence among us; what if there were a spirit of uplifting each other, and in return ourselves being uplifted? ...and knowing of this as so...

what if the part we are all to play is really around creating goodwill and abundance and gratitude for ourselves and each and all others all the time?

what if we could actually find a way to create harmony as the way among us, beyond our individual cells, and into the whole body of (each of) us? i believe we may if we will : the question becomes will we?

if you ask me what such a world looks like, i begin to imagine, as is my birthright (and yours too!); and i think about the trees doing their (sacred) work, the mountains, the oceans, the desert and the stars, all doing the work they are be come to do. i think about the freedom of being in life within the sanctity of gifting my contribution (whatever it may be) to the universal divine intelligence. i think about the freedom of the knowledge that my gifts are enough, and that in a world where all may contribute and all may live and give and share in each other's contributions, we may have our world peaceful. to know our own place, our own needs met and our sons and daughters loving and peaceful beings with all others. 

if you ask me what such a world looks like, i begin to imagine, as is my birthright (and yours), what if the part each of us is to play is given to us before we get here, and it involves creating a way among ourselves that enlightens ourselves, and creates all worthy, and all lives matter. our mother earth matters, and all beings she supports matter. also to know that now, while there are so many of us, let us begin the work of cleaning up. let us figure a way among us to feed, clothe and shelter ourselves and each and all others outside of the influence of our manmade version of the energy of divine compensation : money, in all its forms. let us now know (imagine) ourselves (all of us) the perpetrators of abundance, and know in our lives the feeling of abundance : to (divinely) compensate each for his/her contribution. 

let only ourselves say our own worth, and allow us all to enjoy our lives based upon what we give, rather than what we receive. let us know that we receive in direct relation to what we give, according to our own measure, and that we may not want too much. let us know that we don't have to give up on the idea of abundance, and that abundance lives in our dna. we are created in order to create, and creation itself is a (right) result of abundance.

it is up to each of us to create our contribution worthy of our inclusion. it's only too much to ask if we say it's too much to ask. the universal abundance says we can not want (or ask) too much ... pressed down, shaken together, running over . is the depths from which abundance springs, according to our own measure. so, what is the abundance we are speaking of? only the essence of life itself : air, water, earth, fire, east, west, north, south, up, down, left, right, inside, outside, upside, down, backward, forward, straight, crooked, narrow, wide, long, closed, open, cloistered, limitless, benevolent, divine. we are all of it, in the image and likeness of the thoughts we imagine ourselves to be ... the cheese.

if we aspire to freedom (peace), we may have it.

if we aspire to war (pestilence), we may have it.

we were (also) granted free will...