Saturday, January 21, 2017

a vision of justice

"Through decent, honorable civic discourse, we can make progress together.” 
~U. S. Supreme Court Justice 
Anthony Kennedy

the story:
there is rioting and unrest in the streets; a cry for justice that must be met. the justice sought is for all peoples who are being (or are now) pushed off the playing field of ability to create for themselves, their communities and their families, 'a good life.'

the people involved are good people : we have believed that it is our right to have rights. we have believed in freedom! and we seek justice. 

there is more in this story, but this is the opening : i am about creating light in this world, and i believe the story of freedom must be written in a way that includes liberty and justice for all. 

in this vision of justice, there are those who are the attention getters. they are the ones who rally and incite protest. theirs is to create in us an inward look. we may find there is in us the ability for greed and misuse (abuse) of great power; there is also in us the ability for conciliation; and it is to this person to rise up from the protest. within the ability we are granted upon first breath there lives a way in us for peace. we must (all) turn inward and find our forgiveness, our love and our justice.

for there to be peace, there must be a just way among us : a way that we may all look inside ourselves and know ourselves grateful for our own vessel within the telling the story of the world. we are given the gift of life itself, but actually the benefits of life itself. we are here to create! it is who we are, and our sacred mission within ourselves. the goal of living life is more than pestilence; but for now, pestilence appears as a way for the cry of justice and freedom to be heard. all peoples are crying for justice : all peoples are born with a knowing of an inalienable right to freedom and justice.

there is also within us the ability for love. should we look out from our eyes that live in our hearts we may see. what we see is entirely up to us.

the way forward: 

the entire world around us may be in a state of unrest, but inside ourselves we may seek and find solace within our own place of peace. we may begin to imagine a world (the race of humanity) where all people are cared for. know, the universe moves in her own way : and this gathering of momentum may take some time. there may be tests of and for it, but those are just to prove to ourselves that our desire for peace overcomes our desire for fear. 

what greater thing is there to do than to change (create) our vision?

there is no doubt that we must teach ourselves to be guided by a larger idea than money : to understand that money is just one expression of abundance. another expression is contribution : it is here that we may discover our own worth, and find our greatest voice. let us now know our own way within contribution.

divine compensation is the law of universal intelligence that says we reap what we sow. let us sow the golden seeds of love. let us care for and water and coax and love ourselves into planting them, and to their care. as each grows may we look after the seedling and see it to its full expression : a return to love. may we know, and themselves also know, the seeds fruitful, and multiply. may we all find sustenance there. may we all find peace there. may we all see ourselves cared for there. may we create ourselves our own best vision and our own best version of our own best selves, living our own best lives.

first, we must return to love. it is to each of us to be our part (contribute) within a world we all want to live in. this is justice. 

this world we now imagine includes a reset of the way we have created among ourselves of our very goalposts. the energy of money has been created (by us) the ruling yardstick in our idea of manifestation, of power. may the seeds of love sprout in us a knowing also of abundance, in all its forms. as we are abundant may we each find our own gratitude. may we look into each others eyes and see love there. may our guide be our own beacon of justice for all; meaningful individual contribution, and may peace prevail.

indelible gifts : given in service to our divine purpose upon earth. 

justice is defined as just behavior or treatment. how is justice served when there is such derision among us? we act out in derision : we react, and thus the energy of justice is born.

justice as we know (created) it requires courtrooms. i believe there is a higher origin of justice : a divine order to align energies : this is the seed of justice. as we begin to believe in justice for ourselves and our lives, so may we begin to see the light of the beacon leading us there. the light itself shines only inside us, and only we (each) may see it. we may find in the light what we will. should we look within and see darkness (in all its forms), it is up to (each of) us to find and stoke our own spark; which may never die, for the spark itself is the energy of divinity, and lives within us for all of life, soever. 

it is the same spark that we use throughout our lives to inform our own state of knowledge, and kinship. it is a truth that whatever we search for, we will find; thus becomes a question : what is it that we are looking for? truth? justice? kindness? grace? peace? love? expansion? blessings? gratitude?; or their polar opposites? this is a law of something, maybe physics. maybe it is a sub-law : truth. 

what i know for sure is there is light inside us : that we live in fear by own own choice, and that aligning energies to achieve is our mission here. no matter our birth, no matter our status in the world. no matter our illness or our privilege, the universe has given us the laws that will ultimately govern; we must now find inside ourselves our divine gifts, which are many, which are abundant, which are everlasting, which are limitless. we may, if we choose, live in peace among each other. conflict is always a cry for justice; and peace is its only answer.

"when a man is willing and eager, the gods join in"