Sunday, January 1, 2017

in the year 2017

here we are - again : happy new year.

please, let me send a wish :

i wish for you (and me) in this new year, peace.

i send tidings of love, light, generosity, abundance,
and great healing.

here, let it be known that you and i are one .
and in our one-ness we are of the (one) creator.

may we all know that hope itself is a force,
and know ourselves hopeful.
may we know our children (and ourselves) fed and cared for,
as we know ourselves healed.

let there be peace among all people, because there can be.
let there be agreement (even if we agree to disagree).
let there be the light of love in the eyes of all, and goodwill
toward all others;

and allow, great spirit of universal love, our intelligence to shine.

while you're here, please accept a compassionate, warm, deep, human (soul) hug from me : 
as i accept that same hug in return, from you. 
thank you.

may we accept eternal love and joy, 
which are our birthright; 
as is ability, as is abundance. 

may we accept responsibility : 
for ourselves and for 
each other.

may we choose to see the good in ourselves
and in each other, 
even as we decide to, because we can.

let us know in ourselves, ability : let us do as much as we can, where we can, for the good of the all, in all its forms. 

let us know that we can if we say we can.

may we (all) know goodness : 
may we (all) be good, because we can.

may we know that harming other beings, harms ourselves. may we do no further harm - to others or to ourselves. may we know ourselves powerful creators of well-being for ourselves and all others.

allow us to be merciful toward each other, as we also pray for mercy.

chinese : kindness

may we find in ourselves compassion, gratitude and kindness ... 
for ourselves, each other, 
and our home, mother earth.

thank you for stopping by : i look forward to looking into the eyes of love : and to the eyes of love looking back at me : 

because we can ... if we will.

may we know our power, our ability, our kindness, our potential, our own grace.
may we know ourselves happy, because we can be.

namaste : honored guest

happy, happy new year!