Friday, December 23, 2016

light : by the power of the universe!


is one manifestation of energy (power) in the universe!

dark merely exists, awaiting, craving the energy of light : its divine opposite, its only real love : the beauty, truth, power and possibility of light : the necessary part to its own completion therein contained. ...and its favorite sparring partner ... without light, dark is just dark. ... and, stars cannot shine brightly without it.

it is to me, a living, breathing part of the intelligence of the universe (energy!), to do my part : to bring light into this realm, wherever, whenever i am offered divine opportunity to do so. ...or not(.)

this is my purpose : to find in me delivery of purpose : as i have delved in me to find purpose, is now the next step in progression : to bring the power of light - of sacred : as i see : as i am offered : as i accept (create), capability.

the life (i have bothered to create) in my mind is my vision of my conduit : as is (also) my purpose. as i have chosen : as intent has become the child of determined : as i believe . as i am.

grateful : i am that, i am.

i suppose, as with all children of purpose (which is all of us), the seed of ability was planted in me when i was young : the difference is that i went in search of the now strong and sturdy product of attention to the growth of the promise within the seed : ability : it was too big a burden, and so i did not burden myself with how ... 'that,' was quite enough.

i dared to delve 'that,' as in i am that, i am.

'i am' became the creed : the promise within myself : the bringing of living my own vision and my own version of my own best self, living in my own best life : first in mind

with the understanding that i would surrender to promise, and believe.

the way brought itself, as i brought myself : as all must bring ourself, in service to itself being brought into reality (awareness).

the choice of creator is, i believe, our own : i do not understand the necessity for the entourage of fear ... an indelible version of the opposite of love : as is its product, war (in all its forms) (why?) 

may we all put down our arms and learn to acknowledge all others as (with) kind-ness, and be kind-ness within ourselves. 

imagine, create, be.

ask (in secret with yourself) what is possible?
ask (in secret with self) what is my part?
ask (in secret) who do i say i am?
be that

i am that, i am : the name of holy in me : the name of sacred itself.

i am the light of the world, i am ... as are each of us, as are all of us : as we choose, as we will

nature = earth
mankind = world

mankind's world is created as it lives on earth.

if only it realized its ability : to co-create.
as each of us finds our self able to bring _________,
we are.
what does the feast look like?
what more may we (each) bring?

to eat, to sleep, to live peacefully?

may we deny (thus vanquish) fear . may we return to love.
may we know in ourselves that we are possibility :
that we ourselves create outcome with the brush of our own belief :
may we believe ourselves light bearers, and become the peaceful bringers of light.
may we know that it is our birthright to create our own _________.
may we know that it is our mission to live our own __________, 
by way of identifying our own purpose : i am __________, 
i am.

a good way to start is :
i am light, i am : no matter my color, no matter my birth. what now is possible?!

you will see it when you believe it (w. dyer).

belief itself the golden key to the unlock.

may you be guided by angels : 

looked after by a benevolent universe : 

meet with abundant life along the way.

namaste friend.