Saturday, May 21, 2016

do-able, important ...

summer is coming ... fast!

i will be off-line for a while : but want to leave you with a story ...

one less butt

a friend of mine is a commercial fisherman; an alaska salmon seiner. he is a harvester of a beautiful and abundant resource, working the wild and wonderful remote reaches of kodiak island.

he annually flies into kodiak in the spring and is there until mid-september, plying the fish runs near shore, working to feed the world with the rich, nutritious bounty of one of mother's most precious gifts to us : salmon. 

art : everett athorp, haida-tsimshian clan 
my friend is (also) a tree-hugger, and recognizes the balance of nature's need for replenishment and mankind's necessary hunt for food; and the relationship of the fish, searching the stream of their birth, dying in service to the continuation of themselves, abundantly filling both their need and ours. 

it is said that in the long ago, when the gods gifted mankind with our beautiful home, they spoke with all the animals, plants, atmosphere, etc. about the new, fragile being they wanted to bring here. the animals, plants, weather and all other sentient and non-sentient beings began offering what they could to bring happiness and plenty to this marvelous new species the gods proposed. the salmon were among the first to offer their bodies for the sustenance of man, as they do for bears, other mammals, fish and ecosystems that understand, partake, and/or in some way depend upon or appreciate their beautiful sacrifice.

the 'resource' (in this case, salmon) is managed well, and there are normally plenty of fish to maintain the species and to feed the millions of humans (and other denizens of earth) who hunger for various varieties and forms of wild caught fish. it is a good living, and my friend enjoys his job.

over the years, he has witnessed the ocean's rhythm and her ability to rejuvenate herself; to take all that humanity deposits into her, and by her own rhythms to remain relatively clean and habitable for the billions of (unsuspecting, innocent) denizens for whom she hosts life.

he posits that the oceans, rivers, streams, etc. constitute the planet's own circulatory system, and that the massive amounts of debris (flotsam) she swallows (created both by herself and by ourselves) are by and large digestable and digested, becoming itself nutrition for herself and her denizens. the food chain in the ocean is alive and (relatively) well.

my friend has a belief that if the earth cannot digest something it should never enter her circulatory system - the ocean (this includes the vast overabundance of digestible material also); those things which earth cannot herself process must be (somehow) otherwise dealt with . undigested waste will never become part of the cycle of life, and only lie on the surface of whatever it lands on, blocking further life from forming. he believes plastic (and its entourage) is one of, if not the most harmful creation mankind has ever endeavored. he also believes that each of us must make a commitment and take a personal role in responsibility for what (undigestible flotsam) goes into the ocean ... to protect the (mostly) pristine nature of his fishery.

he has a policy on his boat : one less butt in the water. great numbers of fishermen are smokers, consuming their filtered cigarettes and flicking the (plastic) butts overboard ... a seemingly harmless act (notwithstanding the whole 'smoking is bad for you' thing) : until one actually thinks about extrapolation. if there are 100 fishermen smoking a pack of cigarettes per day, flicking those 2,000 butts overboard - every day, over the course of a summer; now imagine 1,000 fishermen, 10,000 boaters and so on, and so on. imagine the massive clog in the (earth's) arteries from the buildup of tiny particles of (butts) plaque. as our own bodies cannot break down plaque and the buildup has the ability to shut off the flow of blood to our brains, we become sick, and without intervention (circulation) our brains become starved of vital, nutritious oxygen ... earth is no different : i don't know if she's starving (yet) or not, but i do know that our bodies are not all that different from hers, and we're hacking away at her lungs too ... how may we do a better job of stewardship toward our home?

the fisherman's policy is simple : when you smoke, throw the (harmless) tobacco end overboard, but not the butt. keep an empty pack handy, place the butts there (or in your pocket), then into the trash can when its handy. my friend acknowledges that not everyone will, but he asks his crew to, and leads by example. he made the commitment several years ago. the first summer he lost a total of 2 packs (of butts) overboard. his second summer, he lost (the equivalent of) about 1/2 pack; the next year, a total of 4 butts, and last season, only 1. he figures it's a commitment he can keep : and a promise kept to himself also. 

it's small, but significant - and has become a way of life outside of the summertime season as well. 

yes, the issue is enormous, but so are we ... just look at how many of us there are ... how may we harness the power of our girth in service to lightening our impression : the earth is small (but mighty) : we are so vast. the very interesting thing is, we are her (welcome) guest. have we worn through our welcome? maybe its time to step up : earth is going to do that which a planet does - reinvent ... its ours in this time here (with each other) to enjoy the ride.

her mission is known to her : ours is unknown, unless we know it - some do : what would symbiosis, balance among us look like? why does it seem that it is not okay for some of us that there are other ways, ideals, cultures, colors, foods, languages, etc. that are different from our own? or that we are incapable of reaching our highest potential because there is too great an ocean of us. thinkers are needed. so, thank you for thinking : bless your thoughts to the service of light in the world. how may we serve? how may i serve? 

when we were smaller many old ways worked for us : we began fighting when we began expanding ourselves : war was a great adventure, it was noble; until it became an addiction, and we now compete to find the most legally lethal (morality notwithstanding) cat and mouse game there is : catch (kill) me if you can. lord have mercy... it serves well our self created energy, money. the headlines extol the gajillions (still) spent on it : the spoils of it are worth taking to create more (gajillions and itself) : how may we put down our swords and take up our rightful mantle of brotherhood among ourselves, stewardship for our home, earth. how may we wear our own crown of goodness, as is our choice, and know ourselves good. 

there is a huge difference between righteous and good. 
righteous is a wholly man-made virtue, 
good is inspired.

may we all know that our own contribution creates itself goodness (to and for ourselves, and to and for each other, and to and for our home), and may we strive to contribute . in the long ago, we saw contribution as a virtue, and 'enough' wasn't yet invented. commerce began in earnest, with salt. some needed it, some had it, some would kill for it, many would die for it. i wonder why it is the only way we can even (seem to) contemplate among us ... what if we chose to think our way to peace (the one that passes understanding). who knows but that we may find ourselves peaceful .

our mission, should we choose to accept it, is (also) reinvention. each of us has a part to play - and our parts will be played. shall we do this consciously or on auto-pilot is entirely up to each individual one of us. spoiler : consciously is the much scarier, more rewarding, more satisfying choice ... 

one less butt in the water ... do-able, important.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

our own next

i was thinking about 'next' and the indelible, massive power of belief.

i choose to believe that we have it in us to determine, dream and seek our own (best) next, and that we are responsible for our own ever evolving, forever changing culture. 

who, where are we in our own (version of) 'next?' 
what do we want 'next' to be? 

should we allow others to write our stories for us, they will. should we create the belief in ourselves capable of writing our own stories, we can, if we will. i also believe there are many of us who desire to delve our own (best) next, and that there is something most of us are missing or unaware of, or choose to not see, which keeps us beholden to the 'powers that be,' instead of creating, living, breathing and being our own power. in giving over our own power to the 'powers that be' we have chosen our lives governed by rules we have allowed to be made for us, for the advancement of the rulemakers. 

it is (by universal law) in us to create, live, breathe, and be our own countenance; we have it in us to create good in the world, as we choose, as we require of ourselves, and as we allow (good to be its own force).

it is an easy thing to say 'i don't know.' it is also (usually) true, and, in most cases, preferable to acquiesce to the rules we have allowed. there is a higher order of laws that we are (indelibly, by our birth) bound to, and they have nothing to do with legislating morality. the laws i'm speaking of are the laws of the universe, and should we lay down our arms and begin to trust each other and ourselves, may we relish in the force for good they are designed to create. they are the rules the gods play by : transcending every name we have ever given to them, and only shouldering the responsibility they gave us in the long ago : to understand (and live up to) ourselves as made in the image of themselves. should we begin to find it in us to become a version of ourselves that has the best interests of all (beings) at its heart we will not need laws telling us about property lines or boundaries of any sort, for (i believe) the old beliefs about having, taking may give way to giving and sharing. i believe we have it in us to find our own force for good, and i believe we may teach our children its use.

i realize we may have some difficulty processing a belief that good may exist in the world without the influence of militia and its sidearms, and i realize it will take some time to rid ourselves of the mantle of sorrow we have buried ourselves under for so long, but i do believe in possibility, and i believe we came here to find our way into our own best. the appointment your self has here is not meaningless : it is only in search of its role here - our individual and collective job is to find out (and to be big enough to play) our individual and collective part. 

i thought to explore what others are writing about next, or, more specifically, the next iteration of people. it was a cursory search, not a deep dive, but most of the articles i found when i searched 'next' related to technology (or corporate identity). the same was true about 'next iteration of people.' there was little shown about the specific topic of people's ideas of what is 'next' for us as a species. perhaps the deep dive (for me) is to understand that we do delve our next, but believe it is outside ourselves. for me, it seems (quite) obvious that we are (quite) different than we were even a few years ago : and the version of us from a few years ago (quite) different than even a few years before that, and so on, ad infinitum ... we have, in fact, never stopped changing (evolving)! 

what of a.i. (hailed by most) as intricately linked with 'next' :

what if we decide that artificial intelligence has its own mission : peace among ourselves. 

as it is true that we have the ability to actually program the trajectory of this new frontier, what if we created the end paradigm of our own next iteration simple peace and abundance for all ... what if we used this intelligence to design ways to clean-up our home that go hand in hand with peace and abundance. what if we actually created ourselves and our forward going trajectory a peaceful and loving way among ourselves and our mother home? what then may we create? may we cease our destruction of ourselves and our home? we seem to really like ourselves armed against each other ... and create 'rights' indelible to our defense of our right to be armed : and dangerous. we spend years complying with the system and afraid of it. the most we can hope for (presently) is assimilation : there can never be balance (symbiosis) for our current arrangement is heavily weighted on the side of 'rights.' what if, instead, we asked for 'just' in ourselves ... and we all found peaceful justice, first in ourselves. judgment is the job of the creator : justice is a noun and an adjective, not a verb. it means that all who live have in them 'just.' 'right' indelibly has 'wrong' as its balance, and its purpose falls on one side or another (depending on our vision of it). we may never exact justice - this is not our job : we may only strive to create for ourselves a more just way in ourselves, and thus among us, finding peace within, as we allow.

as there is much riding on our own view of ourselves (namely thinking it into existence), wouldn't it be reasonable to let go of the necessity we have created to harm (each other and the planet)? wouldn't it be reasonable to know that we live in a just, caring and loving society; with abundance for ourselves, each other, and the planet?

what if we just tried?

we are (all) possibility...

Monday, May 16, 2016

expecto patronum

expecto patronum is latin. it means i await (call) a guardian.

i was inspired a moment ago by a story about a young woman who was in a very dark, very threatening place in her life. she had suffered mightily and asked j.k.rowling, author of the 'harry potter' stories, for the phrase to be written in ms. rowling's own handwriting, so the young woman may have a tattoo created.

in harry potter lore, the phrase expecto patronum conjures an incarnation of the spell caster's innermost positive feelings, such as joy or hope, known as a patronus, which is conjured as a protector. patronuses shield their conjurers from tormentors, and can even drive them away. the patronus appears as a white light (shield) of energy holding itself up as a guardian between the conjurer and the tormentor.

needless to say, ms. rowling, (in her ever-empowering way) not only sent the requested blessing but wished the young lady love, peace and success in her journey. according to ms. rowling:

"We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better."

we (all) have in us the ability to conjure any thing we can think to conjure. what i love most about this story (besides ms. rowling's being a true hero) is that the young woman recognized in the phrase the power in herself to take her own life back, and asked the universe for help in doing so ...

healing is within us all : so is the power to heal.

to the young lady in torment : thank you for believing in your own power to heal, and for reaching out for assistance. it is my blessing to you that your story will inspire others to know healing in themselves as well, and to forward healing, love and light into the world.

expecto patronum to you (all) this day!

i send you light, love and peace, wherever you are in your journey .


Saturday, May 14, 2016

dare ya!

do you dare?

when we are children, much is made of 'dare.' 

'dare ya!' is a common taunt among youth . it morphs into 'don't you dare!' at some point, and then 'you wouldn't dare!' in angst, or 'how dare you!' in anger. what if we reframed 'dare' into its own truth ... the word is a verb, and it has a few meanings 


1. to have the necessary courage or boldness for something; be bold enough:
2. to have the boldness to try; venture; hazard.
3. to meet defiantly; face courageously.
4. to challenge or provoke (a person) into a demonstration of courage

what if we had the courage to actually dare ourselves ...

there are, in every being's journey, moments that change everything. sanguine and sublime moments when we just know that we know, and it is enough  ... when thoreau pondered his own being come into his own countenance and allowance of walden to affect (effect) his view of his world, he understood his own i am, and wrote:

... if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams,

and endeavors to live the life he has imagined,

he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

i am stunned by the simplicity ... awed by the motivation ... moved by the message : i am enough - i am advancing confidently in the direction of my dreams. i am endeavoring to live my life as i have imagined. i am meeting with success unexpected in common hours. how inspiring to know my own path, and to know myself set upon it, by myself. i dared to imagine, dared to be; and so, i am.

'walden' was published in 1854 ... thoreau was a messenger in the annals of time, one more mystic, one more sage, one more wayshower. we need them in every age : how lucky for us that they show up in every age ... how else will we remember that our lives have capability at their core ... or that it is ours to delve our own capability, our own way. 

in 'endeavor' did thoreau find dare . 
never doubt that truth includes dare . 
live your truth . then dare .

the muse (long ago) let me know that she was only evermore in search of a worthy vessel ... i have known for a long time that if i make ever advancing movement in myself toward my dreams, my dreams have no choice (by universal law) but to move indelibly (also) toward me. it is up to me to (face and banish my own constricting beliefs and) know my own sacred dream, and its arrival imminent; and so i do. 

to delve greatly, 
to choose,
and dare 
to live my own truth,
my own choices, 
is what i chose : 
... and it is one more thing 
that has made all the difference ...

namaste thoreau : thank you.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

but honestly ...

bound in the chains of a lie

a good friend found his life unlivable as it was, and left his wife of 45 years. in his entry into personal freedom he caught the eye of a woman who was (also) in a place in herself free of the commitment of marriage and partnership. the two had known each other for many years, and tentatively began exploring each other's minds and hearts. the woman was very aware of her reticence to be called out by the man's (ex-)wife (and whomever else may care to call her out), and allowed no public contact. the draw between them was powerful, however, and they saw each other secretly. 

the woman is a great cook, and baked a loaf of pumpkin bread for my friend, which he shared with a few people, including myself, and his mother, a feisty elder to be sure. well, the truth is that bread was absolutely superb! my friend's mother took a real liking to it, and asked where he had gotten the loaf (which was obviously home made). my friend, in desperation, told his mother that i made it (!) ... well, 2 weeks later, mom wants the recipe ... my friend finds himself in a pickle ... his mother and i are friends, and she will make sure to talk with me about the bread the next time i see her. his mother has known his friend for many years as well ... i will extol its goodness, because it really is wonderful ... but i have no secrets to offer about the origins of it. i cannot tell her (out of respect to my friend and his friend) of the 'real' provenance of the bread, and would not anyway for the same reason ...  all of this is (really) not a big deal (and even funny) in the grand scheme of things, and my friend's secret is safe. this small thing harms no one, but i had to let my friend know that while i respect his need for secrecy and honor his secret (even understand it), i do not like the idea of my own integrity bound in the chains of a lie; and more so a lie i did not even tell ... 

i can tell you, from the perspective of a soul yearning for freedom, living freely, being authentic, and a seeker of wisdom lends itself to a desire for integrity on the inside. i know that in living, it is easier sometimes to do battle (as in 'the good fight') with the aid and assistance of easier-way-making (slightly) divergent story. what i also know is that if one desires (allows), the slight divergences create lives of their own and become a master that requires obedience ... the thing (about the truth) is that the truth is (always) the truth. 

there will (always) be variances between our (individual) versions, as spectrum of color is infinite. the only way to create harmony within the variances is to allow for them and not punish ourselves and each other for them ... they are as much a part of each of our own perception of life as is the actual fact of what happened; and our version of our (and others') role in it. by our nature, we acquire an approach in managing life either with conscious acknowledgement of its passing or without (determined by actions), and then each (of us) endeavors to paint (aspects or all of) the vision we have for ourselves, with the color of our choosing ...

i have made it an honest delve to paint mine with a rose colored tint, as rose colored is a tint i personally enjoy. it colors everything i paint with it, brighter. i have found that if one paints with a color too heavy or dark, it seems the world of that person is also heavy or dark. even if paint be the whitest white, to use paint instead of tint glosses over and covers too heavily, thus at times, whitewashing ... also a blinding proposition. also a self-fulfilling prophecy.

reality notwithstanding, new worlds may be created if one will but pay attention to his own brand of integrity. if you've never experimented with it, you're in for a treat, a shock and massive, massive change in your world. when the world approaches you from the perspective (you create) of an honest man or a good woman, the whole world sends blessings and sacred gratitude. 

being honest in the self creates honesty in the world we (each) inhabit (together).

...and sets us up to know, unequivocally, what we don't want ... also (and moreover) what we do want and can dare to bring into our version of living life.

there is (necessarily) transition, because life's mission is to advance. the advancing soul must (necessarily) know itself, and its role and its own indelible purpose.

so, as ascended master, dr. dyer posits the maxim (by max planck), 'if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.' at the end of the day, it is worth it to begin to see your self honest. be prepared to have your mind blown and the flow of positivity begin in you ... 

for, the truth (really) will set you free.

... first in mind.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

whatever you are...

life shows up ...

... how it shows up, and sometimes it seems like it's just too hard to be who i want to be in the world (even in my well-formed, fully imagined, and wholly delved vision of it). 

i know in myself that i am doing the work that is my own sacred work; 
i continue to go there ... gratefully.
i know myself immersed in my own sacred (mission) work;
i continue to delve, with trust ... gratefully.

audrey hepburn
in the (less prevalent and thankfully more brief) moments of despair, frustration, anxiety, or questioning over how it is (isn't) all showing up, wondering where or how wherewithal and sustenance will be created and how i may pay the bills, over and over and overhearing the world tell me (in so many words) my dream is impossible, unachievable, etc., it would be pretty easy to just give in, become desperate (again), and take my licking (again) for trying to believe in (create) my dream. the thing is, there is gathering gratitude (as i choose to see it, as it chooses to present) for my contribution ... and i am experiencing moments of utter joy in the doing of it. the truth is that i trust (and believe i am cared for) ... and it's not like i can (will) give up (been there, done that) ... i remember this and resolve (again) to stay my own (i'mpossible) appointed course : then i am able to come back to center (here), and realize how overwhelmingly and wholly grateful i am for these moments : they give me a reason to be overwhelmingly and wholly grateful for the gifts i bring to (delve from) myself! 

i do trust, and i have no intention of giving up, 
because it is my own life i am about creating!

the term 'creating' implies that i imagine it, bring it, and that i get to live it. i know well my own 'that,' (my own sweet dream) and consciously delve to be aware of the process ...

angels everywhere
i've recently learned (because they wanted me to) about angelic guidance and the ubiquitous divine help that is available should i choose to look ... and i (consciously) chose to give my attention there ... i look for (and find) meaningful instances of their indelible messages, and i am never disappointed : only helped and guided . i wish for all good people to allow the spirits of light to assist them. i don't talk to people about them, i just (ask for guidance and) listen, and they and i both like it that way ...

my work is my work, and their work is theirs ... our stories converge, but they are (also) individual stories, with each our own purpose and mission. i am grateful to know about their existence : not that i had ever really doubted that angels exist, but i suppose i wasn't aware that they are available to help, or open to them or their loving ways.

i've discovered (in them) a true guiding light, a beacon that comes from (faith) within myself, for sometimes even a beautiful dream gets wearisome from the whole test of faith and trust and trust and trust mission... the light of recognition of my own forward momentum has the ability to lift me, to show me how loved i am, how great it is that i dared to delve, that my dream has been heard, and that i am (absolutely) on task with my own purpose here. what an exquisite and sublime thing to know about your life!

so, i have been (again) (thankfully) (quietly) guided to this place, and therefore, here is where i am (currently) called to do my work ... and so i am.

and once again, i have a reason to believe in myself, and not in the world's view of my ability (or lack thereof). my secret is ... i know, and i am blessed for it.

'stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive'

may you receive the blessing i am sending to you :

bless you!

may you (also) receive the blessings you send to others.

namaste traveler ...

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

the power of thought - Hamblin, 1929

The power of thought, as Emerson says, is a spiritual power. It is the greatest power that man has at his disposal. The world today is in its present state simply as a result of mankind's collective thinking; each nation is in its present state of either peace and prosperity, or poverty, murder and anarchy, simply as a result of its thinking as a nation; and each individual is what he is, and his life is what it is, and his circumstances are what they are, simply as results of his thoughts. What a man thinks, he becomes; what a man thinks is the mainspring of all his actions; what a man thinks attracts to him his circumstances and environment; what a man thinks determines what type of friends and companions will gather around him; what a man thinks decides whether he shall be happy or miserable, successful or unsuccessful, healthy or unhealthy, prosperous or poverty-stricken, hated or loved. What a man thinks either builds up his character or pulls it down. What a man thinks can overcome fate or strengthen it, can bring him into alignment with his glorious destiny, or make him an outcast and a wanderer in desert places. Indeed, there is no limit to the power of thought, because it is a spiritual power of intense potency. It is the power which distinguishes man from the brute, it is the power by which he can mount up to God, it is the power which can make the unsuccessful successful in the battle of life, it is the power which can make the loftiest achievement possible, it is the power by which difficulties can be overcome, disadvantages of birth and parentage surmounted, and the life beautified and inspired and energised with God-given powers.
By thought man either blesses or curses himself. By it he brings into his life either success or failure, health or disease, happiness or unhappiness, poverty or prosperity. It is all in his mind and the character of his thought. Whatever there is in your life or mine, of disharmony, lack, sickness or unhappiness, is the result of our disharmonious thought. We live in an orderly Universe, but we do not react harmoniously to our environment, we are not in correspondence with the hidden law and order around us. It is not necessary for the universe to be altered; what is needed is that we ourselves should be changed. Within ourselves is the cause of the disorder in our own individual world--for we each live in a little world of our own creation-- therefore, the disorder and trouble that afflicts us, or the lack that restricts our life, can never be overcome, save by a change of mind, habit of thought, and mental attitude.
In the following pages an attempt is made to show how the reader can, by changing his thoughts and mental attitude, "reverse the lever" and come into harmony with the Divine Idea. When this is accomplished, his life will blossom like the rose, "he shall be led forth with peace; the mountains and the hills shall break before him into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands."

Henry Thomas Hamblin

Introduction : 'The Power of Thought' - Henry Thomas Hamblin, [Science of Thought Press, 1929]

Saturday, May 7, 2016

halls, doorways, and the key

in a vision i had a while back, i found myself staring down a wide, brightly lit, uncluttered, clean hallway not unlike the central hall in the home of my youth. it was a (relatively) long hallway, with neatly arranged, white panel doors on each side. they were closed (locked?), and (i knew in me) it was this hallway, those doors, that were the way into my own next. 

i envisioned (dreamed) what would be (could be) on the other side of each. i knew this hallway to be my own crossroad, the hallway of my own next, and scanned for open doors. not seeing any, i began to explore the possibilities presented in a hallway of closed doors. in my vision, i began to try the bright brass knobs on each. i knew that i had my own golden key, and it would (surely?) open the one that i most wanted to open (wouldn't it?).

the (first) door that opened with my key held a green golden meadow, with soft breezes, beautiful birds and lovely spring green weeping willow trees billowing; just on the other side of a very dark, imposing, seemingly impassable muck pit. not (readily) seeing any other options (and the allure of the lovely feeling of rest this meadow presented), i stepped through. 

immediately i felt myself drop and become hopelessly mired in all that muck : i was sinking, sinking, sinking, slowly becoming sucked into an untenable and potentially deadly predicament. at first, i was so afraid! when i realized that it was (truly) a moment of sink or swim, i gathered myself and called out to the energy of safety ... the mother guide that i had recently been working with appeared and (without ado) instructed me in the art of levitation. i felt myself suddenly lifting myself - vertically - out of the muck. when my feet were clear, i felt myself instruct myself to move forward, over the muck, to the safety of the meadow. 

in the moment that i reached terra firma (the very beautiful meadow), i was bathed, offered fresh white linen clothing, and invited to rest for a time there. while i knew i would be welcome to stay for as long as i would like, i also knew then that this door was not the door of my destination, but also a forwarding of momentum in my journey. i rested, was grateful and savored my time there.

i used the experience to prepare me for entrance back into the hallway, which no longer felt so overwhelmingly desolate or enigmatic. i felt, for the first time, energized, open, and ready to explore. when i was sated, clean and rested, i gathered myself and levitated back over the muck. 

the significance of my own rescue (also) gave me the courage to see my own strength, my own ability and my own loving invitation back into a (more rewarding) journey of my own making. i (for the first time in a very long time) saw the strength inside me, and then i ventured a glance down the hallway. down at the very end, a great distance away, was one slightly open door ... i knew it was a door that was mistakenly closed when i had looked before, and that it was a door that would always be open : the door to my parents' home. i was grateful for it, and knew it as a welcome option, but also had a deep longing to explore the other doors in the hallway. 

the dream ended there, but i learned that it is up to me to seek for open doors, and for the doors that my golden key will avail access. it seems the dream's purpose was to show me itself ... so that i may know that there are other doors, and as long as i am able to use my golden key, i have access to them : i am left to wonder what the other doors in that hallway offer ... and how i may step into my own dream inside them (me).

interestingly, i did go through one other door in that time : but never saw what dream was waiting ... until now. i came to know a dream in me and now endeavor to live my life as i have imagined. 

so be it ... i have created, as i was supposed to, and i am grateful for the inspiration : deep appreciation from a great-ful soul.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

climb the mountains

john muir was a dreamer ...
and he dared to dream ...
and the outcome became our national parks ...
yellowstone, yosemite ...
etc. ...

thank you, john muir ... 
thank you, thank you, thank you.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

we are extraordinary...

Dalai Lama

so, what happens if it all changes ... would i be missed?

yes, i certainly would -- it is certainly about to ...

what if i want to keep some relationships : even at the expense of their change : for they will certainly change. only i get to be right about this, along with you, for only you can decide for you and i can decide for me ... but the truth is, i am endeavoring to create (give birth to), for there is a need in us to be better versions of ourselves (as we may), or (as we may) not.

what if i may understand more about my relationship conundrum, and learn to create great ones - i know that i'm possible, therefore i may : what is this destiny of island-self : what if i have visitors, and community may be born? 

what is lovely is that we also get to choose community, and to participate. (i believe that) as long as there will be a playing field in which (the passion of) money and/or religious zealotry are at odds with each other, there may be no peace among us, for money and zealots of any sort are precisely the same energy ... both need to be needed, and control us in their own creation (fear).

so what about a way among us : what may we bring? the beautiful thing about having a picnic is you get to choose what to bring : and then to enjoy and love also what others brought ... the loveliness of a simple picnic - there are too many places in the world that can not even imagine a picnic, much less expect to have one without fear around being in the open and enjoying a moment of (the sweetness of) life with those they love.

what if we may look at each other and see light : the one that created our ability to look at each other, and what if light was what we saw looking back at us - what then may we create?

how may we have an expectation among us that we (really) can all just get along! how may we learn to be a (more child-like) version of ourselves, that seeks to create good (light, abundance) in the world ... this (really) has nothing to do with the energy of (making or giving) money, or whether we can all (agree to) disagree about our interpretations of the divine. deities notwithstanding, there were whole sets of them (now called 'myth') in the long ago ... and light was (is) at the very center of (all of) them. 

it is our species that may extinguish ourselves (by way of our own use, abuse, and toxic creations) : or it is our planet that will (by way of our own heavy handling, egregious taking, and general misunderstanding of her mission : to evolve and sustain life upon her self) - either way, we (and all other beings on her face) lose; unless we may be come better at our interpersonal and management skills . it would really, really be okay if we would stop teaching our children to hate, to blindly take, and the existing way of have and have not among us : 

what if, instead, we would teach (show) our children respect, love, service, appreciation, and humility, and allow each other to live, worship and create abundance for the purpose of pursuing our own lives, helping each other and ourselves to the best of our ability. it does seem that we have waded too far into the muck to be able to go backward, but what we forget is that forward involves change, and we really, really don't like change that doesn't fit our current.

what does our 'next' actually look like?

how may we find light inside ourselves and create a more peaceful existence, both with ourselves and with our mother earth... we are (currently) killing us both.

how may our next actually look like?
would that we conjure the light of creation, as is our birthright, and create.

what if we start with kindness and compassion?

should we level the field, may we also find the goalposts missing, and the boundary marks. may we learn that our games may be played simply for the privilege of sharpening our own skills and strengthening our bodies. may we relearn the art of winning , with the knowing that the end we have in mind is : playing for the sake of playing is also a team sport, and there doesn't even have to be a loser, or an opposing side - let us all be winners, and let our gifts be shared with all others : what if playing itself were the sport, and we all got the opportunity to play, and we all found ourselves winning (by the experience of playing) and no one was left out, and the challenge in it is to ourselves - seeing ourselves being our own best in it ... we don't all have to be sportsmen, but the lessons therein teach fortitude and forward thinking : keeping the result in mind - to play, experience, be the best (whatever you call it) that it is in you to be : and then be that. that, boys and girls, is the mystery - see yourself being yourself - using the gifts and talents we (all) were given in the long ago, according to divine purpose : as was written in the book of life long, long ago. we (all) have a part to play in our own forward, and in the forward of the story of the book. . . it will take some time (focus, determination, and great stewardship) to uproot the result of our madness : madness; but we must be willing to clean up after the storm that has been our armed and dangerous existence...

how may we serve?
the greater good is now (and has ever been) calling to us : would we now listen just below the din, consciously, and hear our calling so that we may learn what it sounds like, and find ways to heed? our sole mission here is to bequeath a home to our future selves, it is said ... how may our children find their way forward in a world they and their children may know as beautiful and just; and how may we (all) begin to find our own way forward in such a world as well.

let's create a new way among us : because we can ... let us show whichever version of deity we most adore how grateful we are for the amazing gifts we were so lovingly given , and for our own differences, as they help us to create peace (even if first is simple truce) among us, as our way of being with each other. may we put our great energies together and create a way with our home, our mother planet, that ceases our outright assault upon her. may we find a way among ourselves wherein we look for opportunities to uncreate need, and discover great gratitude for what we have and may create. may we know our responsibility (and stretch our big brains) and discover within us the strength, courage, capacity and compassion we must find in the care of the messes we have made. 

may we find ways to discover our gifts, for they are the treasure we are all seeking, and they live only inside ourselves. how may we serve each other, and in turn ourselves be served? that which can be named is not the way, but peace is its closest attribute : accessible, available and inherent in all, should we allow. and finally, may we understand that our bodies are vehicles through which divinity in us may be known (to itself and to each other), and we come here to do our work and to pass from here, and this is also our birthright : may we (all) be free to go as we know it is right to, when the result of living life overcomes. may we know in our own hearts we have been privileged to have (consciously created good)  lived in a world we wanted to live in, and may this be alright (peaceful) with all of us, for it is all of our journey, and it is ours to walk alone and together. may we walk with dignity, much, awareness, and may our children be blessed with our presence in their own walkthrough. may we teach them to access their own best in themselves, by creating (being) good in the world ourselves. may they know by our example courage, compassion, strength, kindness and great love, and may we know ourselves beings and bringers of light in the world.

we are all extraordinary : because we can be.
namaste traveler ~