Thursday, May 12, 2016

but honestly ...

bound in the chains of a lie

a good friend found his life unlivable as it was, and left his wife of 45 years. in his entry into personal freedom he caught the eye of a woman who was (also) in a place in herself free of the commitment of marriage and partnership. the two had known each other for many years, and tentatively began exploring each other's minds and hearts. the woman was very aware of her reticence to be called out by the man's (ex-)wife (and whomever else may care to call her out), and allowed no public contact. the draw between them was powerful, however, and they saw each other secretly. 

the woman is a great cook, and baked a loaf of pumpkin bread for my friend, which he shared with a few people, including myself, and his mother, a feisty elder to be sure. well, the truth is that bread was absolutely superb! my friend's mother took a real liking to it, and asked where he had gotten the loaf (which was obviously home made). my friend, in desperation, told his mother that i made it (!) ... well, 2 weeks later, mom wants the recipe ... my friend finds himself in a pickle ... his mother and i are friends, and she will make sure to talk with me about the bread the next time i see her. his mother has known his friend for many years as well ... i will extol its goodness, because it really is wonderful ... but i have no secrets to offer about the origins of it. i cannot tell her (out of respect to my friend and his friend) of the 'real' provenance of the bread, and would not anyway for the same reason ...  all of this is (really) not a big deal (and even funny) in the grand scheme of things, and my friend's secret is safe. this small thing harms no one, but i had to let my friend know that while i respect his need for secrecy and honor his secret (even understand it), i do not like the idea of my own integrity bound in the chains of a lie; and more so a lie i did not even tell ... 

i can tell you, from the perspective of a soul yearning for freedom, living freely, being authentic, and a seeker of wisdom lends itself to a desire for integrity on the inside. i know that in living, it is easier sometimes to do battle (as in 'the good fight') with the aid and assistance of easier-way-making (slightly) divergent story. what i also know is that if one desires (allows), the slight divergences create lives of their own and become a master that requires obedience ... the thing (about the truth) is that the truth is (always) the truth. 

there will (always) be variances between our (individual) versions, as spectrum of color is infinite. the only way to create harmony within the variances is to allow for them and not punish ourselves and each other for them ... they are as much a part of each of our own perception of life as is the actual fact of what happened; and our version of our (and others') role in it. by our nature, we acquire an approach in managing life either with conscious acknowledgement of its passing or without (determined by actions), and then each (of us) endeavors to paint (aspects or all of) the vision we have for ourselves, with the color of our choosing ...

i have made it an honest delve to paint mine with a rose colored tint, as rose colored is a tint i personally enjoy. it colors everything i paint with it, brighter. i have found that if one paints with a color too heavy or dark, it seems the world of that person is also heavy or dark. even if paint be the whitest white, to use paint instead of tint glosses over and covers too heavily, thus at times, whitewashing ... also a blinding proposition. also a self-fulfilling prophecy.

reality notwithstanding, new worlds may be created if one will but pay attention to his own brand of integrity. if you've never experimented with it, you're in for a treat, a shock and massive, massive change in your world. when the world approaches you from the perspective (you create) of an honest man or a good woman, the whole world sends blessings and sacred gratitude. 

being honest in the self creates honesty in the world we (each) inhabit (together).

...and sets us up to know, unequivocally, what we don't want ... also (and moreover) what we do want and can dare to bring into our version of living life.

there is (necessarily) transition, because life's mission is to advance. the advancing soul must (necessarily) know itself, and its role and its own indelible purpose.

so, as ascended master, dr. dyer posits the maxim (by max planck), 'if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.' at the end of the day, it is worth it to begin to see your self honest. be prepared to have your mind blown and the flow of positivity begin in you ... 

for, the truth (really) will set you free.

... first in mind.

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