Wednesday, May 11, 2016

whatever you are...

life shows up ...

... how it shows up, and sometimes it seems like it's just too hard to be who i want to be in the world (even in my well-formed, fully imagined, and wholly delved vision of it). 

i know in myself that i am doing the work that is my own sacred work; 
i continue to go there ... gratefully.
i know myself immersed in my own sacred (mission) work;
i continue to delve, with trust ... gratefully.

audrey hepburn
in the (less prevalent and thankfully more brief) moments of despair, frustration, anxiety, or questioning over how it is (isn't) all showing up, wondering where or how wherewithal and sustenance will be created and how i may pay the bills, over and over and overhearing the world tell me (in so many words) my dream is impossible, unachievable, etc., it would be pretty easy to just give in, become desperate (again), and take my licking (again) for trying to believe in (create) my dream. the thing is, there is gathering gratitude (as i choose to see it, as it chooses to present) for my contribution ... and i am experiencing moments of utter joy in the doing of it. the truth is that i trust (and believe i am cared for) ... and it's not like i can (will) give up (been there, done that) ... i remember this and resolve (again) to stay my own (i'mpossible) appointed course : then i am able to come back to center (here), and realize how overwhelmingly and wholly grateful i am for these moments : they give me a reason to be overwhelmingly and wholly grateful for the gifts i bring to (delve from) myself! 

i do trust, and i have no intention of giving up, 
because it is my own life i am about creating!

the term 'creating' implies that i imagine it, bring it, and that i get to live it. i know well my own 'that,' (my own sweet dream) and consciously delve to be aware of the process ...

angels everywhere
i've recently learned (because they wanted me to) about angelic guidance and the ubiquitous divine help that is available should i choose to look ... and i (consciously) chose to give my attention there ... i look for (and find) meaningful instances of their indelible messages, and i am never disappointed : only helped and guided . i wish for all good people to allow the spirits of light to assist them. i don't talk to people about them, i just (ask for guidance and) listen, and they and i both like it that way ...

my work is my work, and their work is theirs ... our stories converge, but they are (also) individual stories, with each our own purpose and mission. i am grateful to know about their existence : not that i had ever really doubted that angels exist, but i suppose i wasn't aware that they are available to help, or open to them or their loving ways.

i've discovered (in them) a true guiding light, a beacon that comes from (faith) within myself, for sometimes even a beautiful dream gets wearisome from the whole test of faith and trust and trust and trust mission... the light of recognition of my own forward momentum has the ability to lift me, to show me how loved i am, how great it is that i dared to delve, that my dream has been heard, and that i am (absolutely) on task with my own purpose here. what an exquisite and sublime thing to know about your life!

so, i have been (again) (thankfully) (quietly) guided to this place, and therefore, here is where i am (currently) called to do my work ... and so i am.

and once again, i have a reason to believe in myself, and not in the world's view of my ability (or lack thereof). my secret is ... i know, and i am blessed for it.

'stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive'

may you receive the blessing i am sending to you :

bless you!

may you (also) receive the blessings you send to others.

namaste traveler ...

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