Saturday, January 16, 2016

mustard seed on a counter

in the course of beginning to understand what it means to offer what i write, i have reached out to a few people - with not a lot of success. this creates in me a feeling of a 'mustard seed on a counter.' to explain, according to yeshua (and all other sages of the ages, in so many words), if one will but have the faith of a tiny mustard seed one can move mountains. i believe that, because i know what a tiny seed is capable of ... think acorns and mighty oaks...

that single thought sort of took hold in me. in sorting it all out, i came to see myself as a mustard seed on a counter - so full of promise and unequivocal knowing of my power inside, but without the conditions required - sun, rain, soil, moon - to bring forth the potential inherent in all forms of embryo. no matter how hard i strove to realize the marvelous capacity locked tight in my shell, all my determination was simply no match for ceramic. 

upon realizing how acute the possibility within me, i began (consciously) visualizing growth by way of my own movement from the counter. i saw myself, as tiny mustard seed, swept off the counter and into the pocket of an apron. i then gathered myself and with all my strength jumped myself into the hand of the farmer's wife reaching into the pocket. and voila, i found myself planted! 

in having the conditions for reaching my power now met i relished in my new-found surroundings and rested for a moment. within a few hours i felt the first massive burst as a jolt of sheer energy. no longer able to contain the swelling mass, i felt the force of cracking open my tiny shell as the root began sprouting from me. feasting in the moist warmth of nutritious, worked and well aerated soil, i was overjoyed to see, feel myself growing and growing ... and the words flowing and flowing. in that time i wrote and wrote and wrote, my words themselves becoming mustard seeds on a counter - their only purpose in that particular moment to be come themselves...

while i no longer see the vision, i know it happened, and watched myself grow into a beautiful and healthy mustard plant. the purpose of a plant is to create more of itself, and i was overjoyed in knowing that this was happening. here's where the vision 'seems' to have stopped. it was enough for a time to just 'know' that this had happened, and that the seeds produced by me as mustard plant would eventually create even more of themselves ... 

fast forward to now - i yearn to know more for my self and my life. i realize in writing this, that i suppose i somehow forgot in that time to ask the mountain to move, but know that i was moved to delve deeply, and have been searching non-stop for my own best since -- for the conditions to be met so that spirit in me can see itself as i want to be. 

i believe that is our purpose here : to create ourselves so that the divine may see itself in our own unique expression of itself. 

thank you lucille ... you inspired me.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

change the world

Friday, January 1, 2016