Thursday, May 18, 2017

do the best you can

...with what you have.

better will come : this is the promise.

it's also the rule, according to divinity. the part that is ours to do is to shift the objective.

what is our best? are we (actively) doing it?

also, the 'what you have' part needs focus (intention). dreaming is the space occupied by our future selves : living is the space now occupied. if all are not living their own best, none are. possibility : dream it : live it...

no. matter. what.

whatever we have imagined is what we have created in mind, and (by divine law) have created in our world. it is with this law in mind that we are able to design (and redesign at will) the whole world. mind is connection to source, and is the place existence goes for direction. heart is connection to mind and is the place we go for guidance. body carries out the work. by design, we are the producers, directors and actors in the end result, our lives.

it is ours alone to decide to recreate the focus, or not. we may, by our decree to do so, create the focus of our own existence into whatever we desire. should we grant ourselves the courage, we may bring to our selves (and to all others) love. possibility : peace : goodwill : caring : sharing : being : as one of the denizens of our mother earth. 

let us look upon one another as fellow denizens, and create ourselves tolerant, kind, and even understanding. 

yes. we are that powerful.

: should we create (allow) ourselves that powerful.

the thing we learn when we go looking for a way out of the mess (we've created) is that the way forward involves helping each other. we must look back to understand and heal division, and thus we may create the ability to learn the lessons and decrees (which we are usually loathe to do), and then (forward) think and live into a better way. it is necessary that the way forward is for the good of the all, as the only way any of us experiences 'good' is for all of us to. we are designed by the creator to help each other as well as ourselves : this is our mission here. the thing that creates this possible is to first see the possibility in mind... the shift involves looking forward to who we desire to be, and then create ourselves worthy and capable, which is to say able. we may create ourselves worthy and able if we will think ourselves worthy, abundant and happy ... which we may do if we are willing to give up fear (and its entourage). we are so afraid of ourselves, each other, our planet, and our soul's place in the cosmos that we limit living, favoring (creating) instead, a culture of surviving. we end up eating ourselves alive, horrified at who we have become, and (because we think ourselves so) powerless to do anything different.

if we don't write our own stories they have no choice but to write themselves (be written for us), without individual (our own) input. we have forgotten that there are only 7-8 billion of us : there is a whole universe out there, and it really is on our side : all we have to do is be aware of this simple awareness and apply it to all of us. whatever we choose to program (by only our thoughts and actions) into the universe : eternal source happily and without prejudice gives back, in kind. this is our special, one of a kind gift, directly from divinity. it is only ours, and as long as we breathe, we have no choice but that we participate : with the outcomes being what we say they are. our choice is to choose (dream, create, live) the outcome : or not.

when we intentionally look toward love (our gifts), we create our own ideas, and thus delve to create our own way. conversely, when we take action only on the ideas that others (employers, partners, children, parents, contemporaries, clergy, governments, etc.) have for our contributions (and our time), we begin to sense that we 'should be happy,' but feel as though we are aging in place, unable to conjure forward momentum, and ultimately either settle (have our story written for us) or cut and run (write our own), intentionally.




Monday, May 1, 2017

i'm looking forward to it!

i'm looking forward to it...

is a statement we make all the time ... usually one we use in a way that is hopeful, or that holds a seemingly impossible connotation - or the possibility of a nice weekend. the question that seems to beg in this moment is, what energy is actually getting created with the statement?

remember, we are always creating (whether or not we are aware of it) : our thoughts are the most powerful force in creation. all that is, is first a thought. conscious thought (awareness), then, is the golden key to unlocking the secrets of conscious creation. to say we are looking forward to one thing or another issues the thought into the massive, boundless creative consciousness of the universe. back of the thought is : i am creating in my mind the thing upon which i cast my vision; thus 'looking forward,' in combination with 'i am,' is a powerful way toward manifesting personal vision. yes, it's that powerful.

forward looking statements create the space inside for committing (manifesting) in our very own now. by envisioning those things we look forward to, we are putting ourselves and the universe on notice that we have (consciously) begun the interior work of tuning in to a new version of 'now' for ourselves, our lives, and our world. to follow 'looking forward' with inspired action brings 'i am looking forward' into 'i am now' by the power of objective desire : which is the force by which the universal intelligence creates : by seeing the result and working backward to get there...

although it may seem like a small thing, when we make a statement (any statement) that begins with 'i am,' we are actually issuing a decree into the heavens of our own self-dom. ('i'm' counts too!) to say 'i am strong' creates in our brain (and in the universal intelligence, and in our own mind-body) the very power of creation itself that may overcome any perceived or real weakness we have experienced . to learn to call upon the healing of the divine intelligence, with the conviction of a healed person, brings healing. to call upon the universal abundance with the feeling of being abundant brings abundant living. to say or to call upon lack or anguish or sorrow or hatred or violence, in kind, brings those things as well.

abundance : i'm looking forward to it!
world peace : i'm looking forward to it!
unconditional love : i'm looking forward to it!
stress-less : i'm looking forward to it!
healing the earth : i'm looking forward to it!
manifesting desires : i'm looking forward to it!
great relationships : i'm looking forward to it!
extraordinary life : i'm looking forward to it!
fulfilling my purpose : i'm looking forward to it!
my best self, living my best life : i'm looking forward to it!
freedom : i'm looking forward to it!

this is a primer list for me, but all of the above exemplify the desire/vision i give to the direction of my own dreams ... and the life i have chosen to live here. very, very importantly, to state that i am 'looking forward' opens my mind and creates a space in me to envision my dreams, while living my very own best now (which is actually all any of us ever has). looking forward shows me what (the result of) my dream looks like, so that i may consciously create intention into it. 

knowing what i am looking forward to gives me courage to consciously create my experience of now within joy and satisfaction : living into my own best within each statement (dream); and looking forward to each attribute creates space within me to see them materialized ... and also ability for even more of these miraculous thoughts, and therefore, things! 

you may ask if i have achieved the above list, to which i answer : i am(!) closer (and more certain) with every single thought i consciously (choose to) think into it. i have done the work of dreaming my own best, and taking inspired action around surrender. i set intention, and therefore create a space inside for 'this or something better;' and live in the knowing of attracting my desired outcome ... and then persevere. having actively released my dream (and my fear) into the universal consciousness for fulfillment (and absolution) means there is only now being myself in each moment/now, within each 'i am' statement : consciously, actively, intentionally being who i say i am. i know(!) i am, and i am grateful. for me, there is no better way to spend my time than consciously creating my life as i will (desire) it to be! ...with the possible exception of sharing a view of possibility with you.

what i find in this exercise is that each of the 'i am' statements is absolutely self-fulfilling, and brings 'looking forward' into the realm of 'now' by creating my vision so : moment by moment.  

it (really) all began for me with stumbling into conscious gratitude : i find myself frequently in gratitude for gratitude. it's a concept that can sometimes get lost in the myriad of challenges we face as a population ... it's also the beginning of creation of so many attributes within becoming who we say we are in life. gratitude opens in us the ability to see ourselves prosperous, happy, joyful, abundant, and mindful; no matter the set of circumstances we are facing. gratitude inherently has the power to transform/transmute negativity. to actively search for (and also find) beauty inside and outside ourselves creates possibility by allowing us to be (feel) uplifted, which is the language of the angels. 

your list can be whatever you choose! the most important part of each forward looking statement is the intention behind it. let's look a bit closer at expression itself. the way we are taught by the sages through the ages to bring about life as we would have it be, is that we dream it (plant the seed, create it - first in mind, become very clear about what we want, thoughts become things, etc.), and then look inside ourselves and discover potential (possibility) and pathway (gifts) toward our own determination (passion) of our own best outcome (forward thinking list) (dream). 

we may not, and probably won't, know all the in's and out's of getting 'there;' however, the first thing we must do is create a space inside ourselves (where heaven goes for its instructions on how to show up for us) for possibility, by creating the vision : and then (the hard part) leave the details to the universal intelligence. this in no way means that we sit back and wait for our good to drop into our lives (although that is a possibility), rather to begin to 'hear' the universe speaking to us by the messages sent to us, in a whole host of forms. as we 'hear' guidance, we then learn to take inspired action toward our own good, and for the good of the all. 

we learn to discern opportunity and see ourselves moving forward within our own best vision and version. of course, life itself does happen, and at every single moment the nuance of change is happening around us. it is ours to create ourselves better within it, and to (choose to) find the golden nuggets of inspiration, beauty, gratitude and love inherent in each and every nuance. 

so, to say 'i am looking forward to it' actually makes a statement that we are looking into a future we are (actually) creating(!) ... by beginning with the end in mind, starting from right where we are, right now. should we begin (choose) to consciously create, there is an unlimited and wholly available pool of infinite source we may draw on. we simply may not want too much (!) (think world peace, or planetary environmental stewardship) (really!)! 

while there is so much enlightenment and peace and joy to be found within the ability we give ourselves for forward (which is actually a form of 'now'), it may not always show up as pleasant or happy or peaceful (although it may), but if we will consciously create ourselves open, accepting and grateful, there will always present a way forward (into the now of our choosing), thus creating momentum for greatness in perception of our individual walk-through here; and for satisfaction and experiences we ourselves create.

so, feel free to look forward to it, and consciously create your very own way into it, through consciously creating your very own vision of your  best self, living in your own best version of now ... dream, because you can ... and i can too. what beauty we may co-create!