Thursday, May 18, 2017

do the best you can

...with what you have.

better will come : this is the promise.

it's also the rule, according to divinity. the part that is ours to do is to shift the objective.

what is our best? are we (actively) doing it?

also, the 'what you have' part needs focus (intention). dreaming is the space occupied by our future selves : living is the space now occupied. if all are not living their own best, none are. possibility : dream it : live it...

no. matter. what.

whatever we have imagined is what we have created in mind, and (by divine law) have created in our world. it is with this law in mind that we are able to design (and redesign at will) the whole world. mind is connection to source, and is the place existence goes for direction. heart is connection to mind and is the place we go for guidance. body carries out the work. by design, we are the producers, directors and actors in the end result, our lives.

it is ours alone to decide to recreate the focus, or not. we may, by our decree to do so, create the focus of our own existence into whatever we desire. should we grant ourselves the courage, we may bring to our selves (and to all others) love. possibility : peace : goodwill : caring : sharing : being : as one of the denizens of our mother earth. 

let us look upon one another as fellow denizens, and create ourselves tolerant, kind, and even understanding. 

yes. we are that powerful.

: should we create (allow) ourselves that powerful.

the thing we learn when we go looking for a way out of the mess (we've created) is that the way forward involves helping each other. we must look back to understand and heal division, and thus we may create the ability to learn the lessons and decrees (which we are usually loathe to do), and then (forward) think and live into a better way. it is necessary that the way forward is for the good of the all, as the only way any of us experiences 'good' is for all of us to. we are designed by the creator to help each other as well as ourselves : this is our mission here. the thing that creates this possible is to first see the possibility in mind... the shift involves looking forward to who we desire to be, and then create ourselves worthy and capable, which is to say able. we may create ourselves worthy and able if we will think ourselves worthy, abundant and happy ... which we may do if we are willing to give up fear (and its entourage). we are so afraid of ourselves, each other, our planet, and our soul's place in the cosmos that we limit living, favoring (creating) instead, a culture of surviving. we end up eating ourselves alive, horrified at who we have become, and (because we think ourselves so) powerless to do anything different.

if we don't write our own stories they have no choice but to write themselves (be written for us), without individual (our own) input. we have forgotten that there are only 7-8 billion of us : there is a whole universe out there, and it really is on our side : all we have to do is be aware of this simple awareness and apply it to all of us. whatever we choose to program (by only our thoughts and actions) into the universe : eternal source happily and without prejudice gives back, in kind. this is our special, one of a kind gift, directly from divinity. it is only ours, and as long as we breathe, we have no choice but that we participate : with the outcomes being what we say they are. our choice is to choose (dream, create, live) the outcome : or not.

when we intentionally look toward love (our gifts), we create our own ideas, and thus delve to create our own way. conversely, when we take action only on the ideas that others (employers, partners, children, parents, contemporaries, clergy, governments, etc.) have for our contributions (and our time), we begin to sense that we 'should be happy,' but feel as though we are aging in place, unable to conjure forward momentum, and ultimately either settle (have our story written for us) or cut and run (write our own), intentionally.




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