Friday, December 18, 2015

bringers of light

bringers of light

to find light inside requires only the determination to do so. the nature of light is as simple as knowing light within, for as a being allows, light grows and continues to grow so long as the conditions exist for expansion. its condition is a combination of heat, air, medium and spark. the spark is our part : mother has provided fire, wood and wind.

look into your own heart. there is - always - an ember ... or perhaps a flame? either way, you yourself are a bearer of light : it is now time to allow, to be your own light. 

know within you the infinite power of light. know the light within you is of good, of kindness, of peace. project that presence within you into everyday living, find all the ways there are to grow and then send your divine light to all others. the very process of giving your light grows it, feeds it, and spreads itself as a warm, protective mantle against the darkness. as your own light grows know yourself and all you bless within it. all malice is only attempting to be answered. within the discovery of divine balance, darkness seeks light, as light balances dark. 

within you lies strength, awaiting your command. within strength is power. within your own power, my own power, lies capability. the time in history has come ... darkness looms and threatens us all. it is ours (each of us, all of us) to k-n-o-w, inside our own awareness, our own power, our own lovely light. the light of the world is within us - all. grow it, send it, take comfort in it - light is as real, large and bright as we allow.

it is ours now to allow; to be bringers of light into the world.

it is imperative. what's at stake is the soul of the world. the reward is a world full of the light of good, kindness and peace. we are free in this world to create as we will. what we create within ourselves is entirely up to us; the result : the world we live in. 

as spirit is embodied by us, as the creator sees itself through our experience, as mankind was chosen to be the seeker in a universe of beings, then let us now find and embody that within us we claim to want : kindness, truth and ultimately, the peace of god.

amen : 
so be it, and so it is.

namaste : 
i honor the place in you which is of god. 
when you are in that place in you 
and i am in that place in me, 
we are one.

om namah shivaya
may the greatest that can be in this world 
be created within myself, within others, and within the world. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

the presence of light

a universal fact of physics:

darkness can not exist...

in the presence of light.

should light be covered there is only darkness. once light is uncovered, darkness is immediately negated - for as long as there is light. and as light grows darkness retreats. there is sometimes shadow - as in the case of the sun and night, but depending upon the trajectory of light and the tilt of our mother planet, light returns every day, as has been since the beginning. even night has the moon and the stars, and therefore its brand of light. mother earth is trying as hard as she can to show us the way. 

we are beings of light. if we choose to live in darkness or to allow our individual or collective spirit to be immersed in dark ways, dark thoughts and dark deeds, our light becomes smaller and smaller. we allow ourselves to become swallowed perhaps without even realizing this is what is happening. what there is to know within your being is there is - always - an ember. it's name is forgiveness. 

should we choose to search in ourselves for light, for truth and for peace, we will find light, truth and peace. our choice to search for destruction, control and avarice has led us right down the rosy path to the dark within us. it has led us to know our fellow beings in terms of their evil and ourselves in terms of our loss.

it is ours - it is within us - it is our purpose, our mission and our responsibility to uncover the light ... in ourselves. it is, further, required that we keep vigilant and faithful within the power of light : it is the only cure for our maligned way of being with each other.

this is why we are here. as we search for answers, prostrate ourselves and beseech the creator for our own best, it is only important to find light in your very own self - this day, next day and forward from there!

we have absolutely nothing to lose in bringing light into the world ... 

one moment at a time, 
one smile at a time, 

one breath at a time, 
one forgiveness at a time.

i am light!

so are you!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

ode to 8 ...

it is said that the secret to life is to fall 7 times and get up 8.

it does seem that '8' is a never-ending toil : the thing is, living life becomes more and more important, sacred, sweet and special when we participate fully, even though falling down and getting up is part and parcel of the 'job' we must all accomplish in our walk-through in this realm. 

to settle over and over again for taking whatever life thinks we want is to remain down after 7. consider the accomplishment in rounding the bend of getting up after 4, then the road we travel to get to, and then knocked down, and back up after 5, and the bumps, bruises and tears of 6, and then there's 7.

the fact of life is that getting back up is what there is. 

empowerment in self is the ultimate aim. packed within a day are moments. see them, be in them - or not, they are always, always awaiting discernment, recognition. 

life only gives us what we want, consciously or not ... 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

know i am

for me, the idea of 'be still' presents as a command : and in combination with environmental distraction seems an unlikely and overwhelming request. it is true that with persistence, the likelihood of attention to stillness improves and can (mostly) be attained. a recent discovery is that 'focus' is very helpful. while outside thoughts still attempt to present (and distract), a focus proves unobtrusive in non-doing. further, it seems the compass point of 'focus' should be trained to one's own true north. if the desire is to 'be still and know,' then it may stand to reason that true north is at least in the vicinity of 'knowing.' what is it that you seek? discover your own true north.

in order to follow the yellow-brick-road of discovery it may be necessary to first 'ask.' implicit in ask is an inward look : what am i asking? to whom is my query directed? to go into your own conscience and find the general idea of what you are asking, then to understand that you are, in fact, asking your self : with the knowing that you do know, will bring forth answers. sometimes the meaning of the answers is a bit obscured and there are other, equally important, lessons to learn around the central theme : what am i asking?

to discover what you are asking may come as a surprise.

it may also be a surprise that you don't really know what you're asking for. keep asking ... you are truly making headway in the discovery of your own 'true north.' it sounds a bit odd, but you'll know when it presents - if it feels right and keeps feeling right, it is. also, it is perfectly okay (and actually preferable and expectable) for your cherished dream to metamorphose : be okay with the journey -- your dream is imminent; and actually what there is to learn is that the journey is the destination - all things change, as they are supposed to. your job is to allow. 

sometimes we must discover the concept of true north. i did. this process has taken several years, countless askings and a depth of try i did not know i possessed. 

there was one thing i understood from the very beginning : i am a persistent, determined person. this acute knowing of (and in) myself proved invaluable as i knew myself able and determined to allow nothing to deter my progress. first i had to discover myself 'worthy.' so, when a seeker goes in search of what matters, and of their own purpose, an acknowledgement and gratitude are in order (required) for 'who' and 'where' they are now being, and for their notion of themselves in the (hopefully) not too distant future. 

for myself, i counted on omens - and my recognition of them, as momentum gatherers. i was not disappointed : i allowed and was not disappointed. one of the incidentals i found along the way is that whatever we go in search of, we will find. evidence works no matter what energy we offer into it. seeking evidence of my progress appeared omens in alignment with my search.

i learned with certainty that healing, love, strength, peace and gratitude live in me, and who i am in their presence is who i want to be in the world. i learned that a person does not have to be perfect - and in fact can and will not be, according to laws both societal and cultural.  i also learned that one can absolutely evidence doom, destruction, sadness and trouble by what they seek to find in their thoughts and in their world. 

back to the original thought : be still and know i am.

the rest of that statement is 'god.' 

in reading, arguing with, and ultimately accepting the seemingly scolding nature of 'the impersonal life,' a book written by 'anonymous' (joseph s. benner), published in 1914, did i find the most meaningful discovery of my life :

at first reading this remarkable book is written in such a way as to show a clearly religious person's communication with his creator. this is not my view, (which is why i argued), but there are sufficient numbers of persons for whom the creator is a dictatorial master, a narrow and intimidating entity - to be obeyed and prostrated unto, that it must be so that this view of the creator exists. the lesson for me was that this man was given information and he presented it in the way he thought he should. his nom de plume, anonymous, allowed him the freedom to write it as it came. he left this realm without revealing himself the author of this work. 

the deeper i delved - the more i allowed, the more the miracle it contained showed itself. the book is dictated into a pious and serious human who happened to be a minister of a branch of the religious modality of christianity, and whose translation of what he is tasked with communicating is (almost) scoldful and (almost) offensive to an uninitiated seeker. sometimes in that version of spirituality, fire and brimstone are served up : i gratefully left that a long, long time ago, and felt a bit of the old unrest that version brings me. the book and its message wouldn't leave my psyche, however, so i allowed. i read and re-read and paused and meditated, and was and am grateful for the ability to allow. a bit of determined perseverance reveals the message - just below the surface - can most clearly be seen and heard when the evidence found is 'what is there to learn?'  i discerned the message worth learning, and therefore allowed. when framed in a perspective of love, what i learned is

"Be still! --- and KNOW, --- I AM, --- God." 

a command : imploring attention : an invitation : a path.

within the statement there are several elements, each a lesson in themselves. first we are implored to be still. then we are implored to know. taken as individual elements each contains its own enigma. when looked upon with love, compassion and true desire, the statement in its entirety becomes a lovely invitation:

be still and know i am -- god.

what if the i am of the statement is, actually, us, and that the creator is, actually, inviting us to know ourselves as itself ... restated, i am is us ... each of us; and discovering our own sacred is the way the creator sees itself : through us.

so, my prayer turned inward - sacred in me, i accept your invitation . come - be with me. this is my invitation. i know (and you know) the dream i hold sacred in my heart of hearts, for it is in that place where you are in me : come - let us live there. let me see, as you see, who i am within my dream. i so want to know myself - who i am when i am that. the desire that has be come in me for knowing myself in the living of my precious and wonderful dream, in fact, keeps me moving ever more toward it, and it, ever more toward me. 

in the long ago, you issued an invitation: be still and know i am. 'know i am' is ultimately the mystery - it is the place in me in which you dwell. it is you in me. saying i am is my self speaking to your self, in myself. to know i am is to know who i am in you. what i say i am, i am; and so are you. 

i am is knowing you as me : is knowing me as you, 
so you can know the wonder of you, through me. 
i know it is the sacred dream you hold 
in your heart of hearts - 
that i know you as you know me. 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

living is giving

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

the courage to choose

the courage to choose who i am 

begins with the power i give myself to choose. 

today i give myself permission to choose - 
and the power to be all that i choose. 

i choose joy, 
and its co-creators, gratitude, peace, wisdom, strength, love.

i am.

and so it is.

namaste traveler ...

Friday, October 2, 2015

gratitude is sweet

to be lightning would be a jolt : 

to live and have your entire being in a single, massive burst of electric energy . and then to know there is, now, an answer to your fury, created by yourself from your own deliberate advance through the heavens. untold ions buzzing at the speed of light through the very air in which you tumble --  the break in atmosphere becomes thunder ... and makes its entry into the realm of being. sometimes rolling gently through; sometimes a crack ... fast and rough; and sometimes a puff, lazily grumbling along after you. makes its own way through, nonetheless; moving the very heavens to cries of ecstasy in themselves appearing into the symphony. roll, roll, roll, roll, until the heavens become the stronger, and slow and slow and slow the burst.

in gratitude are observances as this, acknowledged; brought into being for the sake of awareness of them. the beauty, strength, youth in/of their own/only/one power... the ecstatic, joyful release of itself : energy, pure, whole, unfettered. in itself, there is no requirement for acknowledgement or awareness, but that it knows itself complete and all it needs. recognition, then, is actually only in me. ...the lightning, thunder and heavens rejoice only for their own enjoyment : that i noticed has created knowing, and therefore foregoing enjoyment, in my own pleasure. it has also created a kinship with the energy of thunder that i have always known, but never knew that i knew. here is also gratitude - the knowing in me of energies - unbridled awe, the freedom i allow my being to know. the grateful graciousness of simple awareness.

a place of honor in the overstanding of the soul of human : gratitude is peace.

finding a place of peace in the self is a sibling of finding gratitude there also. they are, in fact, inseparable twins. one is discoverable, the other its result, symbiotically.

namasté traveler.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

feeling god

there is cliche in the expression we are spiritual beings having a human experience. 

there is also truth.

we are also human beings having spiritual experiences.

we are all both or either at any given moment.

we also all have it in us to be humans having a human experience.

it is the spiritual being having a human experience who, in its myriad of manifestations, gave us jesus. that same being also gave us buddha, lao tzu, dr. dyer, bob marley, ernest holmes, da vinci, tolle, dr. hawking, st. francis of asisi, sonja grace and many, many others.

it is the human being having a spiritual experience that gives still others - the pope, and the little boy he kissed, oprah, choprah, ms. hay, ms. williamson, etc.

in the course of living life it is ours to learn that most of us must consciously invite spirituality and then be open to and aware of the presence of it in us. to put it another way, A Course in Miracles says '...removing the blocks to the awareness of love's presence, which is your natural inheritance.' what there is to know, then, is the love in us is spirit in us. so is the life in us.

there are those of us who steadfastly remain stuck in the human being human and running and running and running - in a hurry to get somewhere, something, or more of everything. this one, to me sounds exhausting. the obvious issue is that the peace in us is found in spirit in us. it is only our own desire for instant gratification and for filling voids inside that we humans want and want and want. it is also only our own desire for peace that sends us to the place of healing - into spirit.

spirit itself longs to know itself from the perspective of experiencing itself through and in its creations. it is why we go to the mountains, to the ocean, to the desert and to the stars. it is also why we go to the barber and to the masseur and to every last edge of earth experience we can have. the downside of so much to do, see and experience is the lust created by our own desire for our creations. just as spirit longs for its creations, we long for ours.

the difference? spirit's creations are without exception lovely and manageable by her, ergo she can digest them. our creations are detrimental to (in this human's view) spirit's loveliest creation, earth.

what if? we could somehow figure a way to stop . what if we earnestly looked inside ourselves and found ways to meaningfully reward the good in people and in actions that are good in deed - for ourselves and for our sweet mother home. i know well the feeling of feeling good. is there really any difference in feeling good and feeling god? 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

thank you dr. dyer

the passing of dr. dyer brings an understanding that i would/could never, ever have reached him on this plane. although i will miss the fact of his bodily presence, i think there is so much more he can do from where he is now. i realize that he is now accessible, where before, when he was here, he was not - to me anyway. 

to operate in the space of miraculous one must have it in them to believe in the possibility of miracles. if i am to create miracles, i must have it in me to go to the place of their existence. he truly gave me and so many others permission to go to that place within us. he was love incarnate - and he is loved greatly.

his words are profound, his teachings life-changing. his message an amalgamation, and a beacon. he truly was/is light in the world. a flame as his can never extinguish - can never be undone, can only be carried, treasured and expanded. he, himself, was/is a treasure - his message to the world : i am possible. he believed this with all his being - and inspired and inspired and inspired others to be so as well.

thank you, dr. dyer - 
thank you, thank you, thank you.

namaste dear friend.


i honor the place in you where spirit lives
the place in you which is of love, truth, light and peace
when you are in that place in you
and i am in that place in me
we are one.

feeling good

miracles happen as a direct result of willingness to see them, to believe in them. 

i believe in miracles - i believe i create miracles by intention, by gratitude and asking for them, and then allowing them to be true by seeing them for what they are : miracles. truly the realm of magic is the space miracles occupy. magic is as powerful as connection to source, for this connection is itself magic. i believe.

i know the great truth that living in knowing is the answer : there are, inside us all, latent energies awaiting activation. only needing to be known, acknowledged. there is nothing outside of us that can or will create force in these energies - only inside our own strength, inside our own heart of hearts, inside our own soul lies the mystery. 

to search outside of us for anything is to find what is outside. to look deep within our-selves is the place all peace is found. living peacefully is a mere reflection of the peace we will only find inside of us, if we are willing. i know myself willing - i feel access even now, in this very moment.

becoming myself aware of my spiritual beingness has been a process of reconditioning. but the truth is that i only needed to get out of my own way. the energy of itself was always there; albeit at times dormant (or ignored). it was always mine to allow ...

it is said that a great yogi asked his students upon their entry to the ashram, what is the difference between feeling good and feeling god (great spirit, the divine, allah, yahweh, jah, the creator, what ever you want to call the spirit of life within you)? the students that could find no difference, he said, were the students who were well on their way ... others would take a more circituitous route.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

drawn by the deeper pull

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray."
                                                               ― Rumi

i love the idea of being in my own/one/only life the way i want to be.
i know what that means - and i love that too.

the pull tells me that i want you to hear - to accomplish my own best ideal, and to tell you that you can too - for my dream to have mattered so much that i moved the universal forces and by my own power created it. the pull draws me to my own idea of my own best self and my own best life. finding myself in the very center of another person's dream is wonderful : my longing is finding myself in the very center of my own dream, which is also wonderful.

in the knowing of myself capable, so have i become. in the believing myself capable have i also found.

the deeper pull draws me - i have answered.

i found that being involved in dreaming is a challenge. i also found the present, at times, in the way. knowing what i want becomes frustrating sometimes; but in the times when i am doing what i want to be doing, my sacred work, knowing what i want is ecstasy. indeed joy in doing is my guide. 

in the what's missing piece in all of this is only me. the embodiment of the physical in which my body currently dwells feels in so many ways as the waiting room of older days. the place where i am waiting to be called for my turn. it is also, ironically, a joy to know myself upon the platform of my most precious awakened dream. as the carnival ride does stop to load its revelers, so does this platform stop at my chosen door/stair/path/way.

the other part is the what i want to do with my newfound being-ness in life. it seems i have cut (most) cords from my previous engagements : perhaps it is a lesson, for i do understand loving greatly ... and so i shall create a new way forward. being in my heart means knowing/protecting/bringing my cherished dream. 

the deeper pull ...

also, it is very important to have 'then what,' for when it is accomplished, when it is all done, when satiety has been met - then comes the next lesson. wouldn't it be great if we could challenge ourselves to a worthy goal with a real expectation of achievement (a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill). one of mine, for example, is to create a bit of awareness among the species. to be great, it has been said, is to be understood. the trick, then, is to find one's audience - then, do no harm. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

magic by moments

gratitude in your heart = magic in your life

finding oneself in gratitude means finding the feeling of gratefulness in the soul. 

when we look for gratitude, we can always find something ... if we are willing.

but we must look - as if looking for treasure. sometimes looking is easy, and sometimes it is cloaked. in order to find treasure we must be seeking (or at least on the look-out) for treasure - gratitude is treasure. the feeling of gratitude comes willingly when it feels welcome - it is up to us to open our arms and welcome it. know in you that there is at any moment something for which you can be grateful - and that when the spirit of gratefulness fills you, magic soon follows. 

you cannot stop magic once it is begun, except as you stop finding gratitude.

a law of the universe (which is unequivocal, unchangeable, immutable) to think about: what we bless, expands.

you have nothing to lose, except maybe bitterness - 
find gratitude and remain grateful. 
you can, if you will.

gratitude in your heart = magic in your life

namaste' traveler...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

the light inside

disconnect, then, from the myriad of outside influence : 

engage your very own light . be come your very own beacon.

within being in yourself the light of creation, is creation born.within believing into existence your idea of you, is greatness in you born.

however you come to find the light inside, nurture that.

if what you truly want is that which is already in being : awesome.

if your soul is in pain in itself, heal the wound with unconditional love. unguarded compassion.follow your beacon. it will never fail you - it can't.the single most important thing you must do : no matter what is persevere.

let it all wash over you as warm flying ocean spray. know its power. know the storm will blow itself out.know that the you in it is engaged in the adventure of it. know it to be already over. know yourself to feel grateful that it is passed. also, know its purpose. and then move ever more toward your light - no matter what.

should you tarry a while in a particularly exciting storm, know that no matter what, it will blow itself out. 
living in the aftermath of any storm may involve a bit of clean-up. be prepared to find diamonds there - if you would bother to clean-up. missed opportunity isn't always apparent, but an abundance of opportunity awaits your attention.

...if only we bother to clean-up after the storms.

souls healing involves patience, kindness, and a conscious, keen eye ever toward the beacon in the storm. know also that the storm enjoyed itself ... 

all energies love their own best manifestations : including me and you.

Friday, February 6, 2015

happy birthday bob

thank you bob marley...

happy birthday : 2/6/15. you would have been 70 today. 

a truth-speaker, life-seeker taken from us too soon ... as most are.

who would you have been in your elder years? i have no doubt in your continued relevance - your continued way-showing to all people who search for peace ... who hope for light in this realm.

thank you for your courage
bless you for being who you wanted to be in this world.

you saw good in humanity
you had hope for us ... and showed us in your way 
how to forgive each other 
for being human.

i hope you know how much good you do in the world.
thank you.

one love.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

journey to somewhere

it does seem there is something ... just on the other side of awareness ... my part will be played; after all, it is my part. i am in a place within me of great willing. it is, for me, so important a part as creates a restless peace, if such a thing can be named.

my heart hears the call : my mind answers here, for it is the place i believe will be discovered this part. it is the place of truth for me - of seeking - of finding. thoughts, as they say, are things. focus to become uncluttered, clear. ...

infinity is inside me : just beyond the proverbial veil...

i know myself to have stepped through the doorway of that very same veil : that's how i know it exists. that said, i await only the clearing of the mist that surrounded when i first stepped through. i noticed the doorway quite by surprise in a very real feeling dream in which i found myself on a definite journey to somewhere. when i found my self facing the option of entering, it presented as a very old, very heavy and imposing door, with an oval brass handle, peeled and cracking paint on its thick, solid wood surface. the round top showed it to be of stunning craftsmanship - more plain than ornate, but lovely. i, of course, had the option to continue along the clearly marked pathway that i was on, but there was an immediate sense of mystery upon discovering the possible divergence, and the idea of it caught me. i knew deep inside that should i open this door my perspective would forever change; i also knew i was set upon a journey to somewhere. i placed my hand upon the handle and turned.

upon opening the unlocked door i first noticed the mist, then the walkway. it was as nighttime with only a faint moonlight. the walkway really wasn't; more of a patchwork of tree root and moss covered ground. the mist, though present, did not feel ominous, more like a veil. my adventure in stepping through the door was all i was supposed to do at that time. the rest would come later. is now later.

i feel the veil lifting - the mist/fog dissipating. although clarity around direction is still unknown, i know i am on my way, and what there was to understand about the veil is that what is just beyond it is no more or less than one's own knowing. to know your self in being as you yourself would have it all be is the beginning of being it ... the beginning of freedom.

having given myself the gift of freedom, my spirit is uplifted; my heart is happy; desire knows no boundaries. i know infinite in myself.

Monday, February 2, 2015

the faces in the rocks

do you see them? 
they see you.

they are quiet observers of time
coming and going ... going and coming
sculpted in the ages of ageless
the drops, torrents and generosities of rain, wind, sun, moon

they see through it all.
do you see them?
they see you.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

om namah shivaya

be yourself as you want yourself to be.

resistance is at your own expense.

and peril.

i live the power to transform into any being i choose. it is a skill the great merlin found so useful as to teach his great student - the seeker who accidentally found him, arthur.  

arthur was destined to be himself, and you are destined to be yourself. who is that?

shall you teach your children to be as you are? or teach them thay may learn to be the version of themselves they most desire in their walk-thru here. show them who you really are, and expect them to be who they really are.

for all beings learn to be themselves. the natural world, which reinvents itself every few moments comes to mind.

there is not much in this realm that does not change. this is neither something to fear nor something to resist. it is ... and that is all. (actually, it is the mystery/power of it all.)

to miss being yourself is a good place to begin.

at first, try to imagine your idea of your perfect experience in this realm. now imagine yourself in the face of that person who is being that perfect experience. learn what there is to learn, acknowledge the lesson (always), then be.

namaste to you spirit. thank you. so be it.

om namah shivaya ~

May the greatest that can be in this world be created 
within myself, within others, and within the world.

i am powerful ~ an anonymous gift : from an anonymous person to an anonymous person -- one being to another..

when you notice your face in the face of the being who is being a life well lived, take a look : see your very one/only/own self being a life well lived. 

you cannot want too much. there is much great mystery/power available here ... but only for the living.

a miracle: awakening soul to potential ... to grace. another miracle : doing so consciously. and one more : understanding soul to be part of a collective, encompassing all energies and beings. ergo: who we are to each other is who we are being to ourselves.

i, for example, am a star ... anonymously. i am the energy of a star; that very star is the energy of me.

you, for example may be a redwood or a sea urchin or a mountain ... or a cloud or raindrop. all is the exact same energy that you are, that i am.

for, when i say i am a star, it is only so that ears can hear. the spirit known as the heart knows itself to be its own piece of the energy and beauty we call life. if the spirit/heart in us isn't beautiful, what would it look like should it be so? 

should your being live into your own best vision/version, namaste traveler. teach what you know about being who you want to be. gift yourself to all who avail you to teach. know that yours is sacred knowledge for you know truth. you must find your own way, but you know the way will show itself, and that when it does, you will ultimately hear yourself say it, watch yourself be it. you shall know it in you, as the drop of water knows herself grateful for flow, and as the sea knows herself ever alive. as the mountains are certainly only being mountains and peace ever flows through it all.

this way forward is not for most, unfortunately. but for you who hear, teach! it is purpose : why do you suppose you were given such a gift? as we awaken ourselves, we learn to be ourselves.

for, it can also be said that having much is as much about being much as about the presence of much in pleasing elements around you. create within yourself the being you that you desire, then be that; first in mind. hold that image. be that image. this being-ness of self is vibration - a feeling and a pathway. the opening of consciousness in awareness of this being in self as desire expressing is the magic. the way to mystical - the attainment of atonement with divinity within the sacred self that is your self.

all are welcome here.