Sunday, September 27, 2015

feeling god

there is cliche in the expression we are spiritual beings having a human experience. 

there is also truth.

we are also human beings having spiritual experiences.

we are all both or either at any given moment.

we also all have it in us to be humans having a human experience.

it is the spiritual being having a human experience who, in its myriad of manifestations, gave us jesus. that same being also gave us buddha, lao tzu, dr. dyer, bob marley, ernest holmes, da vinci, tolle, dr. hawking, st. francis of asisi, sonja grace and many, many others.

it is the human being having a spiritual experience that gives still others - the pope, and the little boy he kissed, oprah, choprah, ms. hay, ms. williamson, etc.

in the course of living life it is ours to learn that most of us must consciously invite spirituality and then be open to and aware of the presence of it in us. to put it another way, A Course in Miracles says '...removing the blocks to the awareness of love's presence, which is your natural inheritance.' what there is to know, then, is the love in us is spirit in us. so is the life in us.

there are those of us who steadfastly remain stuck in the human being human and running and running and running - in a hurry to get somewhere, something, or more of everything. this one, to me sounds exhausting. the obvious issue is that the peace in us is found in spirit in us. it is only our own desire for instant gratification and for filling voids inside that we humans want and want and want. it is also only our own desire for peace that sends us to the place of healing - into spirit.

spirit itself longs to know itself from the perspective of experiencing itself through and in its creations. it is why we go to the mountains, to the ocean, to the desert and to the stars. it is also why we go to the barber and to the masseur and to every last edge of earth experience we can have. the downside of so much to do, see and experience is the lust created by our own desire for our creations. just as spirit longs for its creations, we long for ours.

the difference? spirit's creations are without exception lovely and manageable by her, ergo she can digest them. our creations are detrimental to (in this human's view) spirit's loveliest creation, earth.

what if? we could somehow figure a way to stop . what if we earnestly looked inside ourselves and found ways to meaningfully reward the good in people and in actions that are good in deed - for ourselves and for our sweet mother home. i know well the feeling of feeling good. is there really any difference in feeling good and feeling god? 

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