Saturday, September 26, 2015

thank you dr. dyer

the passing of dr. dyer brings an understanding that i would/could never, ever have reached him on this plane. although i will miss the fact of his bodily presence, i think there is so much more he can do from where he is now. i realize that he is now accessible, where before, when he was here, he was not - to me anyway. 

to operate in the space of miraculous one must have it in them to believe in the possibility of miracles. if i am to create miracles, i must have it in me to go to the place of their existence. he truly gave me and so many others permission to go to that place within us. he was love incarnate - and he is loved greatly.

his words are profound, his teachings life-changing. his message an amalgamation, and a beacon. he truly was/is light in the world. a flame as his can never extinguish - can never be undone, can only be carried, treasured and expanded. he, himself, was/is a treasure - his message to the world : i am possible. he believed this with all his being - and inspired and inspired and inspired others to be so as well.

thank you, dr. dyer - 
thank you, thank you, thank you.

namaste dear friend.

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