Saturday, September 26, 2015

feeling good

miracles happen as a direct result of willingness to see them, to believe in them. 

i believe in miracles - i believe i create miracles by intention, by gratitude and asking for them, and then allowing them to be true by seeing them for what they are : miracles. truly the realm of magic is the space miracles occupy. magic is as powerful as connection to source, for this connection is itself magic. i believe.

i know the great truth that living in knowing is the answer : there are, inside us all, latent energies awaiting activation. only needing to be known, acknowledged. there is nothing outside of us that can or will create force in these energies - only inside our own strength, inside our own heart of hearts, inside our own soul lies the mystery. 

to search outside of us for anything is to find what is outside. to look deep within our-selves is the place all peace is found. living peacefully is a mere reflection of the peace we will only find inside of us, if we are willing. i know myself willing - i feel access even now, in this very moment.

becoming myself aware of my spiritual beingness has been a process of reconditioning. but the truth is that i only needed to get out of my own way. the energy of itself was always there; albeit at times dormant (or ignored). it was always mine to allow ...

it is said that a great yogi asked his students upon their entry to the ashram, what is the difference between feeling good and feeling god (great spirit, the divine, allah, yahweh, jah, the creator, what ever you want to call the spirit of life within you)? the students that could find no difference, he said, were the students who were well on their way ... others would take a more circituitous route.

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