Saturday, April 30, 2016

the other side of fear

“When we face our problems, they disappear."
                                              Carlos Slim HelĂș

wise words from one of the most financially wealthy persons on the face of earth. in the gathering of 'wealth,' vast fortunes are (certainly) amassed, but if the gatherer is very lucky, so is the sense of gratitude. in the gathering of 'good,' vast fortunes are also amassed : albeit of an internal nature. it is this internal nature which gathering good seeks to fuel. how may i serve? is its indelible activator. 

an immutable truth (law), as above, so below, may also be stated, as within, so without. as we (intentionally) grow gardens of good inside us, outward expressions become softer, more quiet, infinitely enjoyable. as we 'face our problems' instead of dwelling (growing) them, we become more able to see the best possible outcome, thus lifting our selves (levitating) into a more joyful way of being. some of us have become addicted to the onslaught of negativity, and have seemingly forgotten the way to gratitude.

when i was stuck, i thought of myself as stuck - until i changed my mind. i was blown away by the simplicity of the truth in this awakening. i simply chose to become unstuck, and so i was. i began to see options (that had always been available, but unseeable through my own fog of 'can not'), and began to actively pursue my way into fearless. i came to understand that it was not stuck or broke or miserable or any other negativity, but my own fear (of what i could not do) that held each so tightly inside itself. the day i met fear face to face, i looked fear in the eye and created it so (by my choice and by my voice) that i was no longer bound in the tightly wound, suffocating way i had (for what seemed like a really long time) around being completely mired, incapable of movement, drowning in my own sorrow for the way 'life' had shown up.

in that time i was handed a book : 'three magic words' by u.s.andersen - and (luckily) was in a place inside me that was stuck. i had nothing better to do, and really wanted my experience of life to be more to my liking. i realized that i had (myself) brought myself to this place, and immersed myself into the undoing of my own self-limiting beliefs. in the book, mr. andersen recommends (prescribes) a 30-day mental cleanse. i chose to go there : and was astounded (humbled) by what i found, and further, what i could change - just by creating it so (first in mind).

in that time i (also) learned that it was my own responsibility to cast fear into its place - the burning pit of weeds in my garden, and have known my way 'free' since then. i faced the true 'problem,' fear, and now understand that this exercise, while at the time was excruciatingly painful, was so necessary in my own progression. this is not to claim that my life is especially 'easier,' except that it is - a lot. the 'problems' of living life from a perspective of actively pursuing my dream are no less real or uninviting, but what i now know is that they present so that (i may keep my eye trained to my own best, keeping my own best idea of the end result ever in mind) they may be overcome, and so that i may know myself faithful that they may be overcome. 

the first step is facing them - the next is reinventing my own view.

next is trusting a benevolent universe that my dream is begun, imminent. i do, and have found a benevolent universe. ...thank you!

i am my own best, i am.

om namah shivaya...

Friday, April 29, 2016

beneath the din

those who can, do.

once again, the moses code. this universe we inhabit is a 'can do' kind of place. we are encouraged through our gifts (which were given in the time before here) to return the favor ... and create.

when we determine we must change, we may.

as all creatures on this lovely home of ours, adapt, so must we. feudality has had its place : in the annals of our growth. 

outside influences (us) notwithstanding, all denizens upon the face of this amazing planet monitor their needs, and move with the changing seasons, or shut their bodies down for a time, or swim to cooler waters. this dance with the advancement of life occurs almost imperceptibly, yet as certainly as the sunrise. her mission is the advancement of herself, and her purpose is the advancement of life upon her face, in her waters, in her skies.

our move ...

what if we set an intention to become a version of ourselves that is a seeker of peace, of service, of advancement of our species into our next. it isn't hard to do, but it does require us to listen just below the din, for below the din is where peace lives. 

to teach is the greatest gift we may bestow upon our children.

to learn and advance thought is the greatest gift we may receive : the gift the creator has set aside for us. we are so capable, but it seems the course we have set for our vast capability works best to our detriment . we love stories of those who amaze us, and loathe stories of atrocity - on the surface. in reality we are resentful (for our lack of good fortune) of those who amaze us and are transfixed by suffering, (some of us) craving stories (seeking evidence) of fear and lack to assuage our own hurt, or to compare it to - with the idea (in mind) of how 'bad' or 'hopeless' 'things' are. we may become lost in the din, and frequently do. distraction and righteousness is a less thoughtful way, and so much easier to become addicted to (mired, stuck in). those who have been among the lucky among us would argue, but from the vantage point of those who have not, there is much desire for a shift. the truth is, 'bad' and 'good' are (themselves) created by ourselves, one thought at a time. the shift only comes the same way ...

today, in the moments that present, may we create (because we can) the desire to consciously see (feel) evidence of sweetness in living , to be the 'I AM that' of our own best, to create peace wherever we find opportunity, and to move awareness away from the din : nature is an exquisite refuge ... you may become astounded with what comes into focus. 

then, allow (yourself to be astounded) (yourself to be healed) (yourself to be enough). then be.

this is the meaning of those who can, do.

teach peace
be peaceful
because you can.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

arise from the ashes

... if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.
thoreau knew it as truth . he delved sacred and found ...

look not behind you, but instead
always strive to look ahead.
look not down, but look above
for signs of friendship, joy and love.

look out, but also look within
to the place where all good things begin.
look wherever your heart esteems :
look to sunshine, look to dreams.

dare. do. be.

i learned last night that if one's dream is big enough it will be incomprehensible, therefore impossible.

aim for the stars ... for we are (all) stardust.
   what happens when we gather ourselves? may we become stars?
   may we (all) gather ourselves and become stars . 

how better may we serve, 
   than to shine light upon the world; upon each other?
   gifts are many and plenty, should we allow, should we wish.

there is only our own to bring, to inspire.
   ideas alight, notions are welcome here ... for where else is a dream imagined?
   what if the soul inspired what if? into being? inside?

and the flame inside ignited and believed and grew itself into creation? 
   what could we do? 
   what may we do? 
   who may we be? 

to each other, to ourselves,
to the planet?

would we?
could we?
should we?

who are we to not? 

is not the soul of the self worth it?

blessed is our birthright : by creation.
in the image of creation may we create : 
in likeness of the creator, we may.
as we wish, as we allow, as we will.

the warrior knows that he is free to choose his desires,
and he makes these decisions with courage, detachment,
and -- sometimes -- with just a touch of madness.
[paolo coelho] warrior of the light

the way to a more peaceful world is peace ... as we wish, as we allow : 
as we will.

so be it ... bless you warrior/traveler : and so you are.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : 

and bless you, mother : may we endeavor (also) to create peace with yourself ... to claim our reciprocity in your care, and to understand in us that you are the air in the creator's breath : you are the water in your own best interest, and ours. your creations are our inspiration, our creations wayward gifts of adoration / or of lust for your (creations) beauty. 

it is your pleasure to create us able to breathe the breath of you in concert with the divine in the blowing of it . and it is our pleasure to breathe; therefore, it is our responsibility (to ourselves) to you to create it so that our world may remain breathable. 

it is this that we must begin to control (take (also) responsibility for). 
earth, fire, air, water, energy are all of creation : all are necessary to our survival. 
we have used this great gift of our mind to create (hatred) poison to our home! 
as this is so, we have poisoned ourselves, also. it seems that what is left for us,
is to arise from the ashes of our creations, to be come a wiser, more peaceful and responsible version of our selves, if we may be about accepting our mission ...

how may we create peace with you, mother? how may we create a way with ourselves peaceful? 

how may we know a better way with all energies, and redirect, 
as we are capable of : expected to. 

if this be a game, may light begin to win; as we may allow, 

by beginning within our own (indelible) i am.

dare : delve : dream

imagine ...

create impossible, i'm possible.... so be it, and so it is

Sunday, April 24, 2016

basking in the glow

expanding ... 

happy earth day! you might wonder why this is posted a bit after the actual day ... well, suddenly, the bask in the glow of a stunning day strikes.

today i allowed, and was gifted : by the mighty river : and by the sea : and by the sunset : and by the easy way each honored me .

the power that gifted itself may be named : inspired; as our own sweet mother is (shows) in limitless quantity and quality. communing . ebbing and flowing with the day, with the tides. 

the rhythm of all that is holy : 
all that is lovely : 
all that is sacred ... the loveliness of beauty, unbridled. 

she created magnificence : i appreciated : gave peaceful thanks : was, simply, lifted. she was simply creating, and inspired me to simply create, so i created my experience holy, lovely, sacred, beautiful.

creating is where we are supposed to go : always. the moments we are, we enlighten our minds, give life, birth and sustenance to something which is only ours ... to love, nurture, honor and share.  

to know great-ness inside one must only practice : be great-ful, allow.

to know great-ness in the world is the same : only the audience is larger. 

who we are is a direct reflection of who we perceive ourselves to be .

do i have it in me to be : i am

 : creation is blessed (forms) in mind :
 : blessed with opportunity to expand :
 : shines forth in form : in front of us :
 : brought : loved : blessed : whole : complete :


what if we stopped trying so hard to best each other?

what if, instead, we found ourselves willing, and blessed each other?

in giving thought to my own dream, i wonder sometimes about my ability to remain focused : to remain as calm as i sound here : and to (actually) find myself in it ... and then i realize that what i seek is only my life as i want it to be, and then, yeah : focus returns - which is very cool .

to be inspired means to breathe (life) into . i invited the muse years ago ... but i needed to train, and i needed to bring myself to this place. the energy of the spirit of the muse knew, and was patient . it seems only natural that i would return the favor ... so i did .

for years i thought of myself 'stuck' ... then i learned to levitate, 
and realized i was no longer stuck

i then thought of myself as 'why me!' ... then i learned gratitude, 
and realized how lucky i am

i now think of myself as 'possibility' ... and that has changed everything.

if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams
and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined,
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.
h.d. thoreau

i am possible, i am!


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

the evolution of 'that'

what is this 'that' that has the ability to change everything? to be come as we ourselves would have it be?

Neville - Introduction : The Power of I AM

would that we are all fed, sheltered, clothed : that we are ... all ... worthy, expectant, and deserving of being in life to the service of all others, ourselves living our lives as we would choose, if we would choose. how may i serve? becomes a lesson in learning how we may serve : ourselves and other beings.

the possibility of such a world may find potential only within light, and its worthy companions, peace, love, grace, gratitude, and a peaceful loving grateful way with each other and with our planet. what if we engage our big brains, and actually authentically create ourselves able to find peace inside ourselves, with ourselves, with each other, with our mother planet. 

the peace that passes understanding ... that one.

our intelligence tells us how bad our world is : does our heart long for more of the same? what if we got past our indelible need to measure and allow peace to pass understanding; with the knowledge of acknowledgement of the miraculous in mysticism (etherial understanding : there are lots of those who are, many can't allow, others are in search. availability is nonetheless equal). mysticism is (necessarily) cloistered behind a veil, at the beckoned call of a seeker . and as one chooses, more (of everything) becomes revealed, as acknowledgement of that and gratitude for what is are keys to the doorway of the kingdom.

what if peace itself were the kingdom. 

seek ye first the kingdom ... that one.

what if we again stretched our big brains and created an actual world we want to live in based on who we are within the framework of the one-ness we actually are.

as all cells are important to the healthy function of the body of the organ they inhabit, each one of us is a cell in the whole of that which is. so is every other energy in the entire universe. what if we have that kind of power to create??? i think (because i can) we do. i also think we must only welcome (any) energy for it to have being : we all get to choose the energy we choose to manifest. we also get to learn the lessons we come to learn; we get to bring ourselves out of surfdom or not, but it is up to us to find peace and to be peaceful where we are. (this will often involve reinventing (manifesting.) (this will also often involve great desire, fortitude to stay the course, and an innate familiarity with the direction of one's own true north.)

we must know in ourselves that there are many versions, and the sooner we figure out how to apply them (because they are ... all ... important) the more joy we are able to be . what would it feel like to be more joyful, more grateful, more content : right in the center ... what if we thought we could? we've created quite enough chaos i think - a good dose of species-wide simple joy may well be in order; as we wish, as we will. sometimes it's as easily accessed as a simple recognition of blessings and sometimes we have to delve a bit more, but however it comes, it is only ours to (see its light) bring it ... or not.

and here's the really great part : if where you are isn't where you want to be, there is this miraculous power available to all of us - and where we are going may not always be apparent (and there is absolutely no way we can know how, which isn't our job anyway), but it is ours to see the end (result), to call those things that do not exist as though they already are.

If you do not change direction,
you may end up where you are heading.
Lao Tzu

creating one's own version of that is the process of identifying 'that.'

I AM that, I AM.

within the ancient name of the creator lies the power to choose who we be, for we ourselves create 'that' of I AM. that is what we choose to be, and that which we delve.

who is that? 

when we say to our self (and to the world) : I AM ???, what do we hear our self say? what if, by the very invocation of the statement, we have given the energy of whatever ends the statement into the statement, thus sending the power of creation out into universal intelligence, indelibly creating the very thing we say we are?

I AM, I WILL, I DO, I BE, I HAVE : to call upon the massive, mighty force of the very name of the power granted in the long ago, to the experiment known as mankind, for the pleasure and delight of the energy of creation; extant, indelible and for all time : this is all tranquility, the kingdom.

   I AM peaceful, I AM.

   I AM all i choose to be in the world,    I AM.

   I AM possibility, I AM.

   I AM kind, I AM.
   I AM enough, I AM.

   I AM loving, I AM.

   I AM healthy, I AM.

   I AM patient, I AM. 

   I AM worthy, I AM.

   let the weak man say I AM strong,    I AM.

   let the nature of nature be known in the soul I AM grateful, I AM.

   let the good-ness of man be noticed (blessed) and his good-ness grows 
   I AM light, I AM.

the ancient, holy name of the spirit of creation is:

 i am that, i am.
 ... and so i am.

it is by being (claiming, saying, stating, acknowledging, blessing) that, 
that we are also.

create your own (version of) that. say (be) I AM. then be that. see the result of that clearly in mind and (bless) acknowledge momentum ... if you will dare to consciously delve you will find purpose here . you will find your own light . because here is where that lives ...


Monday, April 11, 2016

faith in faith

faith in faith ...

is all there is to know about faith .

it is an easy thing to become mired in the day-to-day-ness of routine; where it seems so logical for steps to present sequentially. in only moments is there wisdom in following the light of faith : it is said that you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time ... and as that is true, so is it true that the stacking of moments in service to 'routine' belies and mundanes down potentiality. what if each bite were somehow able to present itself sacred, and therefore beautiful? imagine its indelible power : to nourish, to fuel, and to bring delight - even if the job is to eat an elephant (settle down, it's only a metaphor), you still must eat it one bite at a time. if the job at hand is to write a paper, what if the approach were taken with the same magic there is in having one bite of nourishment at a time? there is (actually) no need to 'break it down,' as the process itself will take care of this, itself. there is only need to gather your own energy and then to be the pen pusher ... intelligence longs to be born, as all energies love (adore) their own best manifestations. keep the end result as the focus, and the pieces all fall into place, magically, mightily. our job is to allow : and so we must, and so we delve.

the depths of delve are sometimes a scary, dark and solitary place : know this: there is light there also... keep delving - sometimes the light must be stoked and loved into showing (growing) (knowing) itself.

i know my faith is strong : my purpose is clear : my heart is pure : my soul is content. i know my dream is known by the one mind, as it is known in my mind : i had only myself to show - the one mind already knew, and was only waiting on me for beckoning. i am now only awaiting the certainty of daring/delving/having my dream come true, i am ... for, the truth is, my dream is come : and it all happened while i was searching ... for truth, because i believe . the simple, massive power in truth is light.

this is having faith in faith ... the opportunities we give ourselves to dream, to know, and to bring to the surface that which we care to, and would dare to. we must but dare to.

we are - all - possibility.

say to yourself today : i'm possible.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

you may say i'm a dreamer ...

do this : as financial needs are met - give 10% of earnings toward the forwarding of peace, love and giving to humanity in the form of self-empowerment, and to earth in the form of cleaning up after ourselves.

these earnings ... they are the result of quest to know, to be myself. be it as it may that human is my form, spirit is my beacon, therefore, i am my own best dream, incarnate.

as this is so, i am that, i am.

i call now upon that which is (in me) : thank you.

i am fully in my dream, having come into reality. i know this to be so, even as these words are spoken, contrived, and brought. the beginning is, of course, the beginning, as all artists must learn their craft, i had need to be my craft : and so i was. lennon said 'you may say i'm a dreamer : but i'm not the only one. i hope someday you'll join us, and the world will live as one.', and i believe that's true, although i sometimes wonder about the state of humanity.

i was born here because i had some things to learn : about myself mostly. i have learned that i am a good person. i've also learned that i have harmed others, how to forgive, and how to ask to be forgiven. my quest for the good-ness in me was, indeed, a quest, but i did learn along the way : and for the lessons i am grateful. i am (so) grateful for the family i do have, and for the ones i've lost. they have learned to be at peace with me because i am truly one of them, and they're grateful for it. (so am i) we have (decided to) overcome our differences and to be in oneness (within the confines of what is allowed, which only we know) with each other, and to let our differences be okay with each other (mostly) : it's a peaceful truce, and i chose the oddest nuclear family of them all. moreover, what i learned, most of all, is i am who i say i am, and so i am.

man, that's powerful!

the language of spirit is vibration (light) : the voice of spirit is what we learn here : the truth of spirit is truth itself. it is ours to draw our individual rings around the pieces we carve out as our own truth. some perceive truth as bloodlust, some perceive it as goldlust, others perceive it as deity's order, ...and there are (of course) other perceptions as well ... whatever evidence we are seeking is exactly what we will find, because we're wired that way. it's (actually) a survival instinct : the whole belief factor (in anything) has always brought us together ... deity is no different, but there were so many versions offered, and then we made up more, suiting the image of 'the' deity in our (minds eye) selves : this was (mostly) done by old men who believed that bitterness, control and seduction were the orders of the day (also a survival instinct), because they had been taught by (mostly) old men who believed that bitterness, control and seduction were the orders of the day. and somehow our bodies loved our bodies too much, which made it bad and wrong, the bitter controlling old men reasoned - if people enjoy themselves too much they won't need all these rules, and then what happens to us?? not saying debauchery should be a thing (or that all old men are bitter or controlling - this was an archetype), but i am saying stop using our bodies as weapons against each other (ourselves) - a bit more love has great potentiality to go a long way, and we can do this if we will. 'let the weak man say, i am strong.' how is it in a world with so many people that we may expect that all people should love all others? 

why wouldn't we?

imagine the body and its cells : it all works together because it all works together. it is divinely programmed that way, and so are we (who were given free will in the long ago), as opposed to the cells of (say) our gall bladders. they (the cells), as the rest of the natural world, are at the will of the same power that beats the heart ... that which moves the wind or tilts the tide or that which shines the stars. imagine what a mess we'd have if we had to make sure (at all times) that our gall bladders were functional : fortunately this is not necessary, in me or in you. can't you see, the place we are not in charge is the most functional of all, and it is all run smoothly in the background (although we're working to create that power our own too) ... so what of that which breathes us : does it not breathe all else? isn't our air the same air as the whale, dolphin and lynx? isn't it the same that whips the sea into a froth or the trees into sublime dance? ... how may we allow ourselves to know that we come here to learn what we come here to learn and then we (all may) go (peacefully) into what's next? living life is awesome, but it's so much better when we practice loving, giving and being well (really it's not a big deal, although it is extraordinary) ... why are we (allowing ourselves to) be scared to death in the living of life ... ? how may we be empowered to love each other?

why wouldn't a power as this be available within us? it is! its name is peace.

should we create peace, we have also created understanding, which leaves room for love and acceptance. we create light in the world, and the world can live as one.

we may, if we choose, 
shift the focus of our entire being toward (sending light to) loving each other :
we may, if we choose, 
continue to do (and be) what we are doing (and being) :
we of free will who choose to remain separate :
we of free will who 
(also) do not do the work of beating our hearts - ours is to follow them ...

it is as mr. lennon said : you may say i'm a dreamer...

and i say : i am.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

woodpecker and heron

woodpecker and heron appeared on a trip to peace. i wasn't expecting them, but their appearance brought a lovely thought : what if i was in exactly the right place, doing exactly the thing i was supposed to be doing, dreaming the dream i was having, bringing the life i am supposed to live? big thought, and certainly one worth contemplating ...

opportunity, it is said, knocks : so does woodpecker.

the symbolic meaning of an interaction (the knowing of it) with woodpecker : a lovely quote from marsha sinetar (whom i had never before heard of), 'think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want.' the woodpecker finds his home where he finds it : whether it be in a tree full of life (and bugs), or creating life for itself and its progeny within a transitional trunk, full of decay (and bugs). where there is death in nature there is also rejuvenation and rebirth (creativity). think about cells in the body : as they live and recreate within a living body they do the work required by the particular organ they inhabit to keep it functioning. you and i have absolutely nothing to do with this process except to 'host' it, yet, they (the cells and organs) know their job and seamlessly go about keeping lungs breathing, heart beating, blood pumping, etc. when there becomes no more unseen host for them to draw life from, they begin a process of recreation in their very death. the same is true of all things, people and beings. to every thing there is a season ... after all, and creative energy never, ever rests : it can't - it is life itself. eyes see with it, lungs breathe it, nostrils smell with it, etc. as this is so, you and i are (also) never ending source. that which breathes us, also thinks us. it is up to us to direct this massive energy (thought) : to know it, to recognize and be come our own best within it.

the work required (of us, when we arrive here, and for all the moments we breathe) is to look deeply inside and identify what it is that brings (each of us) joy, and then to find it in ourselves to manifest joy in creating vision. this process is (simply) abundance, and gratitude is its mechanism.

woodpecker is an optimist, and from that i can learn to create.

with the heron's arrival, floating gracefully (intentionally) in on powerful and large wings came a lovely and bone-settling peace. even before i intellectually knew the mystical symbolism of the sages through the ages, i felt the presence of peace inside upon the sighting. in delving the symbolic, i discovered that heron heralds a time of contemplation and stillness. heron has the ability (and patience and fortitude) to stand in one spot for great lengths of time (in full expectation), waiting for a fish. he is never hurrying, for his sacred work is his mission - his purpose, and he is in full awareness of each moment - prepared fully for the moment when his breakfast swims by. he does not coerce or pray for sustenence - he just knows. my own interpretation of the peace of the heron was immediate, and (because i can) i called upon the stillness inside myself for enjoyment of this lovely moment of joy in peace.

with a fresh awareness in the mystical, i recognize the spirit of all creation, and bless the moments of their arrival. my moment of peace is mine, and i accept it gratefully.

namaste, traveler...make today what you want.