Sunday, April 24, 2016

basking in the glow

expanding ... 

happy earth day! you might wonder why this is posted a bit after the actual day ... well, suddenly, the bask in the glow of a stunning day strikes.

today i allowed, and was gifted : by the mighty river : and by the sea : and by the sunset : and by the easy way each honored me .

the power that gifted itself may be named : inspired; as our own sweet mother is (shows) in limitless quantity and quality. communing . ebbing and flowing with the day, with the tides. 

the rhythm of all that is holy : 
all that is lovely : 
all that is sacred ... the loveliness of beauty, unbridled. 

she created magnificence : i appreciated : gave peaceful thanks : was, simply, lifted. she was simply creating, and inspired me to simply create, so i created my experience holy, lovely, sacred, beautiful.

creating is where we are supposed to go : always. the moments we are, we enlighten our minds, give life, birth and sustenance to something which is only ours ... to love, nurture, honor and share.  

to know great-ness inside one must only practice : be great-ful, allow.

to know great-ness in the world is the same : only the audience is larger. 

who we are is a direct reflection of who we perceive ourselves to be .

do i have it in me to be : i am

 : creation is blessed (forms) in mind :
 : blessed with opportunity to expand :
 : shines forth in form : in front of us :
 : brought : loved : blessed : whole : complete :


what if we stopped trying so hard to best each other?

what if, instead, we found ourselves willing, and blessed each other?

in giving thought to my own dream, i wonder sometimes about my ability to remain focused : to remain as calm as i sound here : and to (actually) find myself in it ... and then i realize that what i seek is only my life as i want it to be, and then, yeah : focus returns - which is very cool .

to be inspired means to breathe (life) into . i invited the muse years ago ... but i needed to train, and i needed to bring myself to this place. the energy of the spirit of the muse knew, and was patient . it seems only natural that i would return the favor ... so i did .

for years i thought of myself 'stuck' ... then i learned to levitate, 
and realized i was no longer stuck

i then thought of myself as 'why me!' ... then i learned gratitude, 
and realized how lucky i am

i now think of myself as 'possibility' ... and that has changed everything.

if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams
and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined,
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.
h.d. thoreau

i am possible, i am!


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