Sunday, April 10, 2016

you may say i'm a dreamer ...

do this : as financial needs are met - give 10% of earnings toward the forwarding of peace, love and giving to humanity in the form of self-empowerment, and to earth in the form of cleaning up after ourselves.

these earnings ... they are the result of quest to know, to be myself. be it as it may that human is my form, spirit is my beacon, therefore, i am my own best dream, incarnate.

as this is so, i am that, i am.

i call now upon that which is (in me) : thank you.

i am fully in my dream, having come into reality. i know this to be so, even as these words are spoken, contrived, and brought. the beginning is, of course, the beginning, as all artists must learn their craft, i had need to be my craft : and so i was. lennon said 'you may say i'm a dreamer : but i'm not the only one. i hope someday you'll join us, and the world will live as one.', and i believe that's true, although i sometimes wonder about the state of humanity.

i was born here because i had some things to learn : about myself mostly. i have learned that i am a good person. i've also learned that i have harmed others, how to forgive, and how to ask to be forgiven. my quest for the good-ness in me was, indeed, a quest, but i did learn along the way : and for the lessons i am grateful. i am (so) grateful for the family i do have, and for the ones i've lost. they have learned to be at peace with me because i am truly one of them, and they're grateful for it. (so am i) we have (decided to) overcome our differences and to be in oneness (within the confines of what is allowed, which only we know) with each other, and to let our differences be okay with each other (mostly) : it's a peaceful truce, and i chose the oddest nuclear family of them all. moreover, what i learned, most of all, is i am who i say i am, and so i am.

man, that's powerful!

the language of spirit is vibration (light) : the voice of spirit is what we learn here : the truth of spirit is truth itself. it is ours to draw our individual rings around the pieces we carve out as our own truth. some perceive truth as bloodlust, some perceive it as goldlust, others perceive it as deity's order, ...and there are (of course) other perceptions as well ... whatever evidence we are seeking is exactly what we will find, because we're wired that way. it's (actually) a survival instinct : the whole belief factor (in anything) has always brought us together ... deity is no different, but there were so many versions offered, and then we made up more, suiting the image of 'the' deity in our (minds eye) selves : this was (mostly) done by old men who believed that bitterness, control and seduction were the orders of the day (also a survival instinct), because they had been taught by (mostly) old men who believed that bitterness, control and seduction were the orders of the day. and somehow our bodies loved our bodies too much, which made it bad and wrong, the bitter controlling old men reasoned - if people enjoy themselves too much they won't need all these rules, and then what happens to us?? not saying debauchery should be a thing (or that all old men are bitter or controlling - this was an archetype), but i am saying stop using our bodies as weapons against each other (ourselves) - a bit more love has great potentiality to go a long way, and we can do this if we will. 'let the weak man say, i am strong.' how is it in a world with so many people that we may expect that all people should love all others? 

why wouldn't we?

imagine the body and its cells : it all works together because it all works together. it is divinely programmed that way, and so are we (who were given free will in the long ago), as opposed to the cells of (say) our gall bladders. they (the cells), as the rest of the natural world, are at the will of the same power that beats the heart ... that which moves the wind or tilts the tide or that which shines the stars. imagine what a mess we'd have if we had to make sure (at all times) that our gall bladders were functional : fortunately this is not necessary, in me or in you. can't you see, the place we are not in charge is the most functional of all, and it is all run smoothly in the background (although we're working to create that power our own too) ... so what of that which breathes us : does it not breathe all else? isn't our air the same air as the whale, dolphin and lynx? isn't it the same that whips the sea into a froth or the trees into sublime dance? ... how may we allow ourselves to know that we come here to learn what we come here to learn and then we (all may) go (peacefully) into what's next? living life is awesome, but it's so much better when we practice loving, giving and being well (really it's not a big deal, although it is extraordinary) ... why are we (allowing ourselves to) be scared to death in the living of life ... ? how may we be empowered to love each other?

why wouldn't a power as this be available within us? it is! its name is peace.

should we create peace, we have also created understanding, which leaves room for love and acceptance. we create light in the world, and the world can live as one.

we may, if we choose, 
shift the focus of our entire being toward (sending light to) loving each other :
we may, if we choose, 
continue to do (and be) what we are doing (and being) :
we of free will who choose to remain separate :
we of free will who 
(also) do not do the work of beating our hearts - ours is to follow them ...

it is as mr. lennon said : you may say i'm a dreamer...

and i say : i am.

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