Friday, April 29, 2016

beneath the din

those who can, do.

once again, the moses code. this universe we inhabit is a 'can do' kind of place. we are encouraged through our gifts (which were given in the time before here) to return the favor ... and create.

when we determine we must change, we may.

as all creatures on this lovely home of ours, adapt, so must we. feudality has had its place : in the annals of our growth. 

outside influences (us) notwithstanding, all denizens upon the face of this amazing planet monitor their needs, and move with the changing seasons, or shut their bodies down for a time, or swim to cooler waters. this dance with the advancement of life occurs almost imperceptibly, yet as certainly as the sunrise. her mission is the advancement of herself, and her purpose is the advancement of life upon her face, in her waters, in her skies.

our move ...

what if we set an intention to become a version of ourselves that is a seeker of peace, of service, of advancement of our species into our next. it isn't hard to do, but it does require us to listen just below the din, for below the din is where peace lives. 

to teach is the greatest gift we may bestow upon our children.

to learn and advance thought is the greatest gift we may receive : the gift the creator has set aside for us. we are so capable, but it seems the course we have set for our vast capability works best to our detriment . we love stories of those who amaze us, and loathe stories of atrocity - on the surface. in reality we are resentful (for our lack of good fortune) of those who amaze us and are transfixed by suffering, (some of us) craving stories (seeking evidence) of fear and lack to assuage our own hurt, or to compare it to - with the idea (in mind) of how 'bad' or 'hopeless' 'things' are. we may become lost in the din, and frequently do. distraction and righteousness is a less thoughtful way, and so much easier to become addicted to (mired, stuck in). those who have been among the lucky among us would argue, but from the vantage point of those who have not, there is much desire for a shift. the truth is, 'bad' and 'good' are (themselves) created by ourselves, one thought at a time. the shift only comes the same way ...

today, in the moments that present, may we create (because we can) the desire to consciously see (feel) evidence of sweetness in living , to be the 'I AM that' of our own best, to create peace wherever we find opportunity, and to move awareness away from the din : nature is an exquisite refuge ... you may become astounded with what comes into focus. 

then, allow (yourself to be astounded) (yourself to be healed) (yourself to be enough). then be.

this is the meaning of those who can, do.

teach peace
be peaceful
because you can.

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