Saturday, April 30, 2016

the other side of fear

“When we face our problems, they disappear."
                                              Carlos Slim Helú

wise words from one of the most financially wealthy persons on the face of earth. in the gathering of 'wealth,' vast fortunes are (certainly) amassed, but if the gatherer is very lucky, so is the sense of gratitude. in the gathering of 'good,' vast fortunes are also amassed : albeit of an internal nature. it is this internal nature which gathering good seeks to fuel. how may i serve? is its indelible activator. 

an immutable truth (law), as above, so below, may also be stated, as within, so without. as we (intentionally) grow gardens of good inside us, outward expressions become softer, more quiet, infinitely enjoyable. as we 'face our problems' instead of dwelling (growing) them, we become more able to see the best possible outcome, thus lifting our selves (levitating) into a more joyful way of being. some of us have become addicted to the onslaught of negativity, and have seemingly forgotten the way to gratitude.

when i was stuck, i thought of myself as stuck - until i changed my mind. i was blown away by the simplicity of the truth in this awakening. i simply chose to become unstuck, and so i was. i began to see options (that had always been available, but unseeable through my own fog of 'can not'), and began to actively pursue my way into fearless. i came to understand that it was not stuck or broke or miserable or any other negativity, but my own fear (of what i could not do) that held each so tightly inside itself. the day i met fear face to face, i looked fear in the eye and created it so (by my choice and by my voice) that i was no longer bound in the tightly wound, suffocating way i had (for what seemed like a really long time) around being completely mired, incapable of movement, drowning in my own sorrow for the way 'life' had shown up.

in that time i was handed a book : 'three magic words' by u.s.andersen - and (luckily) was in a place inside me that was stuck. i had nothing better to do, and really wanted my experience of life to be more to my liking. i realized that i had (myself) brought myself to this place, and immersed myself into the undoing of my own self-limiting beliefs. in the book, mr. andersen recommends (prescribes) a 30-day mental cleanse. i chose to go there : and was astounded (humbled) by what i found, and further, what i could change - just by creating it so (first in mind).

in that time i (also) learned that it was my own responsibility to cast fear into its place - the burning pit of weeds in my garden, and have known my way 'free' since then. i faced the true 'problem,' fear, and now understand that this exercise, while at the time was excruciatingly painful, was so necessary in my own progression. this is not to claim that my life is especially 'easier,' except that it is - a lot. the 'problems' of living life from a perspective of actively pursuing my dream are no less real or uninviting, but what i now know is that they present so that (i may keep my eye trained to my own best, keeping my own best idea of the end result ever in mind) they may be overcome, and so that i may know myself faithful that they may be overcome. 

the first step is facing them - the next is reinventing my own view.

next is trusting a benevolent universe that my dream is begun, imminent. i do, and have found a benevolent universe. ...thank you!

i am my own best, i am.

om namah shivaya...

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