Wednesday, May 4, 2016

we are extraordinary...

Dalai Lama

so, what happens if it all changes ... would i be missed?

yes, i certainly would -- it is certainly about to ...

what if i want to keep some relationships : even at the expense of their change : for they will certainly change. only i get to be right about this, along with you, for only you can decide for you and i can decide for me ... but the truth is, i am endeavoring to create (give birth to), for there is a need in us to be better versions of ourselves (as we may), or (as we may) not.

what if i may understand more about my relationship conundrum, and learn to create great ones - i know that i'm possible, therefore i may : what is this destiny of island-self : what if i have visitors, and community may be born? 

what is lovely is that we also get to choose community, and to participate. (i believe that) as long as there will be a playing field in which (the passion of) money and/or religious zealotry are at odds with each other, there may be no peace among us, for money and zealots of any sort are precisely the same energy ... both need to be needed, and control us in their own creation (fear).

so what about a way among us : what may we bring? the beautiful thing about having a picnic is you get to choose what to bring : and then to enjoy and love also what others brought ... the loveliness of a simple picnic - there are too many places in the world that can not even imagine a picnic, much less expect to have one without fear around being in the open and enjoying a moment of (the sweetness of) life with those they love.

what if we may look at each other and see light : the one that created our ability to look at each other, and what if light was what we saw looking back at us - what then may we create?

how may we have an expectation among us that we (really) can all just get along! how may we learn to be a (more child-like) version of ourselves, that seeks to create good (light, abundance) in the world ... this (really) has nothing to do with the energy of (making or giving) money, or whether we can all (agree to) disagree about our interpretations of the divine. deities notwithstanding, there were whole sets of them (now called 'myth') in the long ago ... and light was (is) at the very center of (all of) them. 

it is our species that may extinguish ourselves (by way of our own use, abuse, and toxic creations) : or it is our planet that will (by way of our own heavy handling, egregious taking, and general misunderstanding of her mission : to evolve and sustain life upon her self) - either way, we (and all other beings on her face) lose; unless we may be come better at our interpersonal and management skills . it would really, really be okay if we would stop teaching our children to hate, to blindly take, and the existing way of have and have not among us : 

what if, instead, we would teach (show) our children respect, love, service, appreciation, and humility, and allow each other to live, worship and create abundance for the purpose of pursuing our own lives, helping each other and ourselves to the best of our ability. it does seem that we have waded too far into the muck to be able to go backward, but what we forget is that forward involves change, and we really, really don't like change that doesn't fit our current.

what does our 'next' actually look like?

how may we find light inside ourselves and create a more peaceful existence, both with ourselves and with our mother earth... we are (currently) killing us both.

how may our next actually look like?
would that we conjure the light of creation, as is our birthright, and create.

what if we start with kindness and compassion?

should we level the field, may we also find the goalposts missing, and the boundary marks. may we learn that our games may be played simply for the privilege of sharpening our own skills and strengthening our bodies. may we relearn the art of winning , with the knowing that the end we have in mind is : playing for the sake of playing is also a team sport, and there doesn't even have to be a loser, or an opposing side - let us all be winners, and let our gifts be shared with all others : what if playing itself were the sport, and we all got the opportunity to play, and we all found ourselves winning (by the experience of playing) and no one was left out, and the challenge in it is to ourselves - seeing ourselves being our own best in it ... we don't all have to be sportsmen, but the lessons therein teach fortitude and forward thinking : keeping the result in mind - to play, experience, be the best (whatever you call it) that it is in you to be : and then be that. that, boys and girls, is the mystery - see yourself being yourself - using the gifts and talents we (all) were given in the long ago, according to divine purpose : as was written in the book of life long, long ago. we (all) have a part to play in our own forward, and in the forward of the story of the book. . . it will take some time (focus, determination, and great stewardship) to uproot the result of our madness : madness; but we must be willing to clean up after the storm that has been our armed and dangerous existence...

how may we serve?
the greater good is now (and has ever been) calling to us : would we now listen just below the din, consciously, and hear our calling so that we may learn what it sounds like, and find ways to heed? our sole mission here is to bequeath a home to our future selves, it is said ... how may our children find their way forward in a world they and their children may know as beautiful and just; and how may we (all) begin to find our own way forward in such a world as well.

let's create a new way among us : because we can ... let us show whichever version of deity we most adore how grateful we are for the amazing gifts we were so lovingly given , and for our own differences, as they help us to create peace (even if first is simple truce) among us, as our way of being with each other. may we put our great energies together and create a way with our home, our mother planet, that ceases our outright assault upon her. may we find a way among ourselves wherein we look for opportunities to uncreate need, and discover great gratitude for what we have and may create. may we know our responsibility (and stretch our big brains) and discover within us the strength, courage, capacity and compassion we must find in the care of the messes we have made. 

may we find ways to discover our gifts, for they are the treasure we are all seeking, and they live only inside ourselves. how may we serve each other, and in turn ourselves be served? that which can be named is not the way, but peace is its closest attribute : accessible, available and inherent in all, should we allow. and finally, may we understand that our bodies are vehicles through which divinity in us may be known (to itself and to each other), and we come here to do our work and to pass from here, and this is also our birthright : may we (all) be free to go as we know it is right to, when the result of living life overcomes. may we know in our own hearts we have been privileged to have (consciously created good)  lived in a world we wanted to live in, and may this be alright (peaceful) with all of us, for it is all of our journey, and it is ours to walk alone and together. may we walk with dignity, much, awareness, and may our children be blessed with our presence in their own walkthrough. may we teach them to access their own best in themselves, by creating (being) good in the world ourselves. may they know by our example courage, compassion, strength, kindness and great love, and may we know ourselves beings and bringers of light in the world.

we are all extraordinary : because we can be.
namaste traveler ~

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