Thursday, May 19, 2016

our own next

i was thinking about 'next' and the indelible, massive power of belief.

i choose to believe that we have it in us to determine, dream and seek our own (best) next, and that we are responsible for our own ever evolving, forever changing culture. 

who, where are we in our own (version of) 'next?' 
what do we want 'next' to be? 

should we allow others to write our stories for us, they will. should we create the belief in ourselves capable of writing our own stories, we can, if we will. i also believe there are many of us who desire to delve our own (best) next, and that there is something most of us are missing or unaware of, or choose to not see, which keeps us beholden to the 'powers that be,' instead of creating, living, breathing and being our own power. in giving over our own power to the 'powers that be' we have chosen our lives governed by rules we have allowed to be made for us, for the advancement of the rulemakers. 

it is (by universal law) in us to create, live, breathe, and be our own countenance; we have it in us to create good in the world, as we choose, as we require of ourselves, and as we allow (good to be its own force).

it is an easy thing to say 'i don't know.' it is also (usually) true, and, in most cases, preferable to acquiesce to the rules we have allowed. there is a higher order of laws that we are (indelibly, by our birth) bound to, and they have nothing to do with legislating morality. the laws i'm speaking of are the laws of the universe, and should we lay down our arms and begin to trust each other and ourselves, may we relish in the force for good they are designed to create. they are the rules the gods play by : transcending every name we have ever given to them, and only shouldering the responsibility they gave us in the long ago : to understand (and live up to) ourselves as made in the image of themselves. should we begin to find it in us to become a version of ourselves that has the best interests of all (beings) at its heart we will not need laws telling us about property lines or boundaries of any sort, for (i believe) the old beliefs about having, taking may give way to giving and sharing. i believe we have it in us to find our own force for good, and i believe we may teach our children its use.

i realize we may have some difficulty processing a belief that good may exist in the world without the influence of militia and its sidearms, and i realize it will take some time to rid ourselves of the mantle of sorrow we have buried ourselves under for so long, but i do believe in possibility, and i believe we came here to find our way into our own best. the appointment your self has here is not meaningless : it is only in search of its role here - our individual and collective job is to find out (and to be big enough to play) our individual and collective part. 

i thought to explore what others are writing about next, or, more specifically, the next iteration of people. it was a cursory search, not a deep dive, but most of the articles i found when i searched 'next' related to technology (or corporate identity). the same was true about 'next iteration of people.' there was little shown about the specific topic of people's ideas of what is 'next' for us as a species. perhaps the deep dive (for me) is to understand that we do delve our next, but believe it is outside ourselves. for me, it seems (quite) obvious that we are (quite) different than we were even a few years ago : and the version of us from a few years ago (quite) different than even a few years before that, and so on, ad infinitum ... we have, in fact, never stopped changing (evolving)! 

what of a.i. (hailed by most) as intricately linked with 'next' :

what if we decide that artificial intelligence has its own mission : peace among ourselves. 

as it is true that we have the ability to actually program the trajectory of this new frontier, what if we created the end paradigm of our own next iteration simple peace and abundance for all ... what if we used this intelligence to design ways to clean-up our home that go hand in hand with peace and abundance. what if we actually created ourselves and our forward going trajectory a peaceful and loving way among ourselves and our mother home? what then may we create? may we cease our destruction of ourselves and our home? we seem to really like ourselves armed against each other ... and create 'rights' indelible to our defense of our right to be armed : and dangerous. we spend years complying with the system and afraid of it. the most we can hope for (presently) is assimilation : there can never be balance (symbiosis) for our current arrangement is heavily weighted on the side of 'rights.' what if, instead, we asked for 'just' in ourselves ... and we all found peaceful justice, first in ourselves. judgment is the job of the creator : justice is a noun and an adjective, not a verb. it means that all who live have in them 'just.' 'right' indelibly has 'wrong' as its balance, and its purpose falls on one side or another (depending on our vision of it). we may never exact justice - this is not our job : we may only strive to create for ourselves a more just way in ourselves, and thus among us, finding peace within, as we allow.

as there is much riding on our own view of ourselves (namely thinking it into existence), wouldn't it be reasonable to let go of the necessity we have created to harm (each other and the planet)? wouldn't it be reasonable to know that we live in a just, caring and loving society; with abundance for ourselves, each other, and the planet?

what if we just tried?

we are (all) possibility...

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