Saturday, May 2, 2015

drawn by the deeper pull

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray."
                                                               ― Rumi

i love the idea of being in my own/one/only life the way i want to be.
i know what that means - and i love that too.

the pull tells me that i want you to hear - to accomplish my own best ideal, and to tell you that you can too - for my dream to have mattered so much that i moved the universal forces and by my own power created it. the pull draws me to my own idea of my own best self and my own best life. finding myself in the very center of another person's dream is wonderful : my longing is finding myself in the very center of my own dream, which is also wonderful.

in the knowing of myself capable, so have i become. in the believing myself capable have i also found.

the deeper pull draws me - i have answered.

i found that being involved in dreaming is a challenge. i also found the present, at times, in the way. knowing what i want becomes frustrating sometimes; but in the times when i am doing what i want to be doing, my sacred work, knowing what i want is ecstasy. indeed joy in doing is my guide. 

in the what's missing piece in all of this is only me. the embodiment of the physical in which my body currently dwells feels in so many ways as the waiting room of older days. the place where i am waiting to be called for my turn. it is also, ironically, a joy to know myself upon the platform of my most precious awakened dream. as the carnival ride does stop to load its revelers, so does this platform stop at my chosen door/stair/path/way.

the other part is the what i want to do with my newfound being-ness in life. it seems i have cut (most) cords from my previous engagements : perhaps it is a lesson, for i do understand loving greatly ... and so i shall create a new way forward. being in my heart means knowing/protecting/bringing my cherished dream. 

the deeper pull ...

also, it is very important to have 'then what,' for when it is accomplished, when it is all done, when satiety has been met - then comes the next lesson. wouldn't it be great if we could challenge ourselves to a worthy goal with a real expectation of achievement (a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill). one of mine, for example, is to create a bit of awareness among the species. to be great, it has been said, is to be understood. the trick, then, is to find one's audience - then, do no harm.