Wednesday, March 18, 2015

magic by moments

gratitude in your heart = magic in your life

finding oneself in gratitude means finding the feeling of gratefulness in the soul. 

when we look for gratitude, we can always find something ... if we are willing.

but we must look - as if looking for treasure. sometimes looking is easy, and sometimes it is cloaked. in order to find treasure we must be seeking (or at least on the look-out) for treasure - gratitude is treasure. the feeling of gratitude comes willingly when it feels welcome - it is up to us to open our arms and welcome it. know in you that there is at any moment something for which you can be grateful - and that when the spirit of gratefulness fills you, magic soon follows. 

you cannot stop magic once it is begun, except as you stop finding gratitude.

a law of the universe (which is unequivocal, unchangeable, immutable) to think about: what we bless, expands.

you have nothing to lose, except maybe bitterness - 
find gratitude and remain grateful. 
you can, if you will.

gratitude in your heart = magic in your life

namaste' traveler...