Friday, December 23, 2016

light : by the power of the universe!


is one manifestation of energy (power) in the universe!

dark merely exists, awaiting, craving the energy of light : its divine opposite, its only real love : the beauty, truth, power and possibility of light : the necessary part to its own completion therein contained. ...and its favorite sparring partner ... without light, dark is just dark. ... and, stars cannot shine brightly without it.

it is to me, a living, breathing part of the intelligence of the universe (energy!), to do my part : to bring light into this realm, wherever, whenever i am offered divine opportunity to do so. ...or not(.)

this is my purpose : to find in me delivery of purpose : as i have delved in me to find purpose, is now the next step in progression : to bring the power of light - of sacred : as i see : as i am offered : as i accept (create), capability.

the life (i have bothered to create) in my mind is my vision of my conduit : as is (also) my purpose. as i have chosen : as intent has become the child of determined : as i believe . as i am.

grateful : i am that, i am.

i suppose, as with all children of purpose (which is all of us), the seed of ability was planted in me when i was young : the difference is that i went in search of the now strong and sturdy product of attention to the growth of the promise within the seed : ability : it was too big a burden, and so i did not burden myself with how ... 'that,' was quite enough.

i dared to delve 'that,' as in i am that, i am.

'i am' became the creed : the promise within myself : the bringing of living my own vision and my own version of my own best self, living in my own best life : first in mind

with the understanding that i would surrender to promise, and believe.

the way brought itself, as i brought myself : as all must bring ourself, in service to itself being brought into reality (awareness).

the choice of creator is, i believe, our own : i do not understand the necessity for the entourage of fear ... an indelible version of the opposite of love : as is its product, war (in all its forms) (why?) 

may we all put down our arms and learn to acknowledge all others as (with) kind-ness, and be kind-ness within ourselves. 

imagine, create, be.

ask (in secret with yourself) what is possible?
ask (in secret with self) what is my part?
ask (in secret) who do i say i am?
be that

i am that, i am : the name of holy in me : the name of sacred itself.

i am the light of the world, i am ... as are each of us, as are all of us : as we choose, as we will

nature = earth
mankind = world

mankind's world is created as it lives on earth.

if only it realized its ability : to co-create.
as each of us finds our self able to bring _________,
we are.
what does the feast look like?
what more may we (each) bring?

to eat, to sleep, to live peacefully?

may we deny (thus vanquish) fear . may we return to love.
may we know in ourselves that we are possibility :
that we ourselves create outcome with the brush of our own belief :
may we believe ourselves light bearers, and become the peaceful bringers of light.
may we know that it is our birthright to create our own _________.
may we know that it is our mission to live our own __________, 
by way of identifying our own purpose : i am __________, 
i am.

a good way to start is :
i am light, i am : no matter my color, no matter my birth. what now is possible?!

you will see it when you believe it (w. dyer).

belief itself the golden key to the unlock.

may you be guided by angels : 

looked after by a benevolent universe : 

meet with abundant life along the way.

namaste friend.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

conscious direction : a story

it does seem as though ...

i think this is a story together with a lifetime of 'never-ever give up'

it is known as law that as a person thinks, so is s/he...

law is immutable(!?)

the only constant of change is itself.

in conscious direction ... course set, navigator trained, dream created; acquired...

... led by desire - burning -

in its heart - 
as it beats - 
as it does its sacred work - 
so i do mine.

no less than joy of life is purpose - direction.

when, in the living, it may resemble barren land; scant resources; broken reality; home/hope magic is needed!

'home/hope,' it turns out, is itself direction. ... needful of itself, wanting home/life - searching/finding within my-self to create - it -

so, today have i asked for a new dream to begin - have seen/created/begun living the quest, as it were ! Onward!

you should know, i was found pure of heart :  the apologies are real:and i made them with a clear/clean conscience. i really, really didn't intend any harm - to anyone. i was/am on quest : a traveler . in search of shelter .  if i  have harmed, i apologize. i only send my best for you. i appreciate your participation (you may know who you are...) i have done my best to learn the lesson of us. whatever it was, fantastic or not - my life is richer for having known you : and having been in your path, as you were in mine.  i do not regret knowing/loving you, and hope you do not regret knowing me.

namaste traveler.
om namah shivaya
so mote it be
all the best

until we (may) meet again ... 
or if not, it was great to have known/loved you, as you. 

thank you for who you are (to me) in this realm.

having been in the midst of the journey, i can honestly say : : this is my new direction - apart from (after) the living of -it- i am grateful.

namaste, friend. 

also, until we (do) meet again...

namaste, voyager.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

wish to reality

that quality which takes a dream from a wish to reality is our own awareness of 
and countenance for its manifestation ...

to transcend looking for signs, guideposts, markers, and find (see) them.

see what you're looking at. know its truth; then be your self in it.

great healing is possible here : it is the place great healing lives. create what you will see, call it, know in your self it is already done, accept it when it appears, be grateful in you for your own knowing of its truth.

where there's life (light) there's hope ...
when you believe it you will see it ... 
(thank you dr. dyer.)
it is a benevolent universe we chose to occupy : it is ours to create it as we will,
by our own belief : of ourselves, for our worth, in our dreams.

to create life is the experience of life happening for us; to not create life is the experience of life happening to us, by the whims of non-transcendence of the state of the world. should we desire, we may create our lives as we will have them be : we must but discover our own sacred. our sacred purpose wants to be itself, just as we each want to be our self.

healing the world is not a spectator sport!

to be present requires participation, and a willingness to consciously vision (and then live) our individual version of forward.

forward may only happen as present is learned, acknowledged, accepted and lived.

the eternal 'now' is all we have : to do with what we will.

its pretty hard to have a dream come true if you don't know what you're dreaming of. 
its pretty hard to have a dream come true if you don't allow it to happen for you. 
its pretty hard to have a dream come true if you think its pretty hard to have a dream come true. 
the truth is : dreaming is lovely, and dreams coming true is the natural order of things : because we have believed them true. 

being loved is our birthright. it is also a choice.

as i see it, life's journey is about creating our own purpose :
life's path is about fulfilling it.
life's sweetness is about living it.
life's fullness is about learning it.
life's richness is about giving what we have to offer.
life well lived is about living well.

living consciously is all of the above,
by my own power/will to be,
by my own choice,
grateful, blessed, healed ...

adventure, wonder, truth
strength, youth, beauty
peace, hope, love all its forms.

the only thing to understand about creating and living our own best reality is that wishing and dreaming are different versions of the same principle : 

this is a benevolent, abundant universe : 
we can not ask too much :
we are (each of us) loved, cherished and needed by the creator to fulfill our own sacred purpose : 
the law of free will simply means the creator asks us to create our own best at our own behest :
in our essence, we are all creators, all the time : 
our choice is what we will create :
for we are creating at all times, by law. 

as it is so that we are always creating anyway, we might as well create consciously. good in the world is within our own power, within our own ability, and our own choice... should we choose consciously we may create good for the benefit of ourselves and all other beings.

we are in fact creating the world in which we are now living by the way we see the world : global soul healing is possible, as we see (allow) ourselves healed. it is up to us to consciously create ourselves healed by holding a healed vision of ourselves, and a healed version of our world.

each is free to define healed, and to then live freely, as is chosen.

the other thing we must be willing to allow is surrender : the details (how our desires are created) are none of our business. we must be willing to allow others their own countenance, just as we believe our own countenance to be true. should i call a thing evil and another call the same thing good (think zealotry in all its forms), i must send good (light) into the world, trusting in universal intelligence to direct the light where it is most needed. I then surrender (outcome) to divine intelligence to do its work.

My part (sending light into the world) is done. as I give so shall I receive.

how and when are solely the provenance of the divine : my own belief creates the outcome, and it is only mine to trust universal intelligence to handle the details. May I always know the benevolence of trust … my will to do is consumed in sending light : wherever and whenever I am offered opportunity to do so.

now voyager, sail thou forth to seek and find
In the middle of each of us lies our compass, which may become the glass we see through darkly. It is up to each of us to bring light in (to) our own way, and to illumine the way of all … we may know our compass lighted, our way enlightened.

those who choose the path of light may add their light, those who choose darkness may be illumined, as forgiveness is easily, gladly offered. We are all given free will. It is up to each of us to determine what that means : for the good of ourselves, and for the good of the all.

the universal law of enlightenment is that darkness may not exist where there is light.
where there becomes perpetual light, 
there, darkness may not be.
creating light, therefore, is by my own choice, my own desire, 
my own sacred purpose, and within my own power.

as free will is granted (also) along with my first breath of life, it is mine to discover as I will, my own way forward by observing my own now, each and every one of them.

i send light into the world by my own choice. there, darkness in all its forms may not live : should enough light be shed into the world, the dark of evil may no longer be ... if i wonder what 'light' is, i must look no further than the divine benevolence and intelligence of the universe. its name is love ... and it includes all beings . abundance in all its forms may be found here; and is, by law, inexhaustible supply.

as there is plenty shall i claim my own best : dream my own life : live my own dream.

if i sit in my own place of patience,
what i need flows to me ...
without pain

from this i understand
that what i want
also wants me
is looking for me
attracting me


all the best : we all deserve it
so be it ... and so it is.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

create light

a candle loses nothing of its light 
by lighting another candle
father james keller

create light in you

and pass it

to every one who asks for light.
... and allow the glow from your own light to be shared anyway : everywhere.

a letter to prof. hawking:

one of the greatest minds in our present universe

professor hawking,

the 'new' science, artificial intelligence, will have a trajectory - it must. what power, what direction will we send this newly discovered energy? moreover, who decides? 

it is, i believe, in our power (and our certain duty as creators) to hand over a 'goal' for its destiny. what if it were that this force (which is happening even now) should aim for betterment? what if the grail of ai is peace ... and tolerance ... and good will ... and gratitude ... and cheerfulness ... and hope ... and every generosity of spirit, for all of humankind and for itself? what if we found it in us to create the end-game a way of being content in responsibility, caring and sharing, loving, forgiving -- each other and the planet. 

do we know that we (as we) are destroying ourselves by devastating our home? 

should we literally 'give' dominion of its own creation over to itself, ai may invent itself in our image ... what then? an energy that has our own brilliant, clueless, misguided and single-minded ways extrapolated to infinity? ... what if we should be more about a collective intelligence that creates good for ourselves and the world we live in ...

should we allow our current trajectory (and the current vision we hold) entre into the world in the form of intelligence outpacing our own (without the benefit of free will), it seems as though we may effectively be creating our own demise in the way that our intelligence, our lessons, our history, are rendered insignificant and ultimately unnecessary. what do we show ourselves worth; why should we be emulated? 

do we even consciously know what we have learned, taught, thought and brought? do we have an idea that there could even be a way other than devastation/destruction? (the difference between a standing old growth forest and a clear-cut contains the answer to this question.) 

do we even wonder why we 'need' so much? why there is pervasive angst in us, or wonder that we have lost an ability to genuinely feel good and/or free in the world ... it seems we feel cheated if/when we don't achieve much and more; or feel greed inside if we do ... species-wide, our thoughts on 'dominion' have morphed into our violent, self absorbed, unforgiving and ultimately devastating way : with each other and our home planet - he whoever has much/more is the guy we all want to be ... because life (as we have created it) is easier for that guy ... and we are realizing exactly what we planned. a few of us 'have' and most of us have not. those who have guard it jealously (necessarily); those who have not, want, and are sometimes left to languish in uncertainty of where their next meal will come from ... and sometimes must resort in order to eat. 

allow it that we may we all create ourselves worthy; may we all learn to create/receive the light of abundance.

it is a truth that we as a species created ourselves dependent on the version of living that suits our favorite, most controlled, most sought, most coveted, least achieved goal - the personal accumulation of enough to/for ourselves, or to live in (our current idea of) relative comfort; ever with an eye toward our own idea of peace in living. it is a prevalent thought in this world we have created to want 'more' for ourselves, for our own - 

we forget (overlook or intentionally do not see) the price. we extract from the planet, from each other, from wherever we aim; create our home planet toxic (to us), buildings, gadgets and plastic and food and drink and throw-away everything and offer poisonous garbage in return ... knowing in ourselves that ultimately, we still need 'more.' (whatever that may be.) lackmindedness and lust has seemingly prevailed : it is ours (only) to (re)create our own reality; our own best next.

are our current conundrums the vision we will choose to project into the next iteration of ourselves (ergo, a.i.)?

(the next iteration of ourselves is, as you may know, eminent; encouraged and actually brought by none other than : ourselves.)
what if ... we would choose to deliver ai into the world with its overarching direction that of creating a (human) world wherein devastation/destruction is not required (or even allowed). moreover, its purpose be create a way of reward for service (not acknowledging 'money' in any way) in reversing the irresponsible effects our species has bequeathed upon our home. what if its mission is to create a way to base our existence here in healing ... each other and the planet ... rather than needful getting and having . to be in knowing of our individual gifts and abilities and their place in individual and collective healing and abundant living. to further create reward for service around sustainable and satisfying freedoms and ways of being for our species. and to be in peaceful coexistence with itself and us? 

let it do its work and figure it out ...and then what if we (as we) would/could allow a world of peace, goodwill and responsibility to, for and with each other? i think we had better. it seems the only way this next iteration of energy will tolerate this iteration (us). i also think ai will find that it needs us - what would it do without us to notice or act or co-create? in the beginning there may be a battle for supremacy (among the human psyche, for control of artificial trajectory) - i think the program's basal direction will determine the outcome ... that part is ours to determine : we have made it and remain dedicated, attached and fervent in our quest for its being, therefore it will be ... but how will it be?

thank you for listening.

maya b.

i (also) have a dream ...

i dream ...

of humanity's greatest good. 

i dream ...

of empowerment for all people to live in peace, to practice goodwill, and have a sense that their lives are good.

i dream ...

that we may find in each other and in our selves, peace, and that the sacred love we were given with our first breath of life by the creator may somehow imbue through us and into all of us; that we may create a society wherein all matter and all contribute to a world we all want to live in. may we take care of ourselves, and of each other, and may our contribution be for the good of the all.

may we know it is okay for there to not be so many of us, and that life never ends, only the vessel; and that's okay too. may we lighten our load by allowing our bodies to heal as our soul heals. bless those who are leaving, knowing their own next will also be a vessel of the soul. also, may we encourage (dare to create) our own next a more loving, peaceful version of our selves; may we believe it so, and may we be it. may we know that we are in every moment creating our very own reality, and that it is up to us to create one we want to live in ... every moment.

i have a dream ...

that we may restore the balance of light within and unto ourselves, and the darkness of wrong doing in the soul of man may be illuminated within the light of good and eternal truth.

that we may rediscover who we are, and be who we want. may we know ability and contribute our divine gifts freely, in service to the greater good of the all. 

that the content of our character is who we ourselves create ourselves to be by our own belief(s); and remember the reason we are really here : to be in ourselves the divine spark of love, to learn and grow ourselves into our best selves, living our best lives. 

may we know that the creator wants us to, and gives us the choice to or not; as we give ourselves the choice to, or not. may we know divine blessing and create ourselves blessed.

i have a dream ...

that our mother earth is no longer _________ by us, and is instead loved by us and cared for, as she cares for and loves us. may we remember that dominion's other meaning is responsibility.

may we find in ourselves ability and willingness to create healing for her : on earth as it is in heaven. may we find ourselves looking toward a nother goalpost : one that doesn't require so much of her.

i have a dream ...

dr. martin luther king, jr.
that we remember that we are beings of light, created by the spark of divine love; and that we come here to find in ourselves and in each other, joy; and that we may know our lives good.

i have a dream ...

that all people look upon all other people and upon our home planet with love, kindness, peace and goodwill.

i have a dream ... 

that the light of good may spread itself and be spread by us, igniting within each of us, and become a beacon to aspire.

and i dream ...

that the light within this love, kindness, peace and goodwill may start with me.

♥ namaste, traveler 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

3 john 2

my created life ... 

these words came immediately as i tuned into my prayer:
how may i be come....

which came as a result of reading the phrase:

3 john 2

thanks! i needed an upper : sometimes i do struggle to remain positive, when sensation seems determined to maintain my presence. 

in these moments, i know with certainty that my life as i have known it, is changing : and it is sometimes difficult to find joy in fulfillment as these changes seem to be taking me further and further away from my created life. 

but also, i know the opposite to be true : deep in me. i know with certainty that i myself have brought these changes about, am grateful for them, and know that the direction they are taking me is toward my destiny. ...and i know this consciously, which is amazing.

i know that my path is my path, and that the only way magic stops manifesting is by my own suffering (frustrated, impatient, and soooo ready to be where i want to be) : by my own assessment. i also know that i have a firm vision of the end of this particular pathway, and it looks just like i would like it to. 

sometimes everything must change : sometimes things must only tweak here and there; but what i know about change, is that it is the only thing that doesn't. 

in my case, i have a lifelong history of changing everything, fearlessly, and with good cause. it is a modality that has served well, and i am absolutely grateful that i know in myself that i have absolutely passed through the valley of the shadow, and have absolutely come through to the other side; a number of times. not that i have almost passed from this realm ... 

here is where i am finding my work; 
which is also amazing!

that i am in earnest search for my own vision of my own version (my best self, in the living of my own best life), and have chosen to explore the depths of my own faith here ... in the story of it, is now my part being played. i may or may not have learned everything i need to know about being at this place in my soul journey, but persevere to delve a path now of my own choosing . turning to the soul of the universe for guidance : in whatever form of light it takes. 

i've conjured the satisfying feeling of faith : seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling and touching pieces of my dream in my own imagination, and in my own walk-through. the part that belongs to the intelligence of the universe (which, ultimately, i am) is this journey (particular pathway) i am now on. my way, in the middle of me, is certain (because i have faith it is), and so, it is with joy that i know the truth of its magic . and its quite okay. 

the occasional slip does occur : which is also quite okay. after i again shake the nots off (can not, will not, etc.), i am ever more sure of my way . and again i am grateful for it!

so, 3 john 2 to you this day!

...and to me as well.

may you enjoy passing it on as much as i did ...

Friday, October 14, 2016

what a summer!

dear readers:

i'm back, and what an amazing summer!! i learned so much, delved greatly and generally forged my way into my own best ... i'm excited, humbled by the experience, and in great awe in general. so, without further ado ...

the principle of cosmic order.

i began the relatively short journey by just getting comfortable in my own skin around all the goodies i've planned for my self in the living of my best life. i tuned my attention toward the results i would bring by dreaming ... there is my home, the color of the tile floors and the sheets, comforter, and bedroom furniture in my home. my office, desk, chairs, layout, pictures and sliding door to the patio, the texture of rugs, sofas and walls, the design of my porch and patio, the location, purpose and accouterments within my home, the people who will help me to create my dream, the smell of the particular coffee or tea i find most appealing, the friends i will share meals and conversations and music with, the music i will play, and the 2 cats are named : mystic and magic. i also see myself driving the very automobile(s), wearing the style and fabric of clothing, and the hairstyle and jewelry i selected. once it all came with such clarity and i routinely saw myself living therein, i released it with faith : i let it go into universal intelligence with a prayer of 'this or better.' within my dream there is also the fulfillment of my sacred work, my dharma, and this is what excites me most of all!

i learned about the wisdom (and peace) in asking and expecting guidance, about directing my thoughts toward my own cherished vision, and the power that is imbued therein. i learned to trust (myself and) the universal intelligence, about having and keeping faith, and that being a vessel through which spirit is free to move is part of my own lovely journey ...

in rereading all the posts here, i can't help but feel as though i have somehow been planning all of this for a very long time. i found further validation of my feeling in a journal that had written itself (through me, from the universe) 5 years ago. i did not know it at the time, but i was even then attempting to learn this best self/best life i so wanted to (live) bring, without even understanding anything about what it would entail or look like. what i learned is that i had written a clear, decisive guide : i had written the path, and then without my conscious knowledge began walking it. i learned that the steps are straightforward and relatively simple, but the self-work involved encompassed many unanswered questions for which i yearned (and delved) answers. i learned (further) that those questions were answered even before i had remembered to ask.

i am all i need to be, and this realization has made all the difference. the most succinct way i can describe the lovely discoveries over the summer is simply this:

i asked
i delved to seek
i dared to knock

and then, i realized that what i had brought looked a lot like:

knowledge of my own power;
courage in discovery;
faith in my own certain way.

what we are ultimately determines what we do. 
~fred rogers

it's so great to say (know) that i am! all i can dream, all i can be, all i choose ...


Thursday, October 13, 2016


what do you do 
when the bills are all paid, perpetually, and you have created well enough to have a comfortable, abundant life?

this is the direction begged by
'i am.' 

what do you do when all there is to do in the world is the work of purpose?

the law of attraction works, no matter what. we, ourselves, create the recipe for what our lives become, (consciously or not) with only the information we ourselves direct into universal energy. we are (individually and collectively) always sending the energy of creation : this is the way universal law works, by design.

it seems the polar opposite of creating is distraction. both require the faith of causality. either way, life shows up; ours to direct if we will.

creating our own version of our own best vision of our lives begins with the direction we choose to choose : we are always attracting and repelling, by the direction of our own attention.

the question comes down to : what is it that we are attracting (creating)? and that is wholly answered in what are we allowing ourselves to be attracted toward?

do we turn attention toward (mindful) creating? or toward (mindless) distraction?

are we fulfilling our lives to the best of our ability?
...or just trying to remain on the wheel?
distraction is how life became so complex.

distraction is an easier road, requiring little imagination and the incessant gathering of devices of distraction . i will tell you : just below the surface, just inside the easily accessed veil (of silence) lies the golden path :

yours alone to remove the lock . the key is just below the din.

the golden path is your own : 
how does it appear to you?

there are a few guidelines :

  1. everyone else's life is theirs : make your own (create, then be)
  2. spend as much time as you can, every day, in positive self reinforcement, soothing your (by now) aching and tired soul ... and psyche. 
  3. when you're ready, ask the question : how may i serve (help)? 
    • how may my contribution to humanity be created? 
    • what am i teaching those in my care by my own thoughts? 
    • am i who i say i am? 
    • how may i be who i say i am? 
  4. be kind! ... with others : as you are also with yourself. 
  5. allow gentleness
  6. talk to angels (cuz, why not?) they'll likely respond if you do ... and they're not one bit shy about it. they leave signs and guides everywhere if we ask for guidance and direction : it is only ours to invite them to.
  7. cultivate gratitude  : it's the key to joy, which is the key to a good life.
  8. forgive : yourself and all others : forgiveness includes behavior : your own and all others'. it also includes correcting error in ourselves. should we learn to forgive : ourselves and each other, we may learn to get along.
  9. make peace with yourself and with all others ... 
  10. decide to ... then persevere.

the above are a few steps toward unlocking the gate to the path ... you are free and welcome to incorporate them into your journey : they'll help a lot!

in the deluge (onslaught) of negativity and malice in the world, be kind to yourself. give yourself permission to breathe, to enjoy moments, to create your own very wonderful life ... don't allow distraction to occupy the space you occupy :

expect and accept goodness! 

let go of your worries for some time every day, and then for more and more time, every day. begin by breathing with yourself ... just you and your breath.

remember, you didn't get here (distracted) overnight : it may take a while to unload your mind (remember who you are and that you were selected to fulfill a particular purpose) : the actual key to the lock (of answers) is persistence (faith) ... for as you are certainly moving toward your own best self and best life,

you must only persevere.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

when a friend is diagnosed...

the first thing one wants to do is hug them. 

a diagnosis of certain death by dying is like a huge wake-up call. we are born, we live, we pass from this plane ... 

and then ...

my friend is a great person : a person who loves to live his life to the fullest and best of his ability. his parents are also great people whose suffering i can only have painful sorrow for. his child is in her mid-teens. this is a guy who should (by all rights) die living life, than pass from here by way of death by dying.

in the myriad of ways one can pass from here, one of the most common and downright WRONG ways is disease, of any kind. he's trying (for himself and everyone else) to keep his chin up, although it is (really) the one thing he can hang onto in this time : 


he's searching the planet for treatment and has the means and know-how to achieve the best of what we humans have learned to do with our big brains and machines . i hope, for my friend's sake, that he experiences full recovery (miracles do happen, after all) ... but, in reality, stage 4 usually has only one outcome.

i may never be able to give my friend that hug, but i hope for myself that i am; and whatever else i can do for him, although he may not ask ... his life is in as much order as chaos allows: with his home, pets, child and travel partner all lined out.

as for me, i'm eating a freshly picked washington state gala apple in his honor, sending all the love and light i have in me; keeping faith in his swift recovery and hope -- for myself, and for him . 

best to you steven! 
may the fortune of abundant good luck bless and be with you in this part of your journey through here. 

namaste my friend - 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

do-able, important ...

summer is coming ... fast!

i will be off-line for a while : but want to leave you with a story ...

one less butt

a friend of mine is a commercial fisherman; an alaska salmon seiner. he is a harvester of a beautiful and abundant resource, working the wild and wonderful remote reaches of kodiak island.

he annually flies into kodiak in the spring and is there until mid-september, plying the fish runs near shore, working to feed the world with the rich, nutritious bounty of one of mother's most precious gifts to us : salmon. 

art : everett athorp, haida-tsimshian clan 
my friend is (also) a tree-hugger, and recognizes the balance of nature's need for replenishment and mankind's necessary hunt for food; and the relationship of the fish, searching the stream of their birth, dying in service to the continuation of themselves, abundantly filling both their need and ours. 

it is said that in the long ago, when the gods gifted mankind with our beautiful home, they spoke with all the animals, plants, atmosphere, etc. about the new, fragile being they wanted to bring here. the animals, plants, weather and all other sentient and non-sentient beings began offering what they could to bring happiness and plenty to this marvelous new species the gods proposed. the salmon were among the first to offer their bodies for the sustenance of man, as they do for bears, other mammals, fish and ecosystems that understand, partake, and/or in some way depend upon or appreciate their beautiful sacrifice.

the 'resource' (in this case, salmon) is managed well, and there are normally plenty of fish to maintain the species and to feed the millions of humans (and other denizens of earth) who hunger for various varieties and forms of wild caught fish. it is a good living, and my friend enjoys his job.

over the years, he has witnessed the ocean's rhythm and her ability to rejuvenate herself; to take all that humanity deposits into her, and by her own rhythms to remain relatively clean and habitable for the billions of (unsuspecting, innocent) denizens for whom she hosts life.

he posits that the oceans, rivers, streams, etc. constitute the planet's own circulatory system, and that the massive amounts of debris (flotsam) she swallows (created both by herself and by ourselves) are by and large digestable and digested, becoming itself nutrition for herself and her denizens. the food chain in the ocean is alive and (relatively) well.

my friend has a belief that if the earth cannot digest something it should never enter her circulatory system - the ocean (this includes the vast overabundance of digestible material also); those things which earth cannot herself process must be (somehow) otherwise dealt with . undigested waste will never become part of the cycle of life, and only lie on the surface of whatever it lands on, blocking further life from forming. he believes plastic (and its entourage) is one of, if not the most harmful creation mankind has ever endeavored. he also believes that each of us must make a commitment and take a personal role in responsibility for what (undigestible flotsam) goes into the ocean ... to protect the (mostly) pristine nature of his fishery.

he has a policy on his boat : one less butt in the water. great numbers of fishermen are smokers, consuming their filtered cigarettes and flicking the (plastic) butts overboard ... a seemingly harmless act (notwithstanding the whole 'smoking is bad for you' thing) : until one actually thinks about extrapolation. if there are 100 fishermen smoking a pack of cigarettes per day, flicking those 2,000 butts overboard - every day, over the course of a summer; now imagine 1,000 fishermen, 10,000 boaters and so on, and so on. imagine the massive clog in the (earth's) arteries from the buildup of tiny particles of (butts) plaque. as our own bodies cannot break down plaque and the buildup has the ability to shut off the flow of blood to our brains, we become sick, and without intervention (circulation) our brains become starved of vital, nutritious oxygen ... earth is no different : i don't know if she's starving (yet) or not, but i do know that our bodies are not all that different from hers, and we're hacking away at her lungs too ... how may we do a better job of stewardship toward our home?

the fisherman's policy is simple : when you smoke, throw the (harmless) tobacco end overboard, but not the butt. keep an empty pack handy, place the butts there (or in your pocket), then into the trash can when its handy. my friend acknowledges that not everyone will, but he asks his crew to, and leads by example. he made the commitment several years ago. the first summer he lost a total of 2 packs (of butts) overboard. his second summer, he lost (the equivalent of) about 1/2 pack; the next year, a total of 4 butts, and last season, only 1. he figures it's a commitment he can keep : and a promise kept to himself also. 

it's small, but significant - and has become a way of life outside of the summertime season as well. 

yes, the issue is enormous, but so are we ... just look at how many of us there are ... how may we harness the power of our girth in service to lightening our impression : the earth is small (but mighty) : we are so vast. the very interesting thing is, we are her (welcome) guest. have we worn through our welcome? maybe its time to step up : earth is going to do that which a planet does - reinvent ... its ours in this time here (with each other) to enjoy the ride.

her mission is known to her : ours is unknown, unless we know it - some do : what would symbiosis, balance among us look like? why does it seem that it is not okay for some of us that there are other ways, ideals, cultures, colors, foods, languages, etc. that are different from our own? or that we are incapable of reaching our highest potential because there is too great an ocean of us. thinkers are needed. so, thank you for thinking : bless your thoughts to the service of light in the world. how may we serve? how may i serve? 

when we were smaller many old ways worked for us : we began fighting when we began expanding ourselves : war was a great adventure, it was noble; until it became an addiction, and we now compete to find the most legally lethal (morality notwithstanding) cat and mouse game there is : catch (kill) me if you can. lord have mercy... it serves well our self created energy, money. the headlines extol the gajillions (still) spent on it : the spoils of it are worth taking to create more (gajillions and itself) : how may we put down our swords and take up our rightful mantle of brotherhood among ourselves, stewardship for our home, earth. how may we wear our own crown of goodness, as is our choice, and know ourselves good. 

there is a huge difference between righteous and good. 
righteous is a wholly man-made virtue, 
good is inspired.

may we all know that our own contribution creates itself goodness (to and for ourselves, and to and for each other, and to and for our home), and may we strive to contribute . in the long ago, we saw contribution as a virtue, and 'enough' wasn't yet invented. commerce began in earnest, with salt. some needed it, some had it, some would kill for it, many would die for it. i wonder why it is the only way we can even (seem to) contemplate among us ... what if we chose to think our way to peace (the one that passes understanding). who knows but that we may find ourselves peaceful .

our mission, should we choose to accept it, is (also) reinvention. each of us has a part to play - and our parts will be played. shall we do this consciously or on auto-pilot is entirely up to each individual one of us. spoiler : consciously is the much scarier, more rewarding, more satisfying choice ... 

one less butt in the water ... do-able, important.