Friday, December 18, 2015

bringers of light

bringers of light

to find light inside requires only the determination to do so. the nature of light is as simple as knowing light within, for as a being allows, light grows and continues to grow so long as the conditions exist for expansion. its condition is a combination of heat, air, medium and spark. the spark is our part : mother has provided fire, wood and wind.

look into your own heart. there is - always - an ember ... or perhaps a flame? either way, you yourself are a bearer of light : it is now time to allow, to be your own light. 

know within you the infinite power of light. know the light within you is of good, of kindness, of peace. project that presence within you into everyday living, find all the ways there are to grow and then send your divine light to all others. the very process of giving your light grows it, feeds it, and spreads itself as a warm, protective mantle against the darkness. as your own light grows know yourself and all you bless within it. all malice is only attempting to be answered. within the discovery of divine balance, darkness seeks light, as light balances dark. 

within you lies strength, awaiting your command. within strength is power. within your own power, my own power, lies capability. the time in history has come ... darkness looms and threatens us all. it is ours (each of us, all of us) to k-n-o-w, inside our own awareness, our own power, our own lovely light. the light of the world is within us - all. grow it, send it, take comfort in it - light is as real, large and bright as we allow.

it is ours now to allow; to be bringers of light into the world.

it is imperative. what's at stake is the soul of the world. the reward is a world full of the light of good, kindness and peace. we are free in this world to create as we will. what we create within ourselves is entirely up to us; the result : the world we live in. 

as spirit is embodied by us, as the creator sees itself through our experience, as mankind was chosen to be the seeker in a universe of beings, then let us now find and embody that within us we claim to want : kindness, truth and ultimately, the peace of god.

amen : 
so be it, and so it is.

namaste : 
i honor the place in you which is of god. 
when you are in that place in you 
and i am in that place in me, 
we are one.

om namah shivaya
may the greatest that can be in this world 
be created within myself, within others, and within the world. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

the presence of light

a universal fact of physics:

darkness can not exist...

in the presence of light.

should light be covered there is only darkness. once light is uncovered, darkness is immediately negated - for as long as there is light. and as light grows darkness retreats. there is sometimes shadow - as in the case of the sun and night, but depending upon the trajectory of light and the tilt of our mother planet, light returns every day, as has been since the beginning. even night has the moon and the stars, and therefore its brand of light. mother earth is trying as hard as she can to show us the way. 

we are beings of light. if we choose to live in darkness or to allow our individual or collective spirit to be immersed in dark ways, dark thoughts and dark deeds, our light becomes smaller and smaller. we allow ourselves to become swallowed perhaps without even realizing this is what is happening. what there is to know within your being is there is - always - an ember. it's name is forgiveness. 

should we choose to search in ourselves for light, for truth and for peace, we will find light, truth and peace. our choice to search for destruction, control and avarice has led us right down the rosy path to the dark within us. it has led us to know our fellow beings in terms of their evil and ourselves in terms of our loss.

it is ours - it is within us - it is our purpose, our mission and our responsibility to uncover the light ... in ourselves. it is, further, required that we keep vigilant and faithful within the power of light : it is the only cure for our maligned way of being with each other.

this is why we are here. as we search for answers, prostrate ourselves and beseech the creator for our own best, it is only important to find light in your very own self - this day, next day and forward from there!

we have absolutely nothing to lose in bringing light into the world ... 

one moment at a time, 
one smile at a time, 

one breath at a time, 
one forgiveness at a time.

i am light!

so are you!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

ode to 8 ...

it is said that the secret to life is to fall 7 times and get up 8.

it does seem that '8' is a never-ending toil : the thing is, living life becomes more and more important, sacred, sweet and special when we participate fully, even though falling down and getting up is part and parcel of the 'job' we must all accomplish in our walk-through in this realm. 

to settle over and over again for taking whatever life thinks we want is to remain down after 7. consider the accomplishment in rounding the bend of getting up after 4, then the road we travel to get to, and then knocked down, and back up after 5, and the bumps, bruises and tears of 6, and then there's 7.

the fact of life is that getting back up is what there is. 

empowerment in self is the ultimate aim. packed within a day are moments. see them, be in them - or not, they are always, always awaiting discernment, recognition. 

life only gives us what we want, consciously or not ...