Friday, October 14, 2016

what a summer!

dear readers:

i'm back, and what an amazing summer!! i learned so much, delved greatly and generally forged my way into my own best ... i'm excited, humbled by the experience, and in great awe in general. so, without further ado ...

the principle of cosmic order.

i began the relatively short journey by just getting comfortable in my own skin around all the goodies i've planned for my self in the living of my best life. i tuned my attention toward the results i would bring by dreaming ... there is my home, the color of the tile floors and the sheets, comforter, and bedroom furniture in my home. my office, desk, chairs, layout, pictures and sliding door to the patio, the texture of rugs, sofas and walls, the design of my porch and patio, the location, purpose and accouterments within my home, the people who will help me to create my dream, the smell of the particular coffee or tea i find most appealing, the friends i will share meals and conversations and music with, the music i will play, and the 2 cats are named : mystic and magic. i also see myself driving the very automobile(s), wearing the style and fabric of clothing, and the hairstyle and jewelry i selected. once it all came with such clarity and i routinely saw myself living therein, i released it with faith : i let it go into universal intelligence with a prayer of 'this or better.' within my dream there is also the fulfillment of my sacred work, my dharma, and this is what excites me most of all!

i learned about the wisdom (and peace) in asking and expecting guidance, about directing my thoughts toward my own cherished vision, and the power that is imbued therein. i learned to trust (myself and) the universal intelligence, about having and keeping faith, and that being a vessel through which spirit is free to move is part of my own lovely journey ...

in rereading all the posts here, i can't help but feel as though i have somehow been planning all of this for a very long time. i found further validation of my feeling in a journal that had written itself (through me, from the universe) 5 years ago. i did not know it at the time, but i was even then attempting to learn this best self/best life i so wanted to (live) bring, without even understanding anything about what it would entail or look like. what i learned is that i had written a clear, decisive guide : i had written the path, and then without my conscious knowledge began walking it. i learned that the steps are straightforward and relatively simple, but the self-work involved encompassed many unanswered questions for which i yearned (and delved) answers. i learned (further) that those questions were answered even before i had remembered to ask.

i am all i need to be, and this realization has made all the difference. the most succinct way i can describe the lovely discoveries over the summer is simply this:

i asked
i delved to seek
i dared to knock

and then, i realized that what i had brought looked a lot like:

knowledge of my own power;
courage in discovery;
faith in my own certain way.

what we are ultimately determines what we do. 
~fred rogers

it's so great to say (know) that i am! all i can dream, all i can be, all i choose ...


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