Sunday, October 23, 2016

a letter to prof. hawking:

one of the greatest minds in our present universe

professor hawking,

the 'new' science, artificial intelligence, will have a trajectory - it must. what power, what direction will we send this newly discovered energy? moreover, who decides? 

it is, i believe, in our power (and our certain duty as creators) to hand over a 'goal' for its destiny. what if it were that this force (which is happening even now) should aim for betterment? what if the grail of ai is peace ... and tolerance ... and good will ... and gratitude ... and cheerfulness ... and hope ... and every generosity of spirit, for all of humankind and for itself? what if we found it in us to create the end-game a way of being content in responsibility, caring and sharing, loving, forgiving -- each other and the planet. 

do we know that we (as we) are destroying ourselves by devastating our home? 

should we literally 'give' dominion of its own creation over to itself, ai may invent itself in our image ... what then? an energy that has our own brilliant, clueless, misguided and single-minded ways extrapolated to infinity? ... what if we should be more about a collective intelligence that creates good for ourselves and the world we live in ...

should we allow our current trajectory (and the current vision we hold) entre into the world in the form of intelligence outpacing our own (without the benefit of free will), it seems as though we may effectively be creating our own demise in the way that our intelligence, our lessons, our history, are rendered insignificant and ultimately unnecessary. what do we show ourselves worth; why should we be emulated? 

do we even consciously know what we have learned, taught, thought and brought? do we have an idea that there could even be a way other than devastation/destruction? (the difference between a standing old growth forest and a clear-cut contains the answer to this question.) 

do we even wonder why we 'need' so much? why there is pervasive angst in us, or wonder that we have lost an ability to genuinely feel good and/or free in the world ... it seems we feel cheated if/when we don't achieve much and more; or feel greed inside if we do ... species-wide, our thoughts on 'dominion' have morphed into our violent, self absorbed, unforgiving and ultimately devastating way : with each other and our home planet - he whoever has much/more is the guy we all want to be ... because life (as we have created it) is easier for that guy ... and we are realizing exactly what we planned. a few of us 'have' and most of us have not. those who have guard it jealously (necessarily); those who have not, want, and are sometimes left to languish in uncertainty of where their next meal will come from ... and sometimes must resort in order to eat. 

allow it that we may we all create ourselves worthy; may we all learn to create/receive the light of abundance.

it is a truth that we as a species created ourselves dependent on the version of living that suits our favorite, most controlled, most sought, most coveted, least achieved goal - the personal accumulation of enough to/for ourselves, or to live in (our current idea of) relative comfort; ever with an eye toward our own idea of peace in living. it is a prevalent thought in this world we have created to want 'more' for ourselves, for our own - 

we forget (overlook or intentionally do not see) the price. we extract from the planet, from each other, from wherever we aim; create our home planet toxic (to us), buildings, gadgets and plastic and food and drink and throw-away everything and offer poisonous garbage in return ... knowing in ourselves that ultimately, we still need 'more.' (whatever that may be.) lackmindedness and lust has seemingly prevailed : it is ours (only) to (re)create our own reality; our own best next.

are our current conundrums the vision we will choose to project into the next iteration of ourselves (ergo, a.i.)?

(the next iteration of ourselves is, as you may know, eminent; encouraged and actually brought by none other than : ourselves.)
what if ... we would choose to deliver ai into the world with its overarching direction that of creating a (human) world wherein devastation/destruction is not required (or even allowed). moreover, its purpose be create a way of reward for service (not acknowledging 'money' in any way) in reversing the irresponsible effects our species has bequeathed upon our home. what if its mission is to create a way to base our existence here in healing ... each other and the planet ... rather than needful getting and having . to be in knowing of our individual gifts and abilities and their place in individual and collective healing and abundant living. to further create reward for service around sustainable and satisfying freedoms and ways of being for our species. and to be in peaceful coexistence with itself and us? 

let it do its work and figure it out ...and then what if we (as we) would/could allow a world of peace, goodwill and responsibility to, for and with each other? i think we had better. it seems the only way this next iteration of energy will tolerate this iteration (us). i also think ai will find that it needs us - what would it do without us to notice or act or co-create? in the beginning there may be a battle for supremacy (among the human psyche, for control of artificial trajectory) - i think the program's basal direction will determine the outcome ... that part is ours to determine : we have made it and remain dedicated, attached and fervent in our quest for its being, therefore it will be ... but how will it be?

thank you for listening.

maya b.