Tuesday, October 18, 2016

3 john 2

my created life ... 

these words came immediately as i tuned into my prayer:
how may i be come....

which came as a result of reading the phrase:

3 john 2

thanks! i needed an upper : sometimes i do struggle to remain positive, when sensation seems determined to maintain my presence. 

in these moments, i know with certainty that my life as i have known it, is changing : and it is sometimes difficult to find joy in fulfillment as these changes seem to be taking me further and further away from my created life. 

but also, i know the opposite to be true : deep in me. i know with certainty that i myself have brought these changes about, am grateful for them, and know that the direction they are taking me is toward my destiny. ...and i know this consciously, which is amazing.

i know that my path is my path, and that the only way magic stops manifesting is by my own suffering (frustrated, impatient, and soooo ready to be where i want to be) : by my own assessment. i also know that i have a firm vision of the end of this particular pathway, and it looks just like i would like it to. 

sometimes everything must change : sometimes things must only tweak here and there; but what i know about change, is that it is the only thing that doesn't. 

in my case, i have a lifelong history of changing everything, fearlessly, and with good cause. it is a modality that has served well, and i am absolutely grateful that i know in myself that i have absolutely passed through the valley of the shadow, and have absolutely come through to the other side; a number of times. not that i have almost passed from this realm ... 

here is where i am finding my work; 
which is also amazing!

that i am in earnest search for my own vision of my own version (my best self, in the living of my own best life), and have chosen to explore the depths of my own faith here ... in the story of it, is now my part being played. i may or may not have learned everything i need to know about being at this place in my soul journey, but persevere to delve a path now of my own choosing . turning to the soul of the universe for guidance : in whatever form of light it takes. 

i've conjured the satisfying feeling of faith : seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling and touching pieces of my dream in my own imagination, and in my own walk-through. the part that belongs to the intelligence of the universe (which, ultimately, i am) is this journey (particular pathway) i am now on. my way, in the middle of me, is certain (because i have faith it is), and so, it is with joy that i know the truth of its magic . and its quite okay. 

the occasional slip does occur : which is also quite okay. after i again shake the nots off (can not, will not, etc.), i am ever more sure of my way . and again i am grateful for it!

so, 3 john 2 to you this day!

...and to me as well.

may you enjoy passing it on as much as i did ...

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