Thursday, October 13, 2016


what do you do 
when the bills are all paid, perpetually, and you have created well enough to have a comfortable, abundant life?

this is the direction begged by
'i am.' 

what do you do when all there is to do in the world is the work of purpose?

the law of attraction works, no matter what. we, ourselves, create the recipe for what our lives become, (consciously or not) with only the information we ourselves direct into universal energy. we are (individually and collectively) always sending the energy of creation : this is the way universal law works, by design.

it seems the polar opposite of creating is distraction. both require the faith of causality. either way, life shows up; ours to direct if we will.

creating our own version of our own best vision of our lives begins with the direction we choose to choose : we are always attracting and repelling, by the direction of our own attention.

the question comes down to : what is it that we are attracting (creating)? and that is wholly answered in what are we allowing ourselves to be attracted toward?

do we turn attention toward (mindful) creating? or toward (mindless) distraction?

are we fulfilling our lives to the best of our ability?
...or just trying to remain on the wheel?
distraction is how life became so complex.

distraction is an easier road, requiring little imagination and the incessant gathering of devices of distraction . i will tell you : just below the surface, just inside the easily accessed veil (of silence) lies the golden path :

yours alone to remove the lock . the key is just below the din.

the golden path is your own : 
how does it appear to you?

there are a few guidelines :

  1. everyone else's life is theirs : make your own (create, then be)
  2. spend as much time as you can, every day, in positive self reinforcement, soothing your (by now) aching and tired soul ... and psyche. 
  3. when you're ready, ask the question : how may i serve (help)? 
    • how may my contribution to humanity be created? 
    • what am i teaching those in my care by my own thoughts? 
    • am i who i say i am? 
    • how may i be who i say i am? 
  4. be kind! ... with others : as you are also with yourself. 
  5. allow gentleness
  6. talk to angels (cuz, why not?) they'll likely respond if you do ... and they're not one bit shy about it. they leave signs and guides everywhere if we ask for guidance and direction : it is only ours to invite them to.
  7. cultivate gratitude  : it's the key to joy, which is the key to a good life.
  8. forgive : yourself and all others : forgiveness includes behavior : your own and all others'. it also includes correcting error in ourselves. should we learn to forgive : ourselves and each other, we may learn to get along.
  9. make peace with yourself and with all others ... 
  10. decide to ... then persevere.

the above are a few steps toward unlocking the gate to the path ... you are free and welcome to incorporate them into your journey : they'll help a lot!

in the deluge (onslaught) of negativity and malice in the world, be kind to yourself. give yourself permission to breathe, to enjoy moments, to create your own very wonderful life ... don't allow distraction to occupy the space you occupy :

expect and accept goodness! 

let go of your worries for some time every day, and then for more and more time, every day. begin by breathing with yourself ... just you and your breath.

remember, you didn't get here (distracted) overnight : it may take a while to unload your mind (remember who you are and that you were selected to fulfill a particular purpose) : the actual key to the lock (of answers) is persistence (faith) ... for as you are certainly moving toward your own best self and best life,

you must only persevere.

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