Wednesday, October 26, 2016

wish to reality

that quality which takes a dream from a wish to reality is our own awareness of 
and countenance for its manifestation ...

to transcend looking for signs, guideposts, markers, and find (see) them.

see what you're looking at. know its truth; then be your self in it.

great healing is possible here : it is the place great healing lives. create what you will see, call it, know in your self it is already done, accept it when it appears, be grateful in you for your own knowing of its truth.

where there's life (light) there's hope ...
when you believe it you will see it ... 
(thank you dr. dyer.)
it is a benevolent universe we chose to occupy : it is ours to create it as we will,
by our own belief : of ourselves, for our worth, in our dreams.

to create life is the experience of life happening for us; to not create life is the experience of life happening to us, by the whims of non-transcendence of the state of the world. should we desire, we may create our lives as we will have them be : we must but discover our own sacred. our sacred purpose wants to be itself, just as we each want to be our self.

healing the world is not a spectator sport!

to be present requires participation, and a willingness to consciously vision (and then live) our individual version of forward.

forward may only happen as present is learned, acknowledged, accepted and lived.

the eternal 'now' is all we have : to do with what we will.

its pretty hard to have a dream come true if you don't know what you're dreaming of. 
its pretty hard to have a dream come true if you don't allow it to happen for you. 
its pretty hard to have a dream come true if you think its pretty hard to have a dream come true. 
the truth is : dreaming is lovely, and dreams coming true is the natural order of things : because we have believed them true. 

being loved is our birthright. it is also a choice.

as i see it, life's journey is about creating our own purpose :
life's path is about fulfilling it.
life's sweetness is about living it.
life's fullness is about learning it.
life's richness is about giving what we have to offer.
life well lived is about living well.

living consciously is all of the above,
by my own power/will to be,
by my own choice,
grateful, blessed, healed ...

adventure, wonder, truth
strength, youth, beauty
peace, hope, love all its forms.

the only thing to understand about creating and living our own best reality is that wishing and dreaming are different versions of the same principle : 

this is a benevolent, abundant universe : 
we can not ask too much :
we are (each of us) loved, cherished and needed by the creator to fulfill our own sacred purpose : 
the law of free will simply means the creator asks us to create our own best at our own behest :
in our essence, we are all creators, all the time : 
our choice is what we will create :
for we are creating at all times, by law. 

as it is so that we are always creating anyway, we might as well create consciously. good in the world is within our own power, within our own ability, and our own choice... should we choose consciously we may create good for the benefit of ourselves and all other beings.

we are in fact creating the world in which we are now living by the way we see the world : global soul healing is possible, as we see (allow) ourselves healed. it is up to us to consciously create ourselves healed by holding a healed vision of ourselves, and a healed version of our world.

each is free to define healed, and to then live freely, as is chosen.

the other thing we must be willing to allow is surrender : the details (how our desires are created) are none of our business. we must be willing to allow others their own countenance, just as we believe our own countenance to be true. should i call a thing evil and another call the same thing good (think zealotry in all its forms), i must send good (light) into the world, trusting in universal intelligence to direct the light where it is most needed. I then surrender (outcome) to divine intelligence to do its work.

My part (sending light into the world) is done. as I give so shall I receive.

how and when are solely the provenance of the divine : my own belief creates the outcome, and it is only mine to trust universal intelligence to handle the details. May I always know the benevolence of trust … my will to do is consumed in sending light : wherever and whenever I am offered opportunity to do so.

now voyager, sail thou forth to seek and find
In the middle of each of us lies our compass, which may become the glass we see through darkly. It is up to each of us to bring light in (to) our own way, and to illumine the way of all … we may know our compass lighted, our way enlightened.

those who choose the path of light may add their light, those who choose darkness may be illumined, as forgiveness is easily, gladly offered. We are all given free will. It is up to each of us to determine what that means : for the good of ourselves, and for the good of the all.

the universal law of enlightenment is that darkness may not exist where there is light.
where there becomes perpetual light, 
there, darkness may not be.
creating light, therefore, is by my own choice, my own desire, 
my own sacred purpose, and within my own power.

as free will is granted (also) along with my first breath of life, it is mine to discover as I will, my own way forward by observing my own now, each and every one of them.

i send light into the world by my own choice. there, darkness in all its forms may not live : should enough light be shed into the world, the dark of evil may no longer be ... if i wonder what 'light' is, i must look no further than the divine benevolence and intelligence of the universe. its name is love ... and it includes all beings . abundance in all its forms may be found here; and is, by law, inexhaustible supply.

as there is plenty shall i claim my own best : dream my own life : live my own dream.

if i sit in my own place of patience,
what i need flows to me ...
without pain

from this i understand
that what i want
also wants me
is looking for me
attracting me


all the best : we all deserve it
so be it ... and so it is.