Monday, April 11, 2016

faith in faith

faith in faith ...

is all there is to know about faith .

it is an easy thing to become mired in the day-to-day-ness of routine; where it seems so logical for steps to present sequentially. in only moments is there wisdom in following the light of faith : it is said that you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time ... and as that is true, so is it true that the stacking of moments in service to 'routine' belies and mundanes down potentiality. what if each bite were somehow able to present itself sacred, and therefore beautiful? imagine its indelible power : to nourish, to fuel, and to bring delight - even if the job is to eat an elephant (settle down, it's only a metaphor), you still must eat it one bite at a time. if the job at hand is to write a paper, what if the approach were taken with the same magic there is in having one bite of nourishment at a time? there is (actually) no need to 'break it down,' as the process itself will take care of this, itself. there is only need to gather your own energy and then to be the pen pusher ... intelligence longs to be born, as all energies love (adore) their own best manifestations. keep the end result as the focus, and the pieces all fall into place, magically, mightily. our job is to allow : and so we must, and so we delve.

the depths of delve are sometimes a scary, dark and solitary place : know this: there is light there also... keep delving - sometimes the light must be stoked and loved into showing (growing) (knowing) itself.

i know my faith is strong : my purpose is clear : my heart is pure : my soul is content. i know my dream is known by the one mind, as it is known in my mind : i had only myself to show - the one mind already knew, and was only waiting on me for beckoning. i am now only awaiting the certainty of daring/delving/having my dream come true, i am ... for, the truth is, my dream is come : and it all happened while i was searching ... for truth, because i believe . the simple, massive power in truth is light.

this is having faith in faith ... the opportunities we give ourselves to dream, to know, and to bring to the surface that which we care to, and would dare to. we must but dare to.

we are - all - possibility.

say to yourself today : i'm possible.

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