Wednesday, April 20, 2016

the evolution of 'that'

what is this 'that' that has the ability to change everything? to be come as we ourselves would have it be?

Neville - Introduction : The Power of I AM

would that we are all fed, sheltered, clothed : that we are ... all ... worthy, expectant, and deserving of being in life to the service of all others, ourselves living our lives as we would choose, if we would choose. how may i serve? becomes a lesson in learning how we may serve : ourselves and other beings.

the possibility of such a world may find potential only within light, and its worthy companions, peace, love, grace, gratitude, and a peaceful loving grateful way with each other and with our planet. what if we engage our big brains, and actually authentically create ourselves able to find peace inside ourselves, with ourselves, with each other, with our mother planet. 

the peace that passes understanding ... that one.

our intelligence tells us how bad our world is : does our heart long for more of the same? what if we got past our indelible need to measure and allow peace to pass understanding; with the knowledge of acknowledgement of the miraculous in mysticism (etherial understanding : there are lots of those who are, many can't allow, others are in search. availability is nonetheless equal). mysticism is (necessarily) cloistered behind a veil, at the beckoned call of a seeker . and as one chooses, more (of everything) becomes revealed, as acknowledgement of that and gratitude for what is are keys to the doorway of the kingdom.

what if peace itself were the kingdom. 

seek ye first the kingdom ... that one.

what if we again stretched our big brains and created an actual world we want to live in based on who we are within the framework of the one-ness we actually are.

as all cells are important to the healthy function of the body of the organ they inhabit, each one of us is a cell in the whole of that which is. so is every other energy in the entire universe. what if we have that kind of power to create??? i think (because i can) we do. i also think we must only welcome (any) energy for it to have being : we all get to choose the energy we choose to manifest. we also get to learn the lessons we come to learn; we get to bring ourselves out of surfdom or not, but it is up to us to find peace and to be peaceful where we are. (this will often involve reinventing (manifesting.) (this will also often involve great desire, fortitude to stay the course, and an innate familiarity with the direction of one's own true north.)

we must know in ourselves that there are many versions, and the sooner we figure out how to apply them (because they are ... all ... important) the more joy we are able to be . what would it feel like to be more joyful, more grateful, more content : right in the center ... what if we thought we could? we've created quite enough chaos i think - a good dose of species-wide simple joy may well be in order; as we wish, as we will. sometimes it's as easily accessed as a simple recognition of blessings and sometimes we have to delve a bit more, but however it comes, it is only ours to (see its light) bring it ... or not.

and here's the really great part : if where you are isn't where you want to be, there is this miraculous power available to all of us - and where we are going may not always be apparent (and there is absolutely no way we can know how, which isn't our job anyway), but it is ours to see the end (result), to call those things that do not exist as though they already are.

If you do not change direction,
you may end up where you are heading.
Lao Tzu

creating one's own version of that is the process of identifying 'that.'

I AM that, I AM.

within the ancient name of the creator lies the power to choose who we be, for we ourselves create 'that' of I AM. that is what we choose to be, and that which we delve.

who is that? 

when we say to our self (and to the world) : I AM ???, what do we hear our self say? what if, by the very invocation of the statement, we have given the energy of whatever ends the statement into the statement, thus sending the power of creation out into universal intelligence, indelibly creating the very thing we say we are?

I AM, I WILL, I DO, I BE, I HAVE : to call upon the massive, mighty force of the very name of the power granted in the long ago, to the experiment known as mankind, for the pleasure and delight of the energy of creation; extant, indelible and for all time : this is all tranquility, the kingdom.

   I AM peaceful, I AM.

   I AM all i choose to be in the world,    I AM.

   I AM possibility, I AM.

   I AM kind, I AM.
   I AM enough, I AM.

   I AM loving, I AM.

   I AM healthy, I AM.

   I AM patient, I AM. 

   I AM worthy, I AM.

   let the weak man say I AM strong,    I AM.

   let the nature of nature be known in the soul I AM grateful, I AM.

   let the good-ness of man be noticed (blessed) and his good-ness grows 
   I AM light, I AM.

the ancient, holy name of the spirit of creation is:

 i am that, i am.
 ... and so i am.

it is by being (claiming, saying, stating, acknowledging, blessing) that, 
that we are also.

create your own (version of) that. say (be) I AM. then be that. see the result of that clearly in mind and (bless) acknowledge momentum ... if you will dare to consciously delve you will find purpose here . you will find your own light . because here is where that lives ...


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