Thursday, April 7, 2016

woodpecker and heron

woodpecker and heron appeared on a trip to peace. i wasn't expecting them, but their appearance brought a lovely thought : what if i was in exactly the right place, doing exactly the thing i was supposed to be doing, dreaming the dream i was having, bringing the life i am supposed to live? big thought, and certainly one worth contemplating ...

opportunity, it is said, knocks : so does woodpecker.

the symbolic meaning of an interaction (the knowing of it) with woodpecker : a lovely quote from marsha sinetar (whom i had never before heard of), 'think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want.' the woodpecker finds his home where he finds it : whether it be in a tree full of life (and bugs), or creating life for itself and its progeny within a transitional trunk, full of decay (and bugs). where there is death in nature there is also rejuvenation and rebirth (creativity). think about cells in the body : as they live and recreate within a living body they do the work required by the particular organ they inhabit to keep it functioning. you and i have absolutely nothing to do with this process except to 'host' it, yet, they (the cells and organs) know their job and seamlessly go about keeping lungs breathing, heart beating, blood pumping, etc. when there becomes no more unseen host for them to draw life from, they begin a process of recreation in their very death. the same is true of all things, people and beings. to every thing there is a season ... after all, and creative energy never, ever rests : it can't - it is life itself. eyes see with it, lungs breathe it, nostrils smell with it, etc. as this is so, you and i are (also) never ending source. that which breathes us, also thinks us. it is up to us to direct this massive energy (thought) : to know it, to recognize and be come our own best within it.

the work required (of us, when we arrive here, and for all the moments we breathe) is to look deeply inside and identify what it is that brings (each of us) joy, and then to find it in ourselves to manifest joy in creating vision. this process is (simply) abundance, and gratitude is its mechanism.

woodpecker is an optimist, and from that i can learn to create.

with the heron's arrival, floating gracefully (intentionally) in on powerful and large wings came a lovely and bone-settling peace. even before i intellectually knew the mystical symbolism of the sages through the ages, i felt the presence of peace inside upon the sighting. in delving the symbolic, i discovered that heron heralds a time of contemplation and stillness. heron has the ability (and patience and fortitude) to stand in one spot for great lengths of time (in full expectation), waiting for a fish. he is never hurrying, for his sacred work is his mission - his purpose, and he is in full awareness of each moment - prepared fully for the moment when his breakfast swims by. he does not coerce or pray for sustenence - he just knows. my own interpretation of the peace of the heron was immediate, and (because i can) i called upon the stillness inside myself for enjoyment of this lovely moment of joy in peace.

with a fresh awareness in the mystical, i recognize the spirit of all creation, and bless the moments of their arrival. my moment of peace is mine, and i accept it gratefully.

namaste, traveler...make today what you want.