Wednesday, March 30, 2016

change gon'na come

the thing i know about change is that it never changes. it is the only thing that doesn't, and we may as well get used to it ... it sure makes more sense to just give it up and expect it, because it's gon'na happen anyway.

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in service to change, i offer deference to the power inside myself to create my universe as i want it to be ... on the outside. it's feeling fairly full inside now, and i am ready to enjoy all this creating i've been doing; consciously watching it grow, change, be come itself. i created it joyful in my mind, therefore, it is being enjoyable, and all the (momentary) chaos that surrounds bringing light as i can, where i can, are lessons from which i may adjust my perspective, 'cause life does, in fact, happen. about the only control we (may) have over it is focus : it's going to show up how it does, and the truth is that what we bless, expands.

it is i'mpossible to know how (and that's not our job anyway) ... our job is to act when we are handed opportunity, and to expect good fortune in its outcome. it is then our job to learn to know the rest; therefore we must practice. whatever comes is inclusive of your (present) journey here, and you are designing it. (therefore, you are free to re-design.) no matter what your situation or circumstance, you must see who you want to be in the world, and then be who you want the world to know : because all will know, when the light inside ourselves for good is rekindled.

this is not i'mpossible, in fact, it is a required course ... its mission, our very own purpose here. we are (all) good enough : perspective notwithstanding. if we search for peace, we will find peace. the converse (in all its names) is also true.

which gets us back to 'change.' our very own purpose here is inclusive of the circumstance we've gotten ourselves to ... the only power we actually have is the power to create ourselves as we ourselves say we are : and, we are the only species here that has the need to. all others know their purpose when they arrive. it is such a shame what we are doing to ourselves.

perhaps if we look to the guidance of our own sweet mother (whose air we breathe and whose water we thirst for, and whose body we consume : in peace and in war), who tries as hard as she can to forgive us and to heal herself because of us,

because she herself is blessed:

All this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,

"You owe me."

What happens
With a love like that,
It lights the whole sky.”

― حافظ (hafiz : persian poet, b. 1326)

here's to finding my very own piece of peace.

yes, it is going to change the way the world works for me, but that's its purpose : all energies love their own best manifestation, including me. i accept. i know myself an open and willing vessel - for the light of the world begins with the acknowledgement of my self as light, and I AM. also, my very own 'that' begins here: I AM that, I AM.

i am (also) grateful (thank you) for my gift(s) : they are many and plenty. ...and I AM enough. i am all i have, and i delve/plan to see myself in the center of my own dream : i believe it, and that's enough : it is the gift i have, and I AM thank-ful.

I AM creating ... creating ... creating, and so it is.

it is enough to simply say, thank you, I AM.

namaste traveler.

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