Monday, March 7, 2016

access to peace

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
- Maya Angelou

empowering peace : 
allowing love.

peace, in itself is a force. a force is usually considered a being unto itself, a rite of power not well understood in the minds of men. there are a number of forces : a force of nature - a tour de force - the force.

how, then can peace contain within itself force?

acquiring access within the heart, mind and soul is the work of all humans : all other beings have access from their birth. lessons learned along the way are to teach survival. human, by his own bequeathment of 'likeness and image,' has the privilege of learning the gifts of the maker with which he is imbued for his and the maker's own enjoyment. the artist is a grand example of searching one's heart, mind and soul. should we but for a moment, put down our playthings and allow love to swirl around inside awhile, may we feel our way to the force that is the power of peace.

ask yourself : is this worth my suffering? how may i find joy in this very moment? 

to behold beauty in the center of one's being is available to everyone at all times. seek therein, allow. there is love to be found in each and every one of us, if we but dare look.

sometimes the only vision of joy to be found is in the idea of the passing of the moment we find ourselves in, but at least there is that : grieve, forgive, and then allow the moment to pass, consciously in search of joy. we are hard wired to survive, including fright and flight : we are also creatures of faith, courage and extraordinary strength. 

in times of peace there is less fright, for in times of war or conflict humanity's heart conspires to find suffering. the necessity of money among us leads to the necessity of conspiring madness to get it. 'it' itself, is an energy : a force; mankind's allure of it makes evil because of it, but in itself is only an inspiring, aspiring energy. we are inspired to live our own dream, and the beginning of feeling in love with life is the feeling of safety, satiety and the fullness of happy ... the beginning of living a dream.

it is our choice to continue our search for the dream within (consciously), or to allow life to happen as we (unconsciously) bring it. either way, we bring it. we make up stories as we go along to salve our self-inflicted wounds and nurture ego's need for victim-hood. we have it like those of us who do not have 'enough' are victims of the crimes of those who do have enough and are far too unwilling to let those of us who do not have enough have some of theirs and make do with less. the rules we have made around 'enough' say there is not, and can not be, and therefore, giving/sharing suffers. those who 'have' keep it, and those who 'have not' want it. 

we forget that the nature of supply is unlimited. we concentrate on the nature of resources, which is absolutely limited and becomes scarce in taking. the infinite, indefatigable, unlimited power contained in universal intelligence is our birthright : it is ours to find our version of access.

life shows up. sometimes it is lovely - sometimes it is painful. begin to actively 'see' lovely, which is in fact, all around - this is up to each individual of us. no matter the circumstance, more of what we see will evidence (this is law). sometimes we must see first in mind. 

the idea is expanding blessings ... the forwarding of peace, love and giving to humanity in the form of self-empowerment is, and lives within us - if we choose peace, love and giving.

you become what you think about ... what are you thinking about?

namaste traveler... peace to you this day.

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