Monday, March 7, 2016

the keys to the kingdom


peace to you this day : as you wish, as you allow. it is my wish for you, and my thought for today... within peace is sublimity, within peace is satiety, within peace is foundation for living, within peace is trust.

within living, we constantly search. we may not even be aware of searching, but if we would endeavor to really look, to really listen, to tune in to the beating of our hearts, we will find that there is really only one thought (hope) at the very foundation of all the myriad of hearts, minds, places in the world, or those who are walking our journey with us. trust. should we find that we trust ourselves, may we find trust in our world. this is not to say that gambling and speculating have no place, au contraire : it is in trusting ourselves that we learn to know when and how to gamble and speculate. we won't always win, but if we persevere, taking comfort in our own knowing of our own intuition, we learn what those odd feelings (knowings) actually mean, and furthermore, how to allow them to (divinely) assist with whatever questions we have (and bother to ask). 

trust is, moreover, the common denominator of our relationship with our own divine creator : whatever its name, and the only real condition within our divine relationships with our kindred spirits : all of them. should we find trust we also find ability. the soul-satisfying-ness of knowing ourselves capable : to do, to be -- whatever we choose.

to have a certain amount of say in how it all goes : freedom : satiety.

the cross (of christendom) is the symbolic interpretation of divided/connected. think of it : the vertical line : division/the horizontal line : bridge. it is only one of the great symbols : i'd like to know what your symbolic interpretations are -all are basal depictions of above and below. the trust that each is its own answer : the knowing that one without the other is just a random line. that in order to bridge there must be divide - in order for division to be bridged there must be connection : peace.

within peace are the keys to the kingdom : freedom, light, love. 
within the kingdom : peace.

we are advised to seek first the kingdom . this kingdom is within us, and its name is peace.

military peace is a contradiction in terms, the two words absolutely, diametrically opposed. this brand of trust does not (can not) exist. this version of 'peace' (which seems so very necessary among us : why is that?) is antithetical (mutually incompatible) to trust, to connectedness or to at•one•ment.

Peace cannot be kept by force; 
it can only be achieved by understanding.” 

the truth is ... the only peace there is, is of our own making, should we allow.

namaste, traveler : peace to you this day.

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