Friday, October 2, 2015

gratitude is sweet

to be lightning would be a jolt : 

to live and have your entire being in a single, massive burst of electric energy . and then to know there is, now, an answer to your fury, created by yourself from your own deliberate advance through the heavens. untold ions buzzing at the speed of light through the very air in which you tumble --  the break in atmosphere becomes thunder ... and makes its entry into the realm of being. sometimes rolling gently through; sometimes a crack ... fast and rough; and sometimes a puff, lazily grumbling along after you. makes its own way through, nonetheless; moving the very heavens to cries of ecstasy in themselves appearing into the symphony. roll, roll, roll, roll, until the heavens become the stronger, and slow and slow and slow the burst.

in gratitude are observances as this, acknowledged; brought into being for the sake of awareness of them. the beauty, strength, youth in/of their own/only/one power... the ecstatic, joyful release of itself : energy, pure, whole, unfettered. in itself, there is no requirement for acknowledgement or awareness, but that it knows itself complete and all it needs. recognition, then, is actually only in me. ...the lightning, thunder and heavens rejoice only for their own enjoyment : that i noticed has created knowing, and therefore foregoing enjoyment, in my own pleasure. it has also created a kinship with the energy of thunder that i have always known, but never knew that i knew. here is also gratitude - the knowing in me of energies - unbridled awe, the freedom i allow my being to know. the grateful graciousness of simple awareness.

a place of honor in the overstanding of the soul of human : gratitude is peace.

finding a place of peace in the self is a sibling of finding gratitude there also. they are, in fact, inseparable twins. one is discoverable, the other its result, symbiotically.

namasté traveler.

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