Wednesday, February 4, 2015

journey to somewhere

it does seem there is something ... just on the other side of awareness ... my part will be played; after all, it is my part. i am in a place within me of great willing. it is, for me, so important a part as creates a restless peace, if such a thing can be named.

my heart hears the call : my mind answers here, for it is the place i believe will be discovered this part. it is the place of truth for me - of seeking - of finding. thoughts, as they say, are things. focus to become uncluttered, clear. ...

infinity is inside me : just beyond the proverbial veil...

i know myself to have stepped through the doorway of that very same veil : that's how i know it exists. that said, i await only the clearing of the mist that surrounded when i first stepped through. i noticed the doorway quite by surprise in a very real feeling dream in which i found myself on a definite journey to somewhere. when i found my self facing the option of entering, it presented as a very old, very heavy and imposing door, with an oval brass handle, peeled and cracking paint on its thick, solid wood surface. the round top showed it to be of stunning craftsmanship - more plain than ornate, but lovely. i, of course, had the option to continue along the clearly marked pathway that i was on, but there was an immediate sense of mystery upon discovering the possible divergence, and the idea of it caught me. i knew deep inside that should i open this door my perspective would forever change; i also knew i was set upon a journey to somewhere. i placed my hand upon the handle and turned.

upon opening the unlocked door i first noticed the mist, then the walkway. it was as nighttime with only a faint moonlight. the walkway really wasn't; more of a patchwork of tree root and moss covered ground. the mist, though present, did not feel ominous, more like a veil. my adventure in stepping through the door was all i was supposed to do at that time. the rest would come later. is now later.

i feel the veil lifting - the mist/fog dissipating. although clarity around direction is still unknown, i know i am on my way, and what there was to understand about the veil is that what is just beyond it is no more or less than one's own knowing. to know your self in being as you yourself would have it all be is the beginning of being it ... the beginning of freedom.

having given myself the gift of freedom, my spirit is uplifted; my heart is happy; desire knows no boundaries. i know infinite in myself.

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