Thursday, January 29, 2015

om namah shivaya

be yourself as you want yourself to be.

resistance is at your own expense.

and peril.

i live the power to transform into any being i choose. it is a skill the great merlin found so useful as to teach his great student - the seeker who accidentally found him, arthur.  

arthur was destined to be himself, and you are destined to be yourself. who is that?

shall you teach your children to be as you are? or teach them thay may learn to be the version of themselves they most desire in their walk-thru here. show them who you really are, and expect them to be who they really are.

for all beings learn to be themselves. the natural world, which reinvents itself every few moments comes to mind.

there is not much in this realm that does not change. this is neither something to fear nor something to resist. it is ... and that is all. (actually, it is the mystery/power of it all.)

to miss being yourself is a good place to begin.

at first, try to imagine your idea of your perfect experience in this realm. now imagine yourself in the face of that person who is being that perfect experience. learn what there is to learn, acknowledge the lesson (always), then be.

namaste to you spirit. thank you. so be it.

om namah shivaya ~

May the greatest that can be in this world be created 
within myself, within others, and within the world.

i am powerful ~ an anonymous gift : from an anonymous person to an anonymous person -- one being to another..

when you notice your face in the face of the being who is being a life well lived, take a look : see your very one/only/own self being a life well lived. 

you cannot want too much. there is much great mystery/power available here ... but only for the living.

a miracle: awakening soul to potential ... to grace. another miracle : doing so consciously. and one more : understanding soul to be part of a collective, encompassing all energies and beings. ergo: who we are to each other is who we are being to ourselves.

i, for example, am a star ... anonymously. i am the energy of a star; that very star is the energy of me.

you, for example may be a redwood or a sea urchin or a mountain ... or a cloud or raindrop. all is the exact same energy that you are, that i am.

for, when i say i am a star, it is only so that ears can hear. the spirit known as the heart knows itself to be its own piece of the energy and beauty we call life. if the spirit/heart in us isn't beautiful, what would it look like should it be so? 

should your being live into your own best vision/version, namaste traveler. teach what you know about being who you want to be. gift yourself to all who avail you to teach. know that yours is sacred knowledge for you know truth. you must find your own way, but you know the way will show itself, and that when it does, you will ultimately hear yourself say it, watch yourself be it. you shall know it in you, as the drop of water knows herself grateful for flow, and as the sea knows herself ever alive. as the mountains are certainly only being mountains and peace ever flows through it all.

this way forward is not for most, unfortunately. but for you who hear, teach! it is purpose : why do you suppose you were given such a gift? as we awaken ourselves, we learn to be ourselves.

for, it can also be said that having much is as much about being much as about the presence of much in pleasing elements around you. create within yourself the being you that you desire, then be that; first in mind. hold that image. be that image. this being-ness of self is vibration - a feeling and a pathway. the opening of consciousness in awareness of this being in self as desire expressing is the magic. the way to mystical - the attainment of atonement with divinity within the sacred self that is your self.

all are welcome here.

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