Saturday, January 28, 2017

stay strong!

stay strong.

stand tall - face forward. keep moving toward the light inside you. no matter what. darkness can not drive out darkness; only light can do that. (MLKJ)

violence is only violence, and may only conjure its synonyms: assault, attack, bloodshed, brutality, clash, confusion, cruelty, disorder, disturbance, fighting, rampage, struggle, terrorism, etc. 

is violence (or its entourage) who we are? 

i say it is not.

we are all one. 

no one can divide us unless we ourselves allow it. 
out of many, one people : e pluribus unum
art by barrington watson, 1962

every person has the right to freedom, liberty and justice; the forces of dark in this world know that if we allow our fear to divide our light, darkness (pestilence) may seep in and overpower our light. only in our persistence and determined march forward, toward peace in ourselves and in our way with each other, may we continue to bring our light, which shines brighter and brighter when we all join in.

whatever the opposite of violence is to you, be that. inciting or taking part in violence (in any form) in ourselves begets violent interaction...

within the autocracy of absolute power : when the demagogue in the room is politics or a single party ... freedom is its first kill, followed closely by its second : hope. the demagogue's victory is fear, persecution, slavery to the ideas of the machine created by the autocracy of demagoguery through the promulgation of (man-made) laws which make autocracy its right.

it seems as though there are many foes : there is really only one : our fear.

we are better than this ... fear may only be vanquished inside ourselves, and solidarity among us may only be grown in the heart of love . 

we may if we will, be the crack that lets light in ...

in this time we are (all) under attack. authoritarian autocratic politically tyrannical influences among us excepted, assault upon humanity of every gender, color, creed and age is happening. hard-won rights (freedoms) are being systematically and deliberately trampled by these same influences (in the name of 'economy' and 'safety'), and the impending certain rape and slaughter upon our mother planet seems inevitable; due to the influences' ability to manipulate the laws (of man) created by their hand, at their behest, in their own best interests, and certainly not in ours (or our home planet).  

we, in our diversity, in our love, in our consolidation, may rise up. we may, if we will, stay the course of justice. rising up means we alone are responsible for our actions. to have peaceful means we must be peaceful, and we must do peaceful. we will be challenged; we will be told to keep our mouths shut, we are led to believe that somehow freedom's price is conformance to a set of rules that work best for influence's greed. this set of laws is dynamic, and may be changed again and again. the only constant is universal law; the laws of love. it has become convenient to influence to step over these laws.

influence, indelibly has its own fear : 
the fear of the will of the people. 

we should become clear
 about our own power.

we may only find consolation in lifting each other up. as we stand together and see each other through the eyes of love may we join our power, for we are powerful. if we will believe ... 

we're all entitled to a joyful life ~

i see your true colors shining through... 

don't be afraid 
to let them show... 
(you) are beautiful
like a rainbow.
~cyndi lauper~