Wednesday, January 11, 2017

love - just love

a couple of days ago, i discovered myself actually in service to my own purpose : i found myself, one part of the great whole, doing the work i was born to do!

it is an expected occurrence, and i am grateful that i am aware that it is up to me to discern divine light, and that my own truth is only brought by my own choice : 

by my own desire for peace.

when we see that who we are is the light of the world, we must actively strive to be bringers of light into the world : whenever, however opportunity presents . a close, aware look inward reveals our part within our sacred work (purpose), and is the only place in the entirety of life where this truth lives.

it is ours in this realm, upon this earth, to create (choose) our own thoughts : choose thoughts that serve love, that serve peace, that serve kindness.

to look inside ourselves and find service to our divine mission (which is uplifting ourselves and each other) is the absolute reason for our very being, is why we are here, is to bring the light of love into this world (for ourselves, our creator, for each other and for our home), and is our only real job here. let us (each) now return to love, be our own best contribution to peace among ourselves : because we can, if we will.

i believe we are at the cusp of a new version of ourselves. it is ours now to decide what we will be. it seems we have forgotten our commitment to assist, offer help and preserve our dignity. we seem to be moving away from civility. we seem to choose revenge and hatred, the result of our own fears - of each other, of our own ability to thrive. our brothers and sisters; and therefore our selves, suffer.

the ancient holies are very clear about our place within the whole. there is only 1, and it is all of us.

i think a healthy dose of kindness toward ourselves and everyone we meet may be added into all curricula from the beginning of education . if we would have the courage to talk with our children about reinventing angst (their own and our own) into love, to encourage them (and ourselves) to find their own gratitude, their own awareness, i believe we may teach ourselves to be a kinder, more tolerant and benevolent species. should we take the trouble and time to introduce ourselves to universal acceptance and care, the children who must bear the suffering of parents too worn down by the world to see their children's ability to shine may learn to engage their parents in the same conversations - to ask for a better, more just and joyous (enlightened) way among themselves, and ultimately among ourselves.

it seems that some of us have the idea that bringing harm to others and/or the planet is somehow part of the work they came to do. one thing i know for sure : this is a benevolent universe, created for (and by) all beings, by all knowing presence; love itself - creator (whatever name you personally call it), and therefore, limitless. doing harm to any other being (including ourselves, each other, our mother planet or the universe we inhabit), is an absolute, abject absence of love. the reason harm isn't working in the world is that harm is a version of fear, which is the opposite of love, which is actually who we are. being love and bringing love (and its entourage) into the world is the joy of living life. actions of fear (which (also) includes hate) separate us from the inherent love we are come here to be; and from each other.

actions which are based in fear are the opposite of love, and may in no way belong (or be included) within the creed of a creator of light, life, love : the two ideas may not exist in the same realm ... the question becomes, to whom do we make our promises? to whom do we keep them? it is interesting that our creator gave us the will to freely choose our way. it is also interesting the path we chose.

we are (all) one : when we see any one of us struggle, it is our part to do to bring hope (in the doing of all we can), to be all we can be in service to light : for all beings. in this realm, and on this planet, we alone were bequeathed the opportunity by our creator to know and understand that, and how our own actions change all things for worse or better.

what if we all understood that we all have divine right to live in freedom, and in peace? we all have the ability in us to create our own best selves living our own best lives according to our own best version of our own best vision : and should we teach ourselves to find gratitude for the opportunity to do so, from the place we now stand; and then offer and receive forgiveness for/to ourselves and for/to those we have harmed or who have harmed us? 

what if we were to choose peace? what may we then create? 

should we choose to, we may release our fear and return to love. there are beings of light who are ready to show ourselves the way forward into light, into love, into living our own best life within divine purpose. they only await our own request ... it is in our own light that we learn how to love.

we must but surrender ... we must but know ... 
we must but be aware ... we must but ask.

we must but choose.

we must teach ourselves again to be loving : to be kind : and to be patient. we have allowed ourselves to be soothed by that which may never soothe. fear, to the point that we may find that we conduct most aspects of living our lives as a consequence (in reply and because) of our fear. consider that. the tranquilities are seemingly quaint ways of other, older civilizations, now out of fashion. we experience each other angrily, with great disappointment and frustration. we choose to celebrate harm, to find glee in punishing mistakes; and to find it 'fun' to hurt (conquer) each other. we are also ostracized or hated ourselves, thus justifying our own hatred.

our reward? we are able to congratulate ourselves for being right... and maybe there will be some sort of settlement; at the expense of another. we each have staked our beliefs right (and they are, for each of us, because we say so), and closed our hearts to ability to find good in each other, unless we happen to agree with what the other thinks. even when we agree, we seemingly have to make others wrong. we no longer allow ourselves to disagree (or to welcome other ideas about issues), but have it like we alone are right; and moreover, that we actually enjoy making others wrong. each of us looks at others of us as though right and wrong are clearly delineated, and we are right and 'they' are wrong, and therefore, 'they' do not matter in the scope of our opinion, and therefore are not worthy of our version of the creator, and we must therefore inflict harm.

when we had rather
persecute than forgive,
complain than resolve,
be ill than be healed,
take rather than give,
spread gossip than goodwill,
downpress than uplift,
we reap the seeds we sow.

when we had rather
be healed,
spread goodwill,
uplift each other,
we reap the seeds we sow.

the doing of finding good is (actually) a lot easier than you might think : 
pay attention. 

when you find yourself about to criticize or shout or be a victim or victimize or accuse someone else, stop yourself. take a deep breath and actually look for your own empathy - find good in your message, and send love into the world. it may take some practice, but in the end, finding joy, being peaceful, makes for a better and more loving existence.

is a great way to begin.

take a look : find the good in you, and in all others. catch yourself and others doing right, find in yourself and in others forgiveness and caring. share your light : the world really needs it!

to look upon each other with love : through the (self developed) lens of joy, peace, grace, tolerance and forgiveness, is to be united : and to give and to receive love.

actively look for opportunities throughout your day to advance the cause of peace. to shine the light of love ... to bring kindness and sharing into your own dialogue. it's worth it, and it has the power to change the world.

to help : to love : to forgive : to uplift : to be the change.