Wednesday, January 4, 2017

moving on

today is the day...

i've chosen a storage unit, begun the chores and have a totally new outlook!

i have chosen this new year to make a brand new start : rightfully. it is a leap of faith, and i make it authentically, with great anticipation and excitement.

i don't know most of the details of this movement (where am i going from here, how will i afford to live while i'm figuring it all out, where will i sleep in the meantime, etc.), but in this moment, i don't have to know those details : it feels great to just (finally) take the plunge and get on with the doing of it.

living life in a place of 'trapped' is no way to live. i've done it before and vowed to never be that person again : i'm not (in any way) distressed in my living situation, except in the way that i 'know' it's time ... and now i am taking my own advice. this day has been on its way for some time now, and it is liberating, fresh, and feels a lot like free.

how do i know all of this? because i do. i am a person who searches my own soul for answers to questions i, myself, ask. this time it only took a few phone calls, and was quickly and easily dispatched. one of the ways i knew i was making the right choices was how quickly and easily it showed up, once i started looking.

today i am happy : because i am making forward momentum; because i am following the advice my heart is giving; because i have brought these answers.

i am grateful, i am.