Tuesday, December 6, 2011


when the sky turns purple and the sea glows orange -
the diamonds 'pon the water fade into stars
'pon the sky and the constellations
suddenly return the gaze of all who dare
to seek among them, they that look upon them; 

both in awe, both in wonder - each of and with the other.

it is in this place, the still of the gaze, where she can be found. 
when she found herself only where she was 
did she find the peace she thought had eluded; 
taken itself elsewhere, bestowing grace 'pon others.

she learned to adore the search - created grace for herself and became the woman she longed to be ... never acquiesced to sorrow - moving only ever more toward the dream.

learning to live in her heart, she would learn, has shown itself to be
the missing peace/piece ... 
her own piece of peace ... 

she would learn well the path : she would become adept.
she did not know this : she allowed.

in the path lay strewn rose petals - tinged from tears earned 

living life as it chose to come - deep red. 

the way was dark sometimes : and light othertimes. 
light would come after dark as surely as the diamonds 
return to the sea in the coming of the sun ... brilliant, 
growing more radiant as the sun makes its way across - 
melding the power of light with the enormity of sky, 
creating shades of purple unimaginable otherwise. 

creating ... creating ... creating ...

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