Wednesday, February 8, 2017

si se puede!

don't die (inside)...

the world, it seems, is in a mess. this is distracting if one's (purpose) mission is trying to be itself in the world. there is only one cure i can think of for distraction : focus ... to extricate ... to set yourself free of distraction's only power : fear. we distract ourselves because we choose to fear ... each other and ourselves. we fear that others are getting something we deem they don't deserve; and we fear for ourselves not getting what we deem we deserve. we can't look at either, and can't stop looking at both; create angst, and convince ourselves that we must compete with each and 'win' over all others to find satisfaction.

the truth, which lies beneath (and above) all this distraction, appears quiet, terrifying and unachievable (according to distraction). we use every weapon we can invent toward all others to avoid actually seeing each other. we fortify our fear and develop a bag of lenses through which we choose to see.

the lens bag contains any number of filters, and serves the purpose of guarding our sensibilities. we convince ourselves that we are somehow different from others, right in our decisions, and therefore we make others wrong, sinful, or otherwise unacceptable to ourselves. we learn early in our lives that life is unfair, and the spoils only go to the 'best.' we then limit the 'best' to an impossible and exclusive club. (the very bizarre part about this is that we ourselves set it up this way!) we then spend our lives trying to gain entry into this club, only to be told we're not 'good enough' to join.

every one of us has a lens bag, and most of us have one or more preferred lens(es). we tend to develop a comfort zone, and automatically go to our favorite way to see the world, other people and the planet. we define 'best' and create power to those who we deem fit our convention. over time, whether the lens is loneliness, or arrogance, or humility, or racism, or misery, or wrong, or piety, or have, or cheated, or peace, or hate, or ??, usually, without our even being aware, this place invents itself into the lens we operate from, and becomes the place we allow our heart to dwell, having made ourselves comfortable here.
sometimes it takes a miracle (certainly some courage) to open our lens bag and pull out an option. we become so accustomed to seeing the world through our lens of choice that we may forget we have options.

listen to what you're hearing when you're listening ...

what are you saying to yourself : to your children : to your coworkers : to your neighbors : to your friends? most of the time we are who we say we are, whether we know it or not. our lens can become such an integral component in the way we frame our world, and our pain can become so great that we have difficulty contemplating the pain of others; and take it on our own belief that our own pain is justified, because of the way we are choosing to look at the world.

now, listen just below the din. now, listen above the din.

there is a whole 'nother conversation going in these two places. should we dare to listen, we would hear a chorus of voices crying, saying and praying : i want a good life for myself and for my family! if all of us realign our thoughts into abundance in all things, may we say these words; know these words in truth, and then be these words, we are then able to say : i deserve, and am myself now doing my part in contribution to purpose. i am, myself, creating life good for (myself, for my family, and for) all people.

the work of politics is the work of using an accepted method of the will of the people (who happen to be in power at the time) to advance society. i think the current policy makers in power are doing the work of devolving our society. ... and that's my particular view. it strikes me that this is what is delving to be heard in this moment in my own journey. i have spoken myself a writer, and have become so. i also say my life is good, and so it is. whatever we invoke amen! into is that which we become in the world. (actually, 'amen' means, among other things, so be it, and so it is). if we invoke amen! into discontent, so shall we reap. should we invoke amen! into peace, so shall we reap. we've never been particularly good at following rules, because we are all so affected by them.

the current powers that be would have us look more to division, than union; more to peace by the power of militia (downpressing), than peace through the power of brotherhood (uplifting). the systematic disempowerment and disenfranchisement of well more than 1/2 of the people for whom this land is home; and millions and millions more, globally. what i know is i am one spark of divinity, and so are you. the body of the universe is all of us, including all parts. consider now the universe : consider now that i am only my part within, and therefore my own part to do. i say that bringers of light into the world are needed. i say it is true that there are forces trying to be born in the world that are seemingly undefeatable through the power of love : i say the power of love is the power of light in the universe. to shine our own light of love into the world has the ability to shine divine light into the heart of darkness, into the abyss of fear.

i rather serve the ways of peace in my own conscience : delving to do good in the world and share my own light (belief in and for good) wherever and whenever i am given opportunity to do so. may i know that justice prevails to all people : and that all may have good lives and experience joy in their journey. to say that when i am done here, i have used all of my potential to do all i can to breathe the message of love, of personal ability, of freedom for all people to live a life of their own choosing. i offer my gifts in service to being a warrior of the light (thank you sr. coelho) : and my reward is an advancement of my own understanding of humanity ... odd species, humans.

'fair' is a human contrivance and a version of fear (lack). 'fair' is also a vision of loveliness (beauty). it is the court's place in our land to say what is fair, unless we can agree on our own (which we are getting progressively worse at). the truth is, ours is one of the few places in the world where the people get to have their say : and no matter how much the influencers are able to exert their power (will), there is (thankfully) a counter-balance. the powers that be : the current influencers would have us believe that the world is divided into hierarchy; an exclusive club, by design, excludes. i say, we the people ...
and so it is that our greatest overarching love is winning, let it also be so that we establish and perpetrate win/win : with justice for all.

there must now be opened in us the place of forgiveness : for ourselves and for each other. to forgive ourselves for our perpetrations on each other, and to forgive others for theirs also. to allow ourselves to forgive and to be forgiven, and to allow others to forgive and to be forgiven. to create ourselves and each other powerful beyond measure : uplifting ourselves and each other : to be the change you'd like to see in and for the world; and then to allow a place of peace inside ourselves where forgiveness and peace and goodwill dwells. this place is usually very bright : if it's not, look for the light switch : it's there, usually just on the wall.

absolute power corrupts absolutely.
power itself is the prize ... 
peace is possible ... 
as we ourselves think it so, and create it so.
our choice is to the nature of peace.

power to his people : in the name of winning.
power to all people : in the name of love.

yes, we can

yes, we can.

Acknowledge that the universal healing forces flow through your heart and hands in ways that help others find their own destiny.

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