Saturday, February 4, 2017

warriors needed

the world climate is troubling.

the 'news' that i read every day attacked me last night in a dream (it seems i simply can't stop myself : i simply can not fathom what i see happening in my own and in all other countries in the world!). this dream, in which i was being pursued and threatened by 'something' created the kind of unstoppable angst that one experiences in horror movies - which i categorically do not allow into my consciousness.
i am a person who diligently tries to protect my psyche from harm by choosing positive and uplifting input; and therefore i do not understand my fascination with following the (reality show) events of each new day, except that it seems i am compelled to try and see what effect the dawn of this new day seeks to perpetrate upon humanity. my partner, who was sleeping peacefully beside me, (thankfully) noticed my dream scream, and awakened me : the reset button was effective, and i fell back asleep; sleeping well until morning. i felt lucky : whatever it was that was trying to get me was not able to reach me (physically) ... for which i am profoundly grateful. the message that seeks to be known is that this energy was, however, able to get my attention, which is a call for light in my own psyche ... and therefore, mine to navigate.

this morning (and indeed, it seems, every morning) i awoke to more of the same vile, vicious vitriol. i do think that a 'change' in the way we care for each other and our planet is necessary. i did not hold a lot of hope for the type of change i would like to see when the (not my) president of the u.s. was swept in on a wave of (indignant) angst by the lesser energy of fear. in the short time since that announcement was made, i have noticed the destabilizing atrocities being blatantly carried out and confirmed over and over to civil rights, human dignity and the care of and for our home. the annihilation of decency that is exhibited, defended and lauded (by those who would seek to rip democracy out of the garden by its roots and lay it upon the burning altar of 'winning') is the result of an onslaught of derision and division : the premise of all reality shows : drama, dominance, and defeat.

the most astute general knows that the swiftest way to conquer is to divide. to deflect attention and to strike hard and fast when the defender is unexpectant. i believe we may have been expecting something different, but i look at this man's history and wonder why. i believe we may have thought it might be safe to allow a 'grace' period - some time after the inauguration to let it all sink in. that moment never came : the upending came hard, and came fast; leaving the vast majority of us dazed, confused, and more than a bit bewildered. 

it is all too easy to simply hang our heads and wring our hands; all too simple to hope the demise and trampling over of our constitution will just stop. it is too hard to think of the scathing one who crosses this personality receives; and too much to consider to be threatened by its trolls. the generals of this war on decency will demand (and receive) utmost loyalty from the hierarchy : colonels right down to foot-soldiers. the very stunning thing is there are humans willing (gladly?) to do this work : to carry out the work of autocratic political destabilization, zealous destruction, theological division, the work of rape and slaughter of our home.

i think that what was most unsettling about the monster under my bed last night is that 'it' wasn't the kind of creature that was a creature at all, but a feeling : the unidentifiable (and unquestionable) presence of 'something' being unleashed into the world : and it is hungry : and it wants to win ... 

in this moment, how may i do my part : be a warrior of service in direct opposition to the advance of fear : i offer all i am to the forces of light, love, peace and plenty among us (all).

warriors of the light are needed : apply within.

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