Monday, April 24, 2017

the gift

gifts! who doesn't love them? when we are gifted we feel important, loved, and cared for and about. what's not to love about the possibility of treasure within the package of a lovingly given gift! although it seems as though not all of us understand exactly how we are supposed to accept (receive or develop) gifts, we are (nonetheless) constantly bequeathed (from first breath of life), and therefore honored ... if we choose to be.

we sometimes ask about the reason we have come here ... and the answer, actually, is that we agreed to! the soul of creation (from which our own bodies, minds are individually sparked) only desires its own next (evolved awareness), and our world has proven a remarkable laboratory for the physics of change.

the cosmos is ever evolving and expanding, and only asks (requires) us to as well. our bodies are vessels, and carry out the inexhaustible, insatiable requirement divine spirit has for awareness. we are given opportunity at every moment throughout our lives to create. the closer we allow ourselves the courage of who we are, divine love, the more confident we are in our place here, an individual expression of the cosmic energy of change. we (may) know(!), for example, that life is to be created, lived, enjoyed and connected, and that love is our common denominator. it is ours to choose to create, live, enjoy and connect, and to love.

belief and knowing are two different things : what we believe is a product of what has been taught to us, in one form or another : for example : religion, in all its forms. belief (actually) may have its provenance within, or become a product of knowing. knowing is that which is (inherently) known : the source creator's presence within one's heart of hearts : the seat of the collective soul : the seat of one's own spark of soul : the still small voice inside : the ability (willingness) to know our own best answers : and the (respect, acceptance and) honor we may in turn give to our indelible gifts, through giving and sharing with the world. the difference in belief and knowing is simply finding the attributes of the divine in us, regardless of what we have been taught. the attributes of good in us were given names in our education, but we knew them, as earth knows rain. beliefs will change throughout our time here, (which is a natural order), based on the changing world we live in : knowing is divine, and therefore, immutable. knowing is the acceptance of guidance, the march toward the light of love which exists inside us, which is the divine spark of life in each of us : the first and greatest gift of all ... love ... divinely gifted into all beings with first breath of life (opportunity) : a co-creator within it all : mother earth's indelible gift to our lives here.

when we are first born (hopefully we are fortunate enough to be not afraid), we are individually given a whole cadre of gifts; starting with breath of life. we are connected to source in a wholly dependent way. we have absolutely no conception of responsibility, or of fault, or of blame. we are pure because the world has not yet had its way with us, and therefore we are free to choose how our senses perceive all there is. opportunity is as perennial as the coming of flowers in spring, and we only know ourselves as sensory beings. the hope of our care, growth and change is given within each suckle of our mother's milk and of our father's loving touch; themselves gifts to us, as they may be allowed.

as is the way of it, we change and become more of who we are in the world with each passing day, imperceptibly growing, learning and accepting ... should we happen upon learning appreciation for all that is, we may expand appreciation. ...and as is well understood, what we bless, expands. the dichotomy, of course, is that whatever it is that we think about expands : blessings or curses. this is (again, also) ours to choose ...

as is (also) the way of it, life shows up : as it does. it is up to each one of us to allow it to be remarkable. no matter who we may be born, we are all gifted ability (knowing) for beauty, love, peace, kindness, compassion, and equanimity, along with first breath. as is the way of belief, we grow and learn where we have been dropped into the soup of humanity, and are (usually) taught to believe that life is hard : this is the accepted way among us, but not the way it must be, if we wish, if we will. life is hard because we have so chosen (believed) the path hard (or because our education of the way we are with each other has given 'hard' as the only lesson), also, the way of the world as we have believed (created) it is such that survival sometimes depends on making choices for our lives that may (do) not lead to ability within living well. we get caught up in 'surviving' as opposed to 'living,' and must become concerned (focused) on whether we are able to eat (or feed ourselves and our families). life spins out of balance. 'struggle' : whether we may shelter ourselves and those in our care from life's fury only adds to angst when held up against others; or our children are starving. it becomes then a stretch (or a seeming impossibility) to find (believe) good in the world. the way forward is certainly ours to create (transform) also. thinking peace, goodwill, brotherhood and love has the power to create more of the same, but in order to create these things, we must be willing to think on the good in us (in order to attract those things into our way forward); and be (our own gift of ability for) good in ourselves.

the 'gift' we are come here to accept 
is the gift of discovering our gifts : 

and our way forward within the gifting (forwarding) of our gifts, for the good of the all, including ourselves.

being 'good' in the self has nothing to do with status or with wealth. good in the self is a (nother) indelible gift : ours to share, to celebrate, to be : or not. 

and so as we release fear and delve to relearn our part here, we may recreate our lives 'good' (first in mind). there (may) become moments of caring, and thus access to yet another gift of the divine intelligence that creates us good; we have it in us (by divine decree) to create ourselves kind, loving, creative beings, offering to all other beings (each a spark of the same gift) within the sphere of our home (as we know it, as we don't know it), ability to create good within themselves, within ourselves, and within our world.

this (release of fear) good we may choose is an acknowledgement, a sweetening of our angst, and further, commitment within us for reciprocity; each of us sharing our inspired gifts, each of us giving in order to share ... each receiving the blessing of each other's gifts. this is the way it is done above, so may it be below. the gods enjoy each other : and divine light is born ... the light of good within us also.
think good : do good : be good.
namaste(!) to all the relationships i'm trying to have in my time here : and wow, you do learn here about forgiveness : and as they grow and change and become more of their own way, may i also grow with them - and become more of who i am in the world ... and co-create within them a way forward that is from the heart of good; and therefore, find the good (gifts) (love) in me also.

blessed be the gifts : may i honor and fulfill their own chosen way in the world, for the benefit of creating my own best self, living my best life ; creating the dream i dared ; doing my sacred work : ability within purpose : action within ability : contribution for the good of the all ! ...lofty but doable... and well, why not?

i am that, i am.

i am also grateful : so, thank you. i accept with a lovely anticipation : to know that i am capable, and i am loved, because i love : and in so doing, honor the gift of life in me.

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