Sunday, March 5, 2017

keep asking

the word of the day is 'evidence.'

the thought is 'ask,' 'seek,' 'knock.'

whatever its name (or whatever we seek), evidence (first in mind) will, inevitably, be found. should we go looking for malice, it is malice we will find. to look for gratitude is to find blessings. to seek injustice is to find injustice. to look for the good in the world is to see good, wherever it may be. to look inside ourselves and see pestilence (in the name of something or other), we will believe pestilent within the world we see. to look inside ourselves and see beauty is to evidence beauty in our vision of our own world.

oftentimes we don't even realize that what we (actually) seek (and will ultimately find) is the worst in ourselves. our 'conditioning' dictates that we first search for how we (or others) are harmed in most propositions.

it seems, somehow, that looking for good in the world 
has become a search (almost exclusively) for contemplation within a disciplined mind. 

for every thought, there is, by law, a creation. whatever is created in our mind is brought (wrought) into the world in which we live, by divine law. to create enough of anything is to overflow it into the world : by the laws of divine intelligence. divine (universal) law (incontrovertible, immutable, unchangeable) is the law, and may not be broken, spun, ignored, circumvented, or changed, no matter how we may jump and scream .

if our purpose or reason for changing the way we see our world is one of high order, and our intentions are of a positive nature, dreams will manifest and come to fruition. the exact opposite is also a true statement. it is a mechanism of choice that sets the standard (law) into reality. should we find it in ourselves to have faith(!) in ourselves and in humanity, we may find in us the impetus, and thus the ability to create desired change.

should we choose love, light may be sparked. once sparked, call on (indelible) love in you to grow, and (by all means available) offer your spark : offer your unique expression of love, generosity of spirit, kindness, soulful acceptance, inclusion, peace, joy, etc., and the gifts we give ourselves through our own sharing of love into the world will (by law) be reciprocated.

the universe (divine intelligence) is (actually) in our favor
and wants us to evidence (experience) joy, love, peace and harmony. our part is only that we be that ourselves. it is only our desire/persistent calling to simply be that we wish to see that determines our trajectory for who we ourselves actualize (who we are), and who we choose to be-come in our walk-through here. we become what(ever) we think about ... this is law. it is possible to redirect our minds at any time.

the law about overflowing (also) seeks to help us understand that whatever we ask for (create), we will receive, in exactly the measure we ourselves deem we merit. it is (entirely) up to us to define our request, believe in our worth, and to allow creation within . to look to (through) the rainbow - just on the other side of our (self-inflicted) wound; to allow healing and to believe our own selves within the realm of miraculous - one who has received the blessing of a miracle. to know our hurt is only a tightly-held belief, and therefore changeable, and therefore healed, should we only imagine it so ... and then allow .

should we look upon our fellow beings with our heart set to criticize or ostracize or divide or exclude, we will find evidence that we should or must. conversely, to look into our fellow beings with our heart set to empower, uplift, include, unify or understand, we will find evidence that we want to or must. the action perpetuated from the thought is merely the result (creation) of our choice : to see, to believe our place in, to create our psyche around. should we desire (seek) to look upon ourselves living in a just world, we shall find justice. should we believe ourselves the hapless victim within an unjust world, and therefore give hope over to despair, shall we find the evidence we seek : injustice, victim-hood and pestilence.

whatsoever we seek (believe), we shall find. ...which, as it happens, works for whatever thought we choose to have (create, indelibly) in our mind.

peace, justice, hope, love, blessings, goodness : are as available to every one of us as their diametrical opposites. there is only love and its absolute opposite, fear : it is our birthright to choose(!) our way within : there is (always) duality. this is the divine essence of balance, and of 'free will.' it's about our own convictions, it's about our own construct, and about our own desire.

ask, and it shall be given you;

seek, and ye shall find;

knock, and it shall be opened unto you : 

...and then persevere!
ask again!
seek again!
knock again!

never, ever give up ...

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